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  1. ShockingPsychic

    Monster Queen Vs. Alien Queen // Toriel vs. Xenomorph Queen (Undertale Vs. Alien)

    A dark force has entered the RUINs. It's protector goes to investigate a strange noise, and sees something truly monstrous. The Queen of the Monsters VS. The Queen of the Aliens Both are in-character Xenomorph Queen (Heavy Caste) is used Battle takes place in the RUINs, outside of Toriel's...
  2. 3D Toriel page add.

    Adding the 3D Toriel page since she's canon. She should be Low 7-C(via size) since she can enlarge herself and 9-A being capable of making Mad Mew Mew ran away from her in terror and also overpowering Annoying Dog. Tier: 8-C, Low 7-C(via size) Large Size(type 2), (add basic monster ass...
  3. Ayewale

    A simple yet devastating Undertale Nerf

    So this is a rather simple one. Currently, every single character in the Undertale verse has Durability Negation on their profiles. This comes from the fact that they use soul magic, and all of their attacks target the soul, which probably means it gets past conventional durability. Which seems...
  4. koopa3144

    Nicole Watterson vs Toriel (7-0-0) (Concluded)

    Fight takes place in Walmart Nicole has her paintball gun Speed is equalized SBA for anything else Cat mom: 7 0.0117675146 tons Goat mom: 0 0.02380497 tons Incon: 0
  5. Comiphorous

    Deltarune vs UNDERTALE: Queen of monsters vs Computer Queen

    Toriel vs Queen Both are 9-A Speed equalized "Amazing match-up, meant to be." -ShockingPsychic Queen scales to 0.013 Tons. Toriel upscales to 0.023 Tons. (My eyes have been cursed from trying to find toriel images... sick *****) Queen of monsters: Queen of computer lab: 6 (SuperDino85...
  6. Kyleb79

    Mettaton NEO Scaling?

    Ok, this is a minor question, but how come Mettaton Neo is listed as "vastly superior to Toriel and Asgore." The gap is only by 10, which is very minor considering how we scale the other monsters. Undyne remarks Papyrus as physically strong (As listed on his profile) and the gap is 30ATK. The...
  7. Lord_JJJ

    The Battle of Goats

    Pilgor the Goat VS Toriel Pilgor has hir Strander Equipment and she can transform into Devil Goat Both are 9A and Speed is equel
  8. Super_Ascended_Sean_Pazdera

    Undertale revisions 3 but please god let these be accepted so i can make more profiles

    I'm still calling Frisk a she. • Undyne She should have Weapon Mastery as she is both an expert with her signature spears and with other weapons, to the point where she uses them as silverware like you would forks or knives She should also have Limited Telekinesis for her spears Minor...
  9. Buttersamuri

    Toriel vs Specimen 4

    Toriel vs Specimen 4. Cause it makes sense Speed equal SBA from there. Who wins and why Specimen 4: Toriel: Inconclusive/Draw:
  10. TheArsenal1212

    James Bond tries to seduce a Goat Mum (Grace)

    He well could you know James is 9-A and IN the Vanquish Speed is = They start 20m away 007: 9 (Starter Pack, DMB, Crimson, Jack, Emperor, Christian, Wag, Junko, Jason) Goat Mum (Mom): 0 Inconclusive: 0
  11. Minecraftlover67

    Steve and Alex vs Asgore and Toriel

    vs Both at 7-C Starting range 50m No knowledge or prep Steve and Alex have access to all equipment Speed equalized
  12. The_real_cal_howard

    Toriel and Asgore vs Gardevoir and Gallade

    A battle of...dang. I can't say lovers because Gardevoir and Gallade aren't canonically a thing, and Toriel and Asgore are separated. A team battle with opposite genders of monsters with the same species. 7-C for the psychics, and Speed equalized. Female Gardevoir (for theme's sake). Which...
  13. Tkal378

    Garnet vs. Toriel

    Garnet, best gem, versus Toriel, best goat. Both in character. I'm interested to see how this would turn out. Who wins and why? Square Mom Goat Mom
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    Hiei vs Asgore and Toriel

    Speed is equalized. All are bloodlusted. Who wins?
  15. Little_Jackie_Papercut

    Toriel vs. Pearl

    Goatmom vs. Birdmom Battle takes place in the RUINs. Speed is equalized, Toriel has initiative.