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Terrarian vs Amaterasu (Ōkami)

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I'm a bit iffy, but I would say Terrarian wins very high difficulty. Ammy's time slowing abilities are a huge hinderance to the Terrarian. Can she use it infinitely? If so, then this might be a bit complicated. However, I still think he's powerful enough to defeat her with his minions and danmaku. The celestial brush is not as much of a threat to him as it may seem. Even though it stops time (which he has no resistance to), its main attacking move, power slash, will not work. It is described to cut through diamonds, but diamonds are a low tier substance in terraria. The terrarian's end-game armors are many times stronger than that level. His danmaku and minions are difficult to avoid even with slowed time, and nearly impossible to avoid without it.
Terrarian easily takes this. Amaterasu is 3-C due to being able to spin a spiral galaxy with her wind brush. The Terrarian is capable of fighting against the nebula pillar, which has 90 nebula fragments inside of it. Given that, the Terrarian is on a really high-end level of 3-C (About 90x as strong as Amaterasu if comparing the feats), which means a single hit from the Terrarian would likely be able to either heavily damage or even instantly kill her.
It doesn't seem that Amaterasu has AZ attacks

Even then, unless it's a major ability of hers it likely won't matter much, given how quickly such a match would end.
She should have AZ, Itegami the one who gives you Blizzard says it gives you the ability to freeze your foes to absolute zero 2:49.

She should also have ressurection becuase of the Astral pouch.

Also Amaterasu has a technique that will let her hit the Terrarian from any disance, the ink bullet technique, just draw dots on the opponent with certain weapons to do it with more damage with more dots.
Terrarian has immunity to freezing solid, and also has Warm Potions which reduce damage from cold sources. Doubt it would completely block absolute zero, but it would let him resist it.
Amaterasu may not be able to pierce theTerrarian's armor with power slash, but she can reflect his projectiles back at him with it.
But she can't reflect minions or melee weapons. Solar Eruption, for example, has a very long range and is intangible. Plus, he could use Last Prism, which is a continuous beam.
Amaterasu might be able to use the Solar Eruption as a source of fire to burn the Terrarian(though he has resistence to that I believe), and her reflector can be used as a temporary shield.

Also one of her items the fire tablet makes her immune to fire, and the string of beads gives her infinite ink and health and a 10x attack boost.
Still not anything that can make up for the AP gap and others various abilities from what I see. Stardust Dragon would likely just destroy her in seconds.
The AP gap might npt be that big considering the feat that put Amaterasu at galaxy is done casually, and that was only mid game iirc, and she has gotten much more powerful to an unknown degree.

Also she can ressurect herself up to 4 times with the astral pouch and she can temporarily deflect attacks with a vengence slip.
Still, from the arguments so far, Ammy seems to be on the defensive. Is there anything currently on her profile that consistently lets her beat the Terrarian? She still can't defend against his onslaught forever, and he can fully heal every 45 seconds.
Terrarian has way to many options to hit her: astral dragons, astral cells that eat you alive, heat seeking minigun missiles, Star Wraith, A sword that summons Nyan Cats, bombs made of pure galactic energy, fist made of pure galactic enegry, and much more.
Keeweed said:
Also terrarian is resistance to slow (i'm Not sure if this implies to time slow).
No, it applies to magical slowing effects. Time manipulation is one of the Terrarian's biggest weaknesses.
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