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Ochako Hero Costume
Kamado Nezuko Demon Form
Speed Equalized
Location:World of Void

Win via Incap or K.O


Nezuko is in her demon form

Nezuko : 4 (SpookyShadow,ShadowWhoWalks,lonliosite,Milyrockingbandit)

Ochako : 7 (InsertCreativenamehere12,Kingofwolves999,NomsNoms,TheFormosfacast,The Calaca,Sora and buff riku,Zoro21043
Ochako is borderline 8-c, so she has the stat advantage. She also has actual fight training, can fly with her quirk and rocket boots, is far more experienced, is smarter and just needs to tap Nezuko to leave her helpless in the Air for a few hours.

I think the main problem is restraining or KO'ing.
If she can't KO Nezuko, then yes, this is a stomp.

Her Blood Demon Art only hurts demons, at least that's what's said on her profile, so it wouldn't do anything actually.
Giyu could KO Nezuko, but at the time he was tens of times stronger and had pressure points so...

Well then, I think I forgot about it mostly because how irrelevant is Nezuko in manga sometimes so she just kicks her to death
That doesn't sound like a 9-A+ can KO her.

Well, she can't kick Uraraka to death since Uraraka is not only stronger, but overwhelmingly more skilled and smarter than Nezuko, on top of her flight. All Uraraka has to do is tap Nezuko and she's helpless in the air, which wouldn't be hard at all.

Like I said. If she can't KO, this is basically a stomp.
Demon Form Nezuko is around Upper Moon #6 level so she should be higher end of 9-A, that's why she has "likely higher"

We shouldn't overestimate the skill of Uraraka. Nezuko was hecking with guys who perfected their skills for decades/centuries, being greatly useful against Susamaru, Rui (Lower Moon) and Daki (Upper Moon 6). What are Uraraka's feats?
And Uraraka should be 8-c from her scaling chain. Either way she's got the stat advantage. Lowest possible end for Uraraka puts her 2x stronger than Nezuko's Base casually, and that was back in the sports festival.

How exactly was she "hecking" with those characters? Did she 1v1 them or something?

Uraraka doesn't really have feats outside of her fight with Bakugo. Her skill advantage mainly comes from the months of training and experience she has over Nezuko. She's got great planning skills, can think on the fly quickly like when Deku's Black Whip went out of control. She outskilled a couple of the class 1-b students as well. Overall nothing too impressive, but it's more than what Nezuko has on her profile.

Either way, none of this matters if she can't even KO Nezuko.
@Spooky Nezuko never displayed any feats of skill. Her fight with Susamaru was a game of kickball, she would've been stabbed by the swamp demon due to how simple her moves were, she was getting bullied by the emotion clones for most of the fight as well.

Uraraka should take this due to having training and being able to incap with zero gravity.
Of course she didn't, I'm not saying she's extremely skilled or something, but she has some fighting capabilities.

I mean, can she incap her for 24 hours before she bounces of some building and instantly know what her power does?
Yeah so Nezuko is the quivalent of a person with no fighting experience vs Uraraka who has a year of training.

Yes she can zero gravity would just make her float up and she can't do anything, Uraraka could also beat her into unconsiousness.
She is pretty good football player :v

Would it depend on lifting strength?

What do you mean unconsciousness, you can't KO High-Mid regen
Nezuko's regen drains her stamina and will make her sleep to recgharge her strength.

No resisting Uraraka's zero gravity would require having weight beyond her limit which is 3 tons.
Basically a stomp for Nezuko.

Ochako is 9-A+, while Nezuko is likely higher than 9-A. So yes, Nezuko can kill or scratch her eye out no problem, even without her Reactive Power Level which rapidly increases her speed and strength and regen.

Ochako can't kill Nezuko, and to incap she needs to be continuously keep using her quirk for over 24 hours which she won't be able to maintain.

Nezuko's energy also continuously improves, as she was able to fight for several hours from a time people start going to sleep till morning, and when she is sleeping she has excellent situational awareness and can wake up at a moment's notice so it doesn't even count as KO.
So Uraraka wails on her till she passes out due to being more skilled than Nezuko who is extremely starightforward and basic and can incap at any time with zero gravity Demons also tend to have subpar durability so Uraraka should be doing quite a bit of damage with her attacks which will tax Nezuko's stamina and make her tired.

