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Goku has an unforgettable luncheon


VS Battles
"Boy, I sure am hungry." Kid Goku said while taking a casual stroll. The smell of a delicious home cooked meal was leading him to the Skinner household. "Oh wow! A delicious meal!" Goku announced happily before digging into everything Skinner's kitchen had to offer. "Oh egads! My roast is ruined!" Skinner announced is shock as he saw the Saiyen tearing up his kitchen. Goku turned around in confusion. "I don't know who you are young man, but I'll have to discipline you quickly so I can get back to my meeting with the superintendent." Goku's eyes widened in understanding. "Oh, you want to fight! I'm always looking for one of those!" Goku stood up in a fighting stance. "Yes, fist to fist. Just like the knights of old."


Both at 9-B.

Speed Equalized.

Seymour Skinner
DBFZ SSB Goku Portrait
Well Skinner seems to have better AP and has pressure points, guess I'll lean on Skinner for now. This is a very manly showdown right here, just like Skinner vs Krabs. :D
"Low-End: 346860.549004 * 8 = 2774884.39203 joules, 2774.88 kilojoules, Wall level

Mid-End: 346860.549004 * 17 = 5896629.33307 joules, 0.0014 Tons, Wall level

High-End: 346860.549004 * 20 = 6937210.98008 joules, 0.0017 Tons, Wall level"
Uuuuuh, no, the low end on that was accepted. He's 2.7 megajoules.

That being said, how skilled even is this one goku at fighting? I know nothing of dragon ball but I assume he knows quite a bit? Does he use ki blasts and stuff like that?
Skinner teachs Goku some maths via AP advantage, skill advantage, range in physical combat and pressure points.
Goku can use the Power Pole, so he should have a vastly superior range when using it. The Power Pole w/o extension is probably enough to match Skinner's range.
Right, forgot about the Power Pole. But still, it's not like that's a game changer at all.
Hmm. Expand may help a lot here, actually. Expand has insane range and could maybe keep Skinner out of melee range. Unfortunately, Goku isn't really worth much without his training under Master Roshi.
Exactly, while Skinner has military training in several martial arts, being a green beret and holding the power advantage here.

Plus, I don't think Goku'd capitalize range considering he prefers H2H fights.
The funny thing is that you probably don't know what is it and you're treating it like some mental issue. While it means Non Native English Speaker.