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Possible Yu Yu Hakusho Upgrades

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So this blog was recently accepted to be the new standard for shaking the entire planet. Because this one is both outdated and heavily lowballed. Was originally 6-C, which sounds too low for a global quake. But the updated one is now increased to Low 6-B at bare minimum. However, this is also based on the assumption that the Earthquake was simply felt across the Earth. In this case, the cave walls were collapsing, buildings where being destroyed, mountains were being split and fissures where being made left and right across the planet. He outright mentions the planet becoming unstable. In order to cause minor levels of devastation, that would be Magnitude 5.4 according to Wikipedia, which Magnitude 5 would be around 33 Teratons and well into 6-B. But for significant damage, it's more like Magnitude 6.1; Magnitude 6 is 6-A.

And in this case, Shinobu Sensui performed this feat.
There are alternate translations; some say 5%, some say 1/5 and some say 50%; let's go with the low ball just to be safe though. With even just half of his power suppressed, Sensui very casually shaking the earth at enough levels to cause moderate or above destruction to the surface, which was calculated as 6-A as seen above.

Too prove this is consistent, what are some other Tier 6 feats and/or statements are there? Well for one, Yusuke Urameshi when he was just awakened as a Mazoku, was stated by the SDF to be capable of one shotting all of Japan in one blow. Which is where the at least Low 6-B ratings for him and Sensui are.
Also, as mentioned on previous threads literally every single S Class demon in the series is outright stated to be capable busting multiple countries extremely casually. With even one Low S Class demon being able to life wipe the earth single handedly. As in not even every Earth and Spirit World military + King Enma put together could stop him.
Off Topic but Important Note
Life wiper overtime does not mean High 6-A let alone 5-B. However, Country level was easy to approve due to that statement on top of feats to back it up. Additionally, many characters who are stated to be planet busters and have Tier 4 calcs; those characters are Tier 4. And some characters have busted a moon and got it calc'd at High 5-A, said character is High 5-A. So by that regard, casual country busting statements with a legit 6-A done super casually is easily legit to scale to all the god tiers.

The Ratings
As for how strong Sensui would be, this is once again a super suppressed Sensui doing this just by standing still. He performs a 1.06587330768175 Petatons feat using only 1/2, 1/5, or 1/20 of his power. This would still give him a Continent level rating for the first and safest end or Multi-Continent level rating for the other two. As mentioned above however, it is safer to use the lowball which would make him a pretty solid 6-A.

What about the Exaton calc in the blog? There's no proof of him manipulating tectonic plates, so 6-A is once again safer.

The Scaling
Sensui and Yusuke are at this point in time the two weakest S Class fighters in the series; meaning everyone including the primal forms of Hiei, Kurama (Yu Yu Hakusho), Toya, Jin (Yu Yu Hakusho), Chu, Rinku, Shishiwakamaru, Suzuki (Yu Yu Hakusho), Hokushi, Shura (Yu Yu Hakusho) and of course, end of series Yusuke Urameshi himself would be far above that up to High 6-A given the small gap.

Even better yet is Yomi, Mukuro (Yu Yu Hakusho), Enki, too and the rest of Raizen's friends are far above even that. And Raize is yet far above even that. Let's not abuse PL multipliers, but to be perfectly frank. At least High 6-A is reasonable for each of them, and far higher in Prime Raizen's case is solid.

Note: the Season 3 Protagonists might need adjusting as backwards scaling to High 6-C is a bit off. But they shouldn't be too much weaker than half of base Sensui's power, so likely 6-A?

Shinobu Sensui and Season 3 Yusuke upgraded to 6-A. And a solid Continent level at that given the feat was half his strength making their AP 2.13174661536 Petatons. And likely higher with transformations.

End of Series Kurama, Hiei, the right hand men; meaning the 6 DT Demons, Shura, and Hokushin to High 6-A. Likely Multi-Continent level in Hokushin's case. They significantly stronger than Sensui at this point.

End of Series Yusuke is somewhere in between this one up and then next one down.

The Three Kings including weakened Raizen, and Raizen's 9 friends to At least High 6-A, At least Multi-Continent level. Way above Hiei and Kurama and stronger than Yusuke.

Raizen at his prime Would either be "At least High 6-A likely far higher". Is said to be more than twice as powerful as the previous team put together.
If he was legitimately shaking the entire planet, then I have no problem with the upgrade.
Regarding the 1/5 1/50th of power thing, is there a scan of the statement in the original language? because it'd be much better if we had a concrete number to use.
Kepekley mentioned it in the blog, and ALRF mentioned alternate translations. This is the Japanese text õ║║ÚûôþòîÒüºÒü»õ║öÕêåÒü«ÕèøÒüÖÒéëÕç║ÒüøÒü¬Òüä. I could find the original scan, but might take a while. Was going to mention this to the knowledgeable members though.
I'll be honest, I think we may want to go for High 6-A

Yeah, it's a bit above High 6-B for sure, but said High 6-B feat was done by a guy literally standing still using a portion of his power.

Shouldn't that at least warrent a "Likely" or "Possibly" High 6-A?

For reference, lifewipe calc is this, and since it's never linked in the OP from my observatory skills, this is the earthquake calculation

The difference is about 556.307220271480 times though, so maybe I'm stretching.
õ║║ÚûôþòîÒüºÒü»õ║öÕêåÒü«ÕèøÒüÖÒéëÕç║ÒüøÒü¬Òüä = "I can't show even 50% of my power here in the human world".

The kanji would only mean "5%" if the context was about an economic sale or discount rate. It wasn't, therefore 50% is the factual option and not 5%. Native japanese teachers support this.

As for the feat, Sensui mentioned his love of wildlife as a reason why the fight needed to be taken to the Spirit World, so that suggests surface/radiated quakes.
I'm not supporting seismic waves but....why would wanting to protect the wildlife be evidence for surface waves?
Because the entire context was always on the destruction of the surface. There's no reason to use real quakes if nothing supports it.

Earthquakes done via physical attacks or magic abilites like this are generally assumed to be Radiated Waves instead of Total Seismic Energy

The former is just the shaking itself and the latter is the shaking and the movement of the tectonic plates

Kep sama

I need more evaluations and you haven't approved of it yet
Yeah, High 6-B is the standard of it's just through sheer pressure; assuming the High 6-A would fall under the scaling from chain reactions which we don't use. He also doesn't telekinetically manipulate every tectonic plate, especially if that wasn't his intention. So High 6-B for the feat itself.

Anyway, I did say in the OP that 2x multiplier is prefered over 5x or 20x; so any thoughts on the ratings of each character or set of characters mentioned in OP? And oh yeah, speaking of the blog itself, that does need more input from other calc group members. Probably a highlight is in order for specific blog on a Calc Group thread.
Okay so, now it's downed to Small Country level.

But, this could qualify for Magnitude 5 or 6 considering it was effecting the cave walls and was quite a bit noticable, which is 33 Teratons and 1 Petaton respectively
Yeah, I'm going to have to postpone this thread for now, at least until the standard gets taken care of. For the time being this thread is more important.

I will temporarily close this in the meantime.
Okay, the new standards were more properly elaborated on, so I have updated the OP as well.
Was it ever stated the surface wipe was overtime, though?
Not from the Earthquake; it simply said a single S Class demons can over time destroy all life on the planet piece by piece. Meaning they bust several counties; it's nothing like Boros' feat or anything like that.

However, it is a fairly big Earthquake that happens globally, so I think applying Magnitude 6 seems reasonable, but I think I prefer more input first.
Hmm, Alright.

Peak Raizen should probably be "At least 6-A, likely High 6-A" considering how vastly stronger he is and how small of a tier 6-A is.
If we use magnitude 6 and the new seismic energy table, we would have Sensui earthquake as high 6-A almost 5-C. what would make most of the characters of the last saga Will be 5-C
You do realize that the almost 5-C result is Total Seismic Energy, right

Which is both the plates moving and the earth shaking
So they shouldn't be 5-C or anywhere near that if they do not have feats that are 5-C or anywhere near that
We don't use Total Seismic energy; there's no proof that Sensui's actively controlling the Tectonic plates, but rather that it's just radiated waves. We don't scale from chain reactions, so the radiated waves are more reasonable; 5-C is just stretching it too far given the massive AP gap of 6674x for High 6-A.
DarkDragonMedeus said:
Kepekley mentioned it in the blog, and ALRF mentioned alternate translations. This is the Japanese text õ║║ÚûôþòîÒüºÒü»õ║öÕêåÒü«ÕèøÒüÖÒéëÕç║ÒüøÒü¬Òüä. I could find the original scan, but might take a while. Was going to mention this to the knowledgeable members though.
The Raw. Although the only damages really sustained was a cave being slightly damaged iirc
What we do see are large boulders falling from the walls, and a big fissure opening up but Senrui does legitimately state the planet becoming unstable. And some other pages does mention buildings falling apart iirc, which King Enma feared the end of the world happening. It's clearly global range, and the cave walls collapsing does seem like Magnitude 6 at the very least, but putting that together is the main highlight of the feat.
That was a long time ago, and well before the recalc getting accepted. Bit of a derailment tbh.
I can see at least 6-A, likely High 6-A or just High 6-A for Prime Raizen, but not to anything higher than that yet. The verse is not dead, it's going to receive a OAV so the possibilty of future upgrades will exist.
Then again, his rumbling was more the same magnitude as sensui's at best, so if anything it's just more support to the rating.

Also, looking at the OP, if they're scaled to casual sensui, they should scale directly to said Small Country level AP rather then being backscaled to Large Island level.
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