Considering Uraraka can contiously use her quirk through the beast forest which took 8 hours she should definitely be able to make a 14 year old girl float for longer before reaching her limit.
I've been on her side the whole time, just didn't want this to be a stomp. I definitely vote for her now. She's smarter than Nezuko, so tapping her will be easy. Then all she has to do is float her into space. Pretty easy win con when she's bloodlusted.
Nezuko's explosive Reactive Power Level easily cancels out any skill advantage which allows her to blitz. To make things even more of a stomp, Nezuko also has fear hax, which Ochako has no resistance to.

Demons have inconsistent durability against surprise attacks except in the neck (which can be explained with their body control), but again Nezuko likely has the AP advantage and an explosive Reactive Power Level. Ochako's "attacks" consist of throwing techniques, so unless this is a wrestling match...

Ochako :has yet to "continously use her technique". She was with other classmates at the forest, and she occasionly lifted earth beasts for a few seconds before dropping them. This is a far cry from keeping her abilities on for twenty-four hours.

BFR wins requires removing from the battlefield for over a week, which is not happening. Fall damage at terminal velocity is only 9-B damage, and Nezuko can instantly heal from "going splat" and become much stronger (in seconds, Nezuko went from being fodderized by Daki and having below average demon regen, to surpassing her in strength and regen). Also, releasing Nezuko means that she needs to get close and fight a stronger and faster Nezuko to touch her again.
Nezuko doesn't get instantly stronger than her opponent if she did she'd have been stomping the emotion clones. That isn't fear hax she was just said to be menacing and had absolutely no effect on Daki and if you want fear hax on her profile make a CRT.

If you want it to be inconsistent to only surprise attacks make a CRT so they can have proper durability normally otherwise they have inconsistent durability and she takes notable damage from Ochaco punching or kicking her.

Those beasts weigh far more than Nezuko and Ochaco kept fighting for those 8 hours while going through the forest. She also doesn't even need to do that since she can just make Nezuko float out of orbit and die so yes she can BFR her.
Her reactive power level would have to have something to react to. Ochako is literally going to run up, dodge a single attack, then tap Nezuko and send her into orbit. What is there to power up against there?

How does "seeming more menacing" result in having feat hax? That's just her looking scary or having an intimidating aura to those who can sense it. That's not like being so scary you instill death, or overwrite someone else's mind hax due to fear or something. That's not even on her profile, don't bring this up out of nowhere. CRT it if you think this counts as fear hax.

Ochako has the AP advantage, she's borderline 8-c, which is .25 tons, while Nezuko is upscaling from .08 tons in her base.

Ochako's max length for lifting something has not been shown. You're downplaying by saying that Ochako back in the forest training arc, BEFORE THE ACTUAL TRAINING, and literally MONTHS before the current Ochako, who has been training non step ever since, has the exact same strength as she does now. That is downplay of the highest degree. Don't confuse characters from before literally months and months of training to themselves currently.

Bloodlusted Ochako dodges a single attack, then sends Nezuko into orbit. Even the earth beasts were heavier than Nezuko, current Ochako could float her into space just as easily as she did the softball from her first day in U.A. She's literally been trained for over a year to counter attack others, someone with no training like Nezuko would not get the drop on her immediately.
An emotion clone said ""where did this powerful kick come from?", indicating that Nezuko is growing in power. She also more explictly got instantly more powerful against Susamaru and Daki. Fear hax in KnY have been repetedly been described as "Pressure" [1] [2] [3] [4], so yes that is fear hax. There is a major upcoming CRT after a climatic battle is finished; I'll be waiting for that.

Ochaco's martial arts is focused on grabbling and throwing; she lacks feats in striking, which would be useless anyway due to instant regen, pain resistance, and reactive power level.

She occasionly used her quirk for a few seconds at a time. Over-using her quirk makes he nausious, and she has no fear supporting her keeping her quirk on for hours at a time, let alone for more than 24 hours.

Air resistance is a thing, so without constant acceleration reaching orbit is not feasable.
Ochako removed gravity from a ball, and threw it out of orbit. She would just do the same to Nezuko.

