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The Twin Dragons of Sabertooth VS The Rivals of Hage Village

Thought this would be a fun Match.

Tartaros Arc Sting and Rogue Vs Pre Elves Invasion Arc Base Asta and Base Yuno

Sting and Rogue
Asta and Yuno Base

Speed Equalized

Fight takes place at the Grand Magic Games

Winner by Any Means Necessary

Twin Dragons:

Rival Orphans:

Well, you said "Anti-Magic is a hard GG here", so I read it as Asta's Anti-Magic just nulls all magic from Sting and Rogue. I believed that was the argument being made.
I mean, Anti magic isn't an instant win for Asta and Yuno as they scale to 1.45 M and Sting and Rogue both scale vastly above 2.4 M and can Amp on top of that and because of Yuno being here Asta can't spread his Anti Magic literally everywhere as that would neg Yuno's magic as well.
Asta's antimagic is a major threat yes but Sting and Rogue do have some counters such as Sting's Immobilization spell and Rogue's intangibility.
those work through magic. asta counters magic. asts has hit those who are intagible via magic before (purple orca captain.) and his very presence erases magic in his black asta form. so their ¨counters¨ get countered.
I had already switched them to their base forms so he doesn't have passive anti magic

Also fair enough on intangibility
two problems with that 1. you cant restrict abilities or forms unless they cause the character to change tiers. 2. stings immobilization needs physical contact to activate with astas ki sensing, skill in close combat, and range advantage (atleast in close quarters.) that wont be easy.
Both Asta and Yuno need time and concentration to transform into their stronger forms which isn't going to be viable as that would leave them wide open.

Also Sting and Rogue's Combo attacks can oneshot someone who is stronger than the Nine demon Gates who are 25 Megatons respectively.
Yuno doesn't need to concentrate in order to activate Spirit Dive.

For Asta, it's not a problem either unless he's immediately overwhelmed by danmaku-like attacks
Yuno has to actively assimilate Bell into himself while remaining in place at this point in the series so I'd say that he needs to concentrate.

Also Stings Holy ray would be problematic for them as it fires off a massive amount of attacks.