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I think we shouldn't do this rn. I think we need a MASSIVE revision. Many pokemon are missing abilities and resistances, we need to take a second look at most pre-alolan pokemon and review em, heck, even Tyranitar lacks many basic abilities.

I think we should make a big clean up/revision that covers all normal evolutions
we're also missing a few categories

not all pokemon on the wiki have the species category and the race category on their profiles
Alola Outdated Pokemon
All of these still have mountain level and relativistic and a large number of them are lacking pre evos
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This seems like a good idea but we have a lot of problems with pokemon already, space time manipulation was meant to be made universal, we are trying to figure out how types work, there isn't a clear consensus on how certain moves and abilities plus we have like 8 days before Arceus's game.