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Well, I was hoping to have the Dragon Waifu battle, but I guess this works too.

Fight takes place outside of Kobayashi's apartment with both characters standing 10 meters apart. No outside interference. Not much else to say. Both characters are High 6-C with Massively Hypersonic+ speeds so nothing to really equalize.

The Primordial Crystal is about 200 meters away in some randos closet.


Seath the Scaleless
Ok, so not voting yet, but saying a few things

their invisibilities counter each other and Priscilla can notice the player when he uses Hidden Body

Tohru's Low-Mid regen should be blockd by the Lifehunt Scythe

Fire, Magic and curses are reduced in effectiveness because of Priscilla's defenses against said attacks

Skill goes to Tohru since she's has million of years of experience while Priscilla scale to only thousands
Priscilla doesn't have thousands of years of experience, she was locked in the painted world for 99.99% of those years. Also Tohru starts invisible and can see other invisible people easily so she just flies higher than 30 feet and range spams to victory. Assuming she doesn't BFR Priscilla as soon as the fight starts.
yeah priscilla gets bodied here she is a bad fighter her only big abilitiy(life drain) gets countered by ranged combat which tohru has

She fought the Chosen Undead, so she scales to him

also, as i've already said, she can see invisible

also, Priscilla can just walk back from the BFR sine it doesn't seem dimensional

though the range spam is a majour problem that Priscilla can't deal with, but is it in character for Tohru to play ranged against a character that start up close ?
Tohru can BFR you to the other side of the planet, and no it's not in character to get close. She did that while playing and the person she was playing with could fly. Priscilla can't fly and Tohru isn't playing here.

Honestly any other everlasting dragon would be a better match, like Seath.
It probably is a stomp though. Tohru just needs to fly up 30 feet and she is literally untouchable to Priscilla. Plus she can just flick her wrist and Priscilla is dumbed onto the other side of the planet. At least Seath has a chance to instantly kill Tohru before being bfr'd; Priscilla doesn't even get time to look at Tohru before she ends up on a different continent.
Sorry about having Priscilla changed but she isn't a really good combatant in a fight like this.

Anyways, Seath doesn't even have eyes so it's obvious invisibility doesn't work, and the ring and spell that make you completely silent also don't work on Seath. Death actually has the range to hit her when she starts to fly away and the smallest poke instantly kills her; plus Seath can fly after her unlike Priscilla who is stuck on the ground. Tohru can get past Seath's regen with BFR and it is both easy and in character for her to do so. I'll probably vote inconclusive right now because it's BFR via the flick of a wrist vs Seath yelling causing cursed crystals to spawn right below Tohru.
im voting sith via curse torhu has no defense ageinst it and we see in game when our charater has low amounts of curse diffance they get petrefied near instantly so all sith really needs to do it land a hit with his beems and torhu is done
They are both Mssivelly Hypersonic+, so Seath would be able to come back from the BFR WAAAAY earlier than the 24 hours needed for a victory

also, Tohru doesn't know about the SBA victory condictions, to her perpective it's just a battle against another berserk [since Seath is batshit crazy] dragon, so she wouldn't just yeet him away and let him rampage in the human world

another thing, she can powernull magic, so a lot of Seath's arsenal gets noped
I remember plenty of dragons being able to attack Tohru with magic, so I think the power null is a thing she actively has to do. Considering Seath's opening move against the Chosen Undead was to spam summoning cursed crystals on the Chosen Undead, Tohru has like a second to start power nulling the area before Seath yells.

Fair enough on the BFR, unlike Priscilla who is mostly passive Seath is completely insane, but would Tohru even have time to notice how insane Seath is before she flicks her wrist. Seath's insanity isn't the most obvious.

Seath isn't from Earth so if Tohru bfrs him to the other side of the planet Seath is going to have no clue where to go. Seath is also blind so that would make it even harder for him to know where to go as he mainly relied on his servants to search across the dark souls world.
You can get a miracle that reduces the power of magic and I remember curse still works just fine. Also looking at the scan where Tohru used power null, it takes time as she has to spread out her magic, meanwhile Seath just needs to yell and cursed spikes appear right under her.

Edit: I just checked, and Vow of Silence doesn't work on Seath and that's power null.
Tohru could still BFR Seath or dodge the curse long enough to notice the Regenerationn crystal. I mean it's unlikely she manages to dodge the ground crystals, but that would be Seath's win condition. Either Tohru dodges the first attack and she eventually withers Seath over a prolonged fight or Seath lands the crystals due to how sudden they are and Tohru dies.

When it comes to Midir I believe in one of the earlier threads people were talking about if his corruption should scale to the abyss since Midir has been eaten a crap ton of darkness from the abyss for years. If he scales to the abyss Tohru gets absorbed like the Chosen Undead does when they try to entire the Four King's boss fight.

