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Void termina vs super janemba

Speed =

VT is in his strongest form



Inconclusive:8 (That.one.mofo, Modernmyrmidon, XSOULOFCINDERX, Nicetoderp, Eficiente, Mister6ame6, Oliver de jesus, Galactagod)
despite them being in different tiers, void is pretty close to 3-C ( don't know why he doesn't have the at least in his profile) but void being in his strongest form wouldn't be the best option as this void starts off with https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3DyA-aeUsss damunku but janemba fought goku and vegeta, both having damunku. you should've used void soul instead of his strongest form because void soul starts with mortality, corruption, and empathic manip all at the same time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvnDuYMkoR0 even with all this said, janemba has no way of kill void due to voids reincarnation and Regenerationn, going with inconclusive
Janemba would one-shot as he's not baseline 3-C, he can't kill VT's soul without NPI tho, but some of his powers would make him target him anyway. Once Janemba one-shots VT's body 2 things can happen

  • VT mindhaxes Janemba
  • Janemba uses a power to target VT
VT has started with mindhax in his last/soul form 2 times, and it's possible that he didn't do that in a third time because he knew it wasn't going to do anything. At the same time maybe VT's soul can't instantly act after having his body destroyed, which is bad. As for Janemba it would take him too much to use any win-con that isn't his sword.

So, voting inconclusive.

Also we don't know how much time does it take Void to revive himself, it should not be a factor.