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I'd like to purchase one copy of DOOM Eternal please! One Copy of Animal Crossing:New Horizons for the switch please.

I'm genuinely curious if she could BFR him via pocketing him into a dimensional storage. Like, since she is bloodlusted, would that work?
Isabelle via abusing her personal pocket reatity and then proceeds to seal him inside a area he can't escape from and watch a he suffers and dies
Eh their pocket can hold statues that are the size of the villager and they don't do this but they probably would be able to do it
Isabell can hold living creatures in their storage, she just don't do it because canonically she not some kind of serial killer.
I feel like her doing that is completely out of character, even if she's bloodlusted.

Also, doesn't the Marine simply rip her apart if she gets close to him? He has much higher LS.