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Ok so I've noticed many different characters have started to get their Regenerationn upgraded to mid because of: "The ability to regenerate from decapitation or severe brain damage.". Character that have been upgraded due to the latter half are: The Player (Minecraft), I believe Dante (Devil May Cry), The Lizard (Marvel Comics), technically Seath the Scaleless, Velvet Crowe and many more. However I don't think serve brain damage should be enough to count as mid. How is "severe brain damage" comparable to straight up losing your entire head, and what would count as severe in this case. The Hunter (Bloodborne) and the Terraria both have enemies that attack the brain directly stabbing the crap out of them (in blood borne a enemy literally sucks large chucks of your brain out) yet both of them die from decapitation.

Even if "severe brain damage" really was enough, despite how vague it is, majority of the times these characters don't get that injured. The arrows Steve is hit by take up like 1/20 of his head, the lizard was just a clean straight stab, Velvet was straight up off screen, and many other times it's small pokes or precise stabs that would only damage small sections of the head.

So I think Mid's definition should change, or at least I feel like a lot of characters with mid regen should be relooked over. (Also I know I was one of the people that downgraded Seath's regen to mid, but I now think it should be downgraded further).
Those with "severe brain damage" would regen from a bullet through their head, not necessarily decapitation. It's not treated as if you can regen from your head being cut off in a vs battle, just because you have mid regen, if you don't have the feats for it.
Why wouldn't that just be a higher case of low mid though. That seems to be the tier it should be in rather than share a tier with straight up decapitation.
Last I checked those that regen from severe brain damage are noted that can't regen from decapitation but I dunno

Also, in the case of most of those profiles it should be added as a weakness rather than changing the regen page.
Why would it be added as a weakness? It's not a weakness of the regen it's just how good their regen is.

Explain how the regen works/link it in the profile, and problem solved, as it should be done in the first place. A mid regen doesn't automatically give you decapitation Regenerationn in the first place anyway if you don't have the feats for it.

You regenerate as much as you have been shown to regenerate, it's not really a new thing.
Yeah it's more complex but why not have that just be a higher level of low mid Regenerationn rather than being the low end of something like decapitation. Decapitation and being poked in the brain by an arrow are vastly different things. Meanwhile low mid is already all about organ Regenerationn while mid and higher deal with important body parts being completely removed or being ripped apart. If you're only regenerating from brain damage and not losing the entire brain that should be more for low mid, just a much higher part of low mid. Instead of it being a extremely low end for mid.
Don't mind me bruh, I'm not in my best mental state right now, i almost died ;_;

You are right.

In the case of Dante, it already is explained, with that I'm out.
Because there's no need for that? I mean, that's just arguing semantics. It's really not worth the trouble to go through every profile and replace mid regen with something else. You can't even search for profiles with only mid regen in the first place.

I'm neutral on whether it should be changed or not, but there's no practical reason to change it other than personal opinion.
This seems like a difficult to implement change that will serve no benefit....so Im against having to hunt through every profile to change their regen for the sake of semantics...
Actually I guess this probably should have been a question and answer board instead. The reason I made this thread was because I thought straight up decapitation was supposed to be what mid represented but I see that has changed over the years. It's weird that was have an entire Regenerationn level based off organ damage but then have the brain be on a separate tier of Regenerationn despite not having anything to do with the second half of mid Regenerationn.

So I guess I was just held up on the old definition. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time, but that does mean I need to go upgrade a verse I know if brain damage really is just a low end of mid Regenerationn.

(So I guess someone can close this).