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Two Extremely similar 11-A civilizations fight each other (SCP-6011-1 vs. Flatland) (GRACE)

Fight takes place in a 2-D plane which contains the entirety of Flatland and SCP-6011-1's civilization, both confortably removed from each other.

Note: this is my first time making a VS thread, if I for whatever reason do something wrong, please inform me.

SCP Foundation but small (SCP-6011-1): 0

Racist Flat Civilization (Flatland): 7

Inconclusive: 0
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I would argue Mind Manip, but the listing for it looks more like Perception Manipulation: "The Doctors of the Church are capable of deploying cognitohazard fields capable of hiding their presence from other beings, including 3-D beings". While Flatlanders can feel out the presence of SCP-6011-1 individuals as they can feel out the shape of anything they touch. Of course that leads to the second option: Memory Manipulation. Memory Manip is a double-edged sword as it can affect both Flatlanders and the populace of SCP-6011.

From what clips I've seen from the Flatland movie that are on the wiki, Flatlanders move more true to how real two-dimensional movement works, that is they can move up, down, left, and right, but NOT in and out (which requires the third dimension). SCP-6011-1 individuals are incapable of moving up and down, which gives Flatlanders the mobility advantage.

The populace of SCP-6011 is wiser than the Flatlanders, acknowledging the existence of a third dimension as they have used Reality Anchors to keep SCP-6011 stable. For Flatland, though? At first, they're completely unaware of the concept of the third dimension, but once Arthur Square found out that the third dimension does exist, they brushed it off as a conspiracy and even went out of their way to kill off individuals believing in the idea of the third dimension. In turn, this would make Flatland more discordant than SCP-6011.

Of course in the Flatland movie, there are implications of the gap between dimensions (ex. 1D and 2D) being finite rather than infinite much unlike what the tiering system claims. What it boils down to is this.


Better mobility
Possible finite gap between 2D and 3D grants AP advantage


Better wisdom
Better technological hax
Better militia

In a situation like this, despite the boorish nature of Flatlanders, I feel Flatland would take the win here, as having a better militia in SCP-6011-1's case would not help them against the Flatlanders' ability to actually move up and down.