The Ashen One can already fight in areas full of the dark, like where the abyss watchers were corrupted and where the Dragon Slayer armor became alive due to the abyss, so Midir not instantly killing the Ashen One for the same reason the abyss kills the Chosen Undead has an explanation.

If you want to do a pure dragon fight Kalameet or the dragon from Dark Souls 2 would be better choices (the DLC one not the main game one that one shots you). But if the opponent gets changed again then that should just be it's own thread because we already changed it once.
Voting Tohru for reasons above. BFR (Used in character. Especially if people could cause damage to human world), Superior Skill, Versatality, etc.
The Chosen Undead has the skill of everyone he killed prior to Seath because he gains people's skills when he absorbs their souls. Prior to Seath he has thousands of soldiers souls and the souls of people that have fought in multiple wars over thousands of years. Seath is the only person to be confirmed to kill the Chosen Undead and he presumably won multiple times. Tohru skill advantage is meaningless.

As for her versatility:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics: Every character above normal human has this.

Flight: This is the only reason why she has a chance because without this Seath would just repeatedly summon cursed crystals under her, even with this she has to dodge an attack she has no information on and then has to fight Seath afterwards while he can also fly after her shooting a giant cursed laser at her the whole time.

Magic: Seath has this.

Energy Manipulation: This is just how she attacks at range.

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant: This would get her killed.

Body Control: Not helpful her.

Invisibility: Seath can't even see in the first place.

Sense Manipulation: If this is why she has memory manipulation than Seath should resist because he resist rapport, also I believe the Chosen Undead has this because he can make people not be able to hear him yet Seath knows where he is anyways.

Stealth Mastery: The Chosen Undead has this and it didn't help at all.

Fire Manipulation, Breath Attack: The Chosen Undead has both and they didn't help.

Immortality (Types 1 and 3): Seath instantly kills her with any attack (also how is low-mid Regenerationn enough for immortality 3).

Glyph Creation, Shapeshifting, Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 3), Large Size (Type 1 in her dragon form): None of these are helpful in a fight.

Statistics Amplification: The profile doesn't explain what it increases and by how much, plus she can't get past Seath regen physically while Seath kills her in one hit.

Transformation: Not helpful.

Regenerationn (Low-Mid): Low Mid definitely isn't going to save her from being turning into crystals.

Enhanced Senses: Seath isn't stealthy at all.

BFR, Portal Creation: This is Tohru win condition but Seath win condition is practically just as fast. It's whether Tohru can dodge his sudden cursed spikes or not that give her the win.

Teleportation: As far as I can tell she used it once, and it wasn't in a fight. Even if she uses it consistently, Seath's spike come spawn for a nonsensical reason (he yells) and come from a location that people won't suspect (the ground) and Tohru being slightly poked kills her instantly.

Clairvoyance: The profile doesn't explain this and I remember her being surprised multiple times throughout the series.

Healing: She dies from any of Seath's attacks so this doesn't help.

Creation: Doesn't help.

Memory Manipulation: the Profile doesn't explain this and Seath has resistance to mind manipulation.

Forcefield Creation: Tohru would need to know that the spikes come out of the ground in order for this to help.

Power Nullification: One of the few powers that were explained in detail and it take time, may straight up be resisted by Seath, and doesn't work on curse since objects and miracles meant to weaken magic don't effect curse.

Curse Manipulation: Never uses this ever.

Size Manipulation, Duplication: Neither of these are helpful.

Resistance to Disease Manipulation: Seath doesn't use disease manipulation.

Tohru versatility advantage is completely worthless, and her skill advantage is also pretty worthless. Also just saying "etc" on the reason why you are voting doesn't make any sense. Is that referring to experience, her physical stats, or something else entirely?

(Sorry for the long post but I only realized it was going to be super long after I was already half way through typing it and I didn't want the time I spent typing it to be wasted).
Since you can use souls to level up your skill. Ornstein, Smough, and the Nameless King are shown to gain their abilities and strength from absorbing their teammates souls and using the souls to level up your skill is an option for the player. If that doesn't count then the Chosen Undead still has plenty of other skill feats like fighting multiple people that are stronger than him at once, being able to use complex weapons he's never seen before, and can defeat an entire country's worth of soldiers including monsters that are stated to have been undefeated by countless warriors over the course of thousands of years.
That's more you adding the slain's overall power to your own. You don't gain new spells or skills but eating a boss soul. Those guys are more the exception then the rule.
Well you do gain new skills because you can't use many of the weapon's abilities properly if you don't meet the skill requirements for the weapons. When it comes to the powers it's strange because bosses and npcs have shown to gain powers from souls but not the player, so I don't know if that was a oversight at From Soft or not. Even if he didn't gain their skills I'm pretty sure the Chosen Undead has enough skill feats to be at least equal to Tohru and Seath can fight them just fine.