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tbh imo the various named rexes should have their own profiles but that is neither here nor there

Rex Downgrade

First off, Jr should have an "Unknown" lifting strength.

Buck and Doe (Lost World)
Let us start with the ones that already seem inflated, Buck and Doe (who again, probably should have their own profile, same for Rexy and Jr.). So reasoning for tier is "Destroyed cars and buses with ease". That would be 9-A sure, if it was complete destruction of said objects, which it isn't. At least 9-B is likely safer and likely correct. Might need calcs.

Rexy needs calcs. That is basically what it boils down to. The reasoning of "Destroyed buildings while fighting I.Rex" is incorrect, as it was only PART of small buildings that were destroyed. Those are likely high wall level, but Small Building level? Needs calcs. And before someone says it scales to I.rex's durability, she needs a calc to. The reasoning is "was dazed from a point-blank hit from a missile" and iirc, it wasn't point-blank. Either way it should be calc'ed.

BONUS: Raptors
Well, this is mainly just speed which I am concerned with. As the ones in JW are stated to be slower than the ones in JP, which could be inconsistancy or something but yeah. Plus I am pretty sure the raptors from JW are more durable, as Blue survived being throw by the I.rex iirc and could harm the I.raptor.
The JP dinosaurs are certainly not 8-C, and probably not 9-A. Their building destruction feats only involves going through walls and stuff.
In that case, Indominus vs Scarface is a huge no now, as the mother could pimpslap or could GET slapped.
I mean, I think we should have a profile for the rexes indivisually, except for maybe Buck and Doe. They all seem to show somewhat different stats and behavior. Btw Spino should have his feat calced as well.