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Although waterspouts and tornadoes are technically all the same, should we equate them to being identical and comparable to each other? Like does one perhaps give out a different energy output than the other? If it's legitimate, I think this could be used.
Maybe, but I'm no expert. I'd put up a calc with that link for eval and see what the powers above say, just to test the waters, and then go from there. I'd do it, but...well, I really don't care that much.
No seriously Stefano, anybody really I at least need a refresher. What should be done about this feat? And should it scale to just Goemon or to others as well as 6 something Tons is indeed a very impressive feat.

I mean we had characters like High 8-C Samurai Jack who clashed with his evil self sword wise even or even physical swings it would probably count specifically towards Goemon now that I think about then.
InfiniteSped said:
I read Tornado as "Tomato" and got really confused for a sec.
It happens don't worry fam. XD

But apparently what I could get at from these comments is that it's going to be posted for a calc? I think I'll do the same with Goemon making a big statue out of a cliffside which I'm pretty damn sure if you check back at the feat of the thread its not just a Small Building level rating I'm sure of it.
Actually come to think of it it makes me wonder why Marge Simpson and the rest who roughly scale to her are not High 8-C if even a diminutive Tornado is HIGH 8-C (6 Tons.)... And same with Hank Hill~Sama of the King of the Hill anime given he also tanked a tornado.