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PC Supes speed in relation to superboy prime

I heard someone comment that prime is faster than PC supes, how is this the case as on PC supes's page it states that he's much faster than the flash. Not to mention him breaking infinity by flying so fast.
Well, if I remember correctly, Pre-Crisis Superman tied with the Barry Allen Flash in various running races.

However, Superboy Prime was swifter than the later, even quicker, Flashes channelling the entire speed force.
It goes Superboy Prime > Amped Wally > Pre-Crisis Supes >= Wally West > Barry Allen. At least that's what I think.
Pre-Crisis Superman and Barry Allen were usually shown as equal in running speed.
but PC supes's flight speed would be faster than all of these characters correct?, taking into consideration PC supes's feat when he rescued supergirl.
Oh yea and isnt pre crisis barry faster than the modern day flashes that prime dealth with? Im confused.
Oh shit, but what about my question in terms of PC supes flight speed, couldn't he outspeed all of these characters flying?
Well, as far as I understand, the Barry Flash was killed during the Crisis, and replaced by Wally, but I do not think that he was rebooted nearly as much as Superman.

Mark Waid, a prominent Flash writer, has also mentioned that Wally was quicker than Barry ever were.

However, you are correct in that Barry's pre-Crisis and post-Crisis power levels likely differed.

Partial reboots can get confusing regarding the details.
Oh, but what about PC supes flight speed, have any of the speedsters or prime demonstrated speed at that level?
Then is it reasonable to say that PC top speed is faster than the characters above, since none of them have demonstrated speed enabling them to cross the universe in seconds like pc supes?
I think that it is reasonable to assume that Pre-Crisis Superman could fly much swifter than he could run, but beyond that, I do not know.

Superboy-Prime was canonically supposed to be of a similar power level though (likely comparable to Superman's teenage self), but given the enormous inconsistencies from writer to writer, and era to era, it is hard to precisely gauge them in relation to each other in practice.