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I dunno why, but since I started my Dark Souls revisions a month ago I've been obsessed with making this match-up.

Seath the Scaleless vs Ho-oh. The Pale Drake vs the Rainbow Bird. Let do it.

  • Speed Equalized
  • Fight takes place in the Crystal Cave
  • SBA for everthing else
Seath the Scaleless

So, the big question here is, how the heck is Ho-Oh supposed to get past Seath's Type 8 Immortality without knowing about its connection to the Primordial Crystal?
Can Ho-oh resurrect itself or just others
Ho-Oh's only been shown to resurrect the Legendary Beasts after they were burned to death in the Burned Tower. It has never been placed into a situation where it would need to revive itself.
HH would have to get rid of that crystal asap so it'll only have to worry about getting petrified.

HH seems versatile but hell I don't know much about about Pokemon so I'll just wait for Cal's decimatio input.
AoE should realistically allow it to hit it

so I think it's fair enough

I do vote for Seath but it isn't unreasonable for Ho-oh
I'm gonna vote for Seath as well. While it's not unthinkable that Ho-Oh could pull off a win here due to Seath's weak spot literally being under it, its initial Immortality will end up allowing Seath to pull off at least one cursed breath attack and petrify Ho-Oh. It just seems more likely the scaleless dragon will take down the rainbow phoenix, so he's got my vote.
Race traitor FRA
Would Safeguard protect Ho-Oh from being petrified?
I've been meaning to ask, where does Seath gain High regen from the Crystal?
Coolsies. That actually makes things a bit more fair. However, due to the many options that Ho-Oh has, on top of the fact that it has no idea whether or not its dragon breath petrifies it, I'm gonna stick with Seath here.

Wait, the move Dragon Breath in Pokemon has a 30% chance of paralyzing its target, and could also be learned by both Ho-Oh and Lugia in Gen II, so it'd be familiar with it. Meaning a higher chance of it using Safeguard.
For what it's worth, Ho-Oh has the range advantage by a fair bit, so it'll get the first few attacks. Something like Sacred Fire which has large AoE and burns the opponent will do a lot of damage to Seath if his resistance to fire isn't all that good.
1. Ho-oh would have to manually use Safeguard. It wouldn't exactly have any particular reason to use that over their other abilities.

2. True, Ho-oh has range, but the battle takes place within Seath's boss area. Both easily have the capacity to hit each other there. Even if it didn't, Type 8 says hi.
Seath's regen is getting downgraded to a very fast acting low-mid possibly mid. How much does that effect this match?
I would like to play devil's advocate and suggest that Ho-Oh could activate Safeguard and just Roost + Calm Mind until the only issue is the Petrification and not damage, making it a likely win for it through attrition and overpowering Seath through sheer AP.

But that obviously wouldn't be in its character to do, so Seath.
It's in character for a bad smogon set ovo

Anyway, Seath FRA