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Focal Point ~ Cole vs All Might (Grace)


VS Battles
Cole landed with a role on the docks of Empire City, electricity fizzling behind him. "Alright, Zeke." Cole said as he approached his rotund best friend. "What's the situation?" Zeke gestured over to a sickly, scrawny old man in loose clothes leaning against a lamp post. "Some sort of black ops guy. Says he wants a word with you." Zeke summarized. "Cole MacGrath," the blonde began in a Japanese accent. "my name is Toshinori Yagi." Yagi handed him a card. "I don't belong to any specific agencies, but I've worked with plenty all around the world. From the Hero Association in Japan and The Guardians of the Galaxy, to more local heroes like The Avengers and the Crystal Gems." Cole looked over the card. Toshinori Yagi aka All Might. One of the most powerful heroes in Japan, behind only the likes of Tatsumaki, and the most iconic Japanese hero overall. Cole looked up in disbelief. "What is this?" Yagi almost laughed. "This is help. We know about Kessler and The Beast. Mr. Stark was begrudgingly impressed by your future self's technological prowess."

Toshinori turned towards a boat and gestured for the two to follow him. "Kessler's depictions of The Beast have heroes around the world scrambling. Unfortunately, many heroes are currently off world, dealing with loose ends regarding the Galactic Empire invasion. Even smaller hero groups have their hands tied with the Blacklight and Outpost 31 pandemics. All we have is a contact in New Marias, one Doctor Wolfe, who claims he has a method to defeat The Beast and that he only needs you." Cole stopped in his tracks. