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Possible Queen Vanessa Revision?

I know the general verse consensus is that everyone is 9-B, and I don't think this should change, but I feel like just maybe Queen Vanessa should be higher with her Ice Powers because she froze over her whole village. We don't really see it other than the storybooks but I feel like this should be higher than 9-B. The storybook goes as follows. If this was a topic previously I'm sorry, I have seen it.
Storybook Dweller p01
Storybook Dweller p02
Storybook Dweller p03
Storybook Dweller p04
Storybook Dweller p05
Storybook Dweller p06
Storybook Dweller p07
Storybook Dweller p08
Storybook Dweller p09
I would say physically she is still 9-B, but with her ice/environmental destruction, she should me much higher. For freezing the whole village over, not being a slow process either considering people had to run from it and still couldn't get away, just by eyeballing the general area both from gameplay of the area, and the storybook, I feel like this "feat" would be somewhere at 8-B, maybe 8-A at the very least. Cause the place isn't THAAAT big, but determening how big it is exactly is...not easy. But rough estimates don't really help.
Her effect on the village with her ice seemed to have conjured an enternal ice storm. Someone could possibly calc it.
I mean, I could play through her chapter again to get a better estimate on how big exactly her area of effect was, but I don't think it's really...possible to calc it cause I don't think we can really tell how far she went.