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seath the scaleless

  1. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Pale Drake vs Maid Dragon

    Well, I was hoping to have the Dragon Waifu battle, but I guess this works too. Fight takes place outside of Kobayashi's apartment with both characters standing 10 meters apart. No outside interference. Not much else to say. Both characters are High 6-C with Massively Hypersonic+ speeds so...
  2. Keeweed

    Seath's regen

    Ok so I just know tried to downgrade mid Regenerationn across the board. I failed, but I know have a clear definition of what counts as mid Regenerationn. Pretty much Seath really doesn't need that "low mid, possibly" on his profile. Apparently being stabbed in the head by arrows is enough to...
  3. Keeweed

    Mid Regenerationn

    Ok so I've noticed many different characters have started to get their Regenerationn upgraded to mid because of: "The ability to regenerate from decapitation or severe brain damage.". Character that have been upgraded due to the latter half are: The Player (Minecraft), I believe Dante (Devil May...
  4. BakiHanma18

    Battle of Souls: Finest Hour

    Byakuya (Post Royal Guard Training) vs Seath the Scaleless Speed equalized Location: Sau Village, home village of Bayek of Siwa, the Primodial Crystal is somewhere within the town, no villagers are present Rukia's Onichan: 7 TR8R: Destiny Bond:
  5. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Seath the Scaleless (0) vs the Monster Hunter (7) (Grace)

    Figured this fight was pretty fitting. Seath vs a different video game protag with a huge equipment list. Fight happens in Seath's boss room Speed Equalized only cause those FTL+ reactions might be a problem 6-B High Rank Hunter Hunter has no prior knowledge Seath the Scaleless The Monster...
  6. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Pokemon vs Dark Souls

    I dunno why, but since I started my Dark Souls revisions a month ago I've been obsessed with making this match-up. Seath the Scaleless vs Ho-oh. The Pale Drake vs the Rainbow Bird. Let do it. Speed Equalized Fight takes place in the Crystal Cave SBA for everthing else Seath the Scaleless Ho-Oh
  7. ApiesDeathbyLazors

    Minor Dark Souls Character Clean up and revisions

    Alright, well it seems like my productive spell has worn off so it's time to get this up before I lasp into inactivity for the next few months. Basically a bunch of DS Character pages are, in my personal opinion, lacking in certian areas and I'm tired of looking at Blood Manipulation on...
  8. SheevShezarrine

    Nameless King (and others) Upgrade

    Gwyn gave significant pieces of his Lord Soul to Seath, The Four Kings, and his children (among which Nameless King is heavily implied to be one to the point of practical canonicity), which should put each of them in Tier 4, seeing as Gwyn was High 4-C before doing so. I say we upgrade Seath and...