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Like someone destroys his Humagears again.... (7-0-0) Finished!

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Someone destroys a lot of Humagears.... Aruto is in rage again...

- Speed Equalized and In Character (but Aruto is in rage)

- Aruto started with Rising Hopper Form (and Metal Cluster Hopper or stronger forms above were restrincted) and he is in his first key (and he already equiped Combat Armor and collected all soul spheres including Berserk Sphere).

- Start from 20 meters, and in the place on neutral ground.

- Win by KO.

Zero-One : 7 (MagiSinbad,Jamesthetaker,Nicetoderp,Thebannanaworkshop,Kaijinoodles.EXE,Akreious,CBslayeR)

Doomguy :


The Doomguy


OK so Zero One start off in Rising Hopper. But since Hiden President is in rage, he is most likely gonna bust out Assault Hopper.

What is Mr.Doomguy AP and damage again.
Not too vicious.

And where does this state? The op state himself that this isnt Mid-End

And that's good. Aruto still dance around Doom Guy like ballerinas due to teleport spam plus Doom Guys being pelt by Shine System aka Not Funnels.
It's Reactive Power Level and Instinctive Reaction. Shining Hopper alone should be enough to give Doomslayer a hard time, consider it ability to analyze enemy behaviour and fight styles via high speed calculation. Heck, even the Dodo Magia who can adapt against every kind of fight styles in seconds couldn't do anything to stop him. It instinctive-teleportation allow him to dodge everything Doomslayer throw at him subconsciously.

The President FRA.
Not open for further replies.