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Kamen Rider Fourze Vs Erza Scarlet

Because for an error with the Cosmic State's Warp Drive, Gentaro ends clashing with the Fairy Tail Guild's Building, trashting the place. Erza, who thinks Gentaro is a enemy, so begin to attack.

-Erza is in her 100 Year Quest Key.

-Gentaro starts with Cosmic States. (Fusion Astroswitch can only be use if the match looks stomp from Erza part)

-Both start at 20 meter from each other.

-Speed Equalized.

-Victory via K.O. or Incapacitation.

-Kamen Rider Fourze:

-Erza Scarlet: 2

Erza X792
"All I need is the power to be able to protect my comrades. So long as I can have the strength to do that, I don't care if I'm weaker than everyone in the world."

Fourze Cosmic
"Our friendship will take on the universe!"
So, which keys of Erza did you use? X792 is High 6-C only if enhanced by emotions. Base Fourze Low 7-C, which can get one-shotted by Erza immediately. Make both of them start at High 6-C.
I'm... confused with FT scaling, 100 Year Quest Erza said that she is compare to base Natsu but i don't see him having any 6-C key.
Natsu has a different profile for 100 years quest, also both of their 7-B forms would be the closest Match up, as Erza's high 6-C only lasts for like 2 attacks and only scales to AP not durability.
Scale above mid-tier Horoscope in their Supernova state. Their body have so much power inside that if they die they would basically explode with enough energy to wipe out a city.

No idea where they live though, so above baseline.
OP says it's to KO or Incap so crushing her to death isn't a win con here.

Erza would probably open with her Heavens wheel Armor and Spam swords in his direction.
Also what does he open with, as he will probably have to deal with 100s of swords that are each around 4x stronger than him.
Yes and regarding crushing via gravity as an Incap move, Erza could probably resist it as characters like Natsu pre-timeskip can run and even jump in gravity that is strong enough to compress the ground a dozen or so meters.
It not a resistance, It based on Natsu's physicals completely overpowering a certain level of gravity which tends to be based on LS or AP.
That doesn't sound very impressive compare to what Fourze could done. He could even create a tornado of electromagnetism, tearing apart the "internal organs" or compressed them until they imploded.
About the Heavens Wheel, Fourze has the Astroswitch #36 Aero, that can blow pressure wind strong enough to lift him in the air. Also has #23 Wheel tha gives him a speed amp. Or he also use #30 and 31 N/S Magnet Power.
I asked a mod, and he said Gravity manip is Lifting strength based so Fourze's gravity crush isn't even gonna slow Erza down as she has a massive LS advantage. Erza also has flight with her black wing armor and can amp her own speed with flight armor.
Well you using the cosmic states than why not we talk about his ability to combine the astro swicth in this form . Later in the series we get to see that number on this form chest are actually astro swicth it self and he can use them by pressing the number on his chest so he don't need to change the switch on his driver. Second , we also get to see he can combine the astro swicth, we get to see this ability where he combine net and launcher to make a rocjet were instead of explode and do damage to oppenent it instead catch them in a net.
Zackra1799 said:
I asked a mod, and he said Gravity manip is Lifting strength based so Fourze's gravity crush isn't even gonna slow Erza down as she has a massive LS advantage. Erza also has flight with her black wing armor and can amp her own speed with flight armor.
that sounds stupid. Like completely stupid. Simply having a high lifting strength doesn't make your blood vessels immune to changes in gravity and prevent a KO nor does Lifting Strength make you more capable of surviving higher Gs when in planes.
I mean even if you don't take that into account, Erza already scales to someone who resisted a gravity user with a much more impressive feat pre timeskip.
Well anyways, I'm voting Erza for a 4x AP advantage and could possibly one shot with her strongest armors and better versatility.
Has speed amp with Wheel, Air movement with Rocket, Hoping, Gyro and his jet pack, teletransportation with his Warp Drive. Those are the ones i can remenber right Now.
I'm voting Erza here for her AP advantage and the fact that Fourze's gravity manipulation is completely offset since 100YQ Erza is a tier above X792 Natsu, who was completely unaffected by Bluenote's gravity manipulaiton.
Then I'd still vote for Erza, but it would be closer. Erza still scales to X784 Natsu, who was able to resist Bluenote's gravity (albeit he wasn't completely unaffected like in X792)