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More Enhanced senses
servant can detect radiation, killer viruses, or any other variety of dangerous substances.

More Soul manipulation
servant's casual attack is able to attack the spiritual/soul without destroying the body/vessel.
I actually suggested this a while ago, so yeah, agreed.
This is for heroic spirits, aka the recordings of servants that exist in the throne. It doesn't scale to their materialization.


If Acausality is out I agree to add that in enhance senses. And another thing to add there, servants can see in the dark.
Fate/Zero Volume 2 Act 8 -106:08:19
Probably, there was no problem for a Servant's eyesight even within this complete darkness.
disagree with soul manip applying to all their casual attacks and have to charge their attacks for it to have soul/concept/info hax to destroy/separate from vessel

Rest I agree
yes but it was stated as spiritual attacks, not casual attacks which is what is being suggested that their casual attacks do that naturally rather than them using a spiritually charged attack
Spiritual can mean spiritual core or spirit origin in nasuverse terms both mean "soul" And nasuverse soul contains concept and information
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