You're downplaying by saying she can only use her quirk for seconds. Stop thinking Ochako from the start of the series is the exact same as she is now. That argument is worthless and shows a lack of understanding on your part that characters can grow stronger.

So her martial arts, that is focused on grabbing people, would allow her to touch Nezuko. And then yeet her into space, where she'd die of oxygen loss.

So currently, Nezuko doesn't have fear manip. So that argument is pointless.
Heck, Ochako keeping her quirk up for only seconds is wrong anyway since she floated a ball out of orbit, which would take some minutes. So light enough objects don't even tax her quirk, and she's lifted things far heavier than Nezuko with no immediate adverse affects.
Great she powered up in the fight but why didn't she stomp them since she should've continued to grow in strength. It still isn't on her profile and if you want it to be CRT.

Yes feats of grabbing and throwing which would make BFRing her easier.

Ochaco will still BFR her. Air resistance has never been a problem for Ochaco such as when she threw a ball and it was listed as infinity. Her powers also don't work purely as zero gravity since she can effortlessley swing a stone pillar.
Ochako FRA

Also, just because it was stated to be 'infinity' doesn't mean that it actually was. When I saw that, I assumed that it was too far for everyone else to see, so they just called it 'Infinity'. But idk that's just what I thought.
Literally no valid reasons for Nezuko have been presented. They're all based around powers she doesn't have, things that don't activate instantly, incorrect statements of skill and a misunderstanding of arguments being presented.
A machine was attached to the ball. It read how far the ball went. It stopped counting because the ball didnt stop and just gave her infinity. Which means it reached orbit, since Ochako never let it down.
<Ball was thrown out of orbit> Which is headcanon; it was just out of range of the measuring device (judging by how many numbers can fit in the device's screen, it seems to have a maximum range of 999.9 m).

<Air resistance is irrelevant> Unless it is stated that it isn't then that is an unjustified claim. In fact Izuku utilized the fact that Ochako's quirk is affected by air resistance to navigate through the air.

On a side note, Nezuko can also use her exploding blood to accelerate herself if needed.

Ochako has no win condition. She has no feat of maintaining her powers for over 24 hours when overusing it makes her sick ('she increased her endurance' is not nearly sufficient to justify continous multi-hour use), She can't BFR for over one week, and she logically and feat-wise can't throw to orbit.
It's not headcanon to assume she threw the ball into orbit at all, its more headcanon to think a digital distance reader only has triple digits because it looks like it does. Does that reader just give any score of 1 km infinity? UA as a property is larger than 1 km, why would it only read that far? Wouldn't the ball have stopped WAY earlier than 1 km if air resistance was being accounted for? You're raising more questions than answers.

Izuku did not rely on air resistance at all for that throw. He asked Ochako to judge the distance from them to Compress so she would know the right time to release her quirk, not to account for air resistance. He never implies that at all, and when they land on Compress, they very clearly have regained their gravity.

That is not her accelerating herself? What does her making Tanjirou's Blade ignite have to do with self propelling herself mid air?

She doesn't need to maintain her powers for 24 hours, and no one has claimed she would. Please cease putting words in our mouths to make our arguments look worse.
Both the claim that the ball flew to orbit and the speculation about the digital display are headcanon. Also, it is plausible to not expect students to throw the ball over a km.

In the clip I linked, Izuko instructs Mezo to use his arms to steer their trajectory after they have been launched, and for Ochako to cancel her quirk before they collide with Mr. Compress. Steering using Mezo's arm is only possible if air resistance is applicable.

Nezuko never needed to use her Blood Demon Art to accelerate her self, but it shows that a handful of droplets is capable of accelerating a Nichirin sword, so it should be possible to use her blood to accelerate herself under Zero Gravity.

Under Standard Battle Assumptions, an incap win requires putting opponents in a state in which they can not harm other fighters for over a day.
If Nezuko's regen taxes her stamina, Ochako can stay out of her range and use the enviroment to keep her at bay like she did against Iida and Bakugou.

She's more skilled and smarter. Considering Ochako only needs a tap to incap her, it's pretty easy. In fact, if Ochako attacks Nezuko while floating, she might float out of the battlefield as there's no weight preventing a slowdown, BFRing her.