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Frank West vs Sole Survivor

Ok. So I did Wanderer a long while back. But unfortunately, VATS said lol no to any real debate going into that fight. This fight is particularly better since Survivor has the worst VATS. It slows down rather than stopping. Giving proper time to react more.

So. Frank vs Sole Survivor

Speed is equal

Survivors Stealth Boys and SoL weapons are restricted

Everything higher than 9-A is restricted

Takes place In a mall

Frank gets an hour of prep

Sole survivor doesn't know where Frank is

That's all. Let's see if this can get actual debate this time.

Frank West:

Sole Survivor:

VATS and SoL energy weapons say no.
Sole survivor can't react to light speed. Even at speed equal, his gun wild blitz himself and or frank.
I seriously need to find out which side of that is right cause I've been told both ways and it gets confusing. Tbh. I think it would be weird to equalize attack speed of a weapon if it's specifically at a speed different to the user, typically due to it being immensely faster
Pretty sure equalization never equalized gun speeds.

That would essentially make guns useless if it were the case.
So guns fire bullets that move at Peak Human speed? Kinda sounds silly.
So they all move at lightspeed, it's effectively the same thing. You are essentially throwing guns out the window.

Pretty sure Wokista's comment here disagrees with that idea, as to suggest this isn't a very concrete rule:

"They were proportional, like if I have a dude with a gun and equalize his speed those bullets are still gonna be way faster than he is."

This obviously isn't very well established in the rules either way, so I'll make a thread if necessary.
Jamesthetaker said:
All of those beside, does Frank has Exo-suit? What stop the Sole Survivor to go into V.A.T.S and blitz him?
Nothing really, last I checked the Exo-Suit doesn't protect your head, let alone multiple blasts to it.
Also, even if Frank are fully armored, it won't help much consider that Sole Survivor had encoutered this type of enemies many time before.
Well rip. Was hoping it would be more fair. Vote for survivor then?

It is perception manipulation. A terminal confirmed that it slows down the perception of time, sometimes to an entire haunt. Which is why Wanderers stops time, but sole survivor only has his own. They have different perceptions
I had checked on the Exo-suit, it doesn't protect Frank head so it will be a vital point where Sole Survivor keep spamming V.A.T.S and aim for his head.

Feel like kinda stomp-ish since Frank cannot do anything to avoid V.A.T.S, even if it are worse than Lone Wanderer.

You might want to change to location and maybe give Frank knowledge on V.A.T.S so he could have a chance to avoid it.
Buttersamuri said:
Maybe place them in the mall and they aren't sure where the other one is?
Stealth Boys.
Buttersamuri said:
Frack. Restrict those I guess then?
You'll just be delaying the inevitable because Frank isn't a great shot and in the mall he isn't likely to use something that will do much immediately, especially with perks like Moving Target.

Penetrator will let the Survivor target Frank with V.A.T.S when he's behind cover and Concentrated Fire boosts their already good accuracy with consecutive shots, not that accuracy is an issue when your guns shoot at SoL.
He isn't a great shot? Where you getting that from? I've never heard that from him before. If he has that kind of weakness, that should be noted on his pages
Buttersamuri said:
He isn't a great shot? Where you getting that from? I've never heard that from him before. If he has that kind of weakness, that should be noted on his pages
Frank isn't a trained gunman, he's a photojournalist/professor, his first instance of using a gun against anyone was the first game.
I mean. By game 4, he is going against military trainer folk, and has been doing that since game 1. May not be trained. But by his skills and feats, doesn't mean he isn't a great shot.
Gotta agree there tbh. No way he goes through his career without becoming a good shot at the very least. Even if he sucked Game 1
Even then you could arguably say he gets better as game 1 progresses. I mean he has to improve somehow, and certainly becomes more accustomed to killing as it goes on. It's called character development
Unrelated. But I have decided I'm making Frank fight an entire verse. He shall go in one by one (after I make two other characters do it)
Spookys house of jumpscares. Most specimens are different enough to offer different types of fights, without being to broken or too easy. Some he won't fight cause Ghosts. But most he should be able to take on and at least have interesting fights with some
Tame yes. But frank won't work with everything. He does lose a good amount since he is in the 9-A suit in order to fight. I'll find a way. But two characters are doing this first.

Ninja! Interesting
You said he loses a good amount of them. If you know he loses certain matches I'd assume would wouldn't make those specific ones yeah?

Besides from the looks of it he can handle almost all of them and those he can't handle stomp him s o
That was my phones cracked screen screwing up what I was typing with. I meant he loses a large amount of his arsenal. Not he loses the fights.