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Varies from 4B to Low 1A for Thor

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I made an earlier version of this thread varying from 9B to low 1a but that was too extreme.

It is a well known fact that Thor has incredible latent potential due to his asgardian-elder god hybrid nature. Odin himself says Thor has a potential greater than Asgard. There are several points in comics in which Thor has done well against Tier 2 and Tier 1 beings. He has also performed galaxy and universe level feats.

It seems pretty apparent to me that Thor has the ability to tap into his latent elder god potential in desperate situations which allows him to perform these feats. They are too frequent to be outliers.

Therefore I propose that Thor's tier should be Varies from 4B to Low 1A.

I can just close this underthe new rule about scans, actually.
Not open for further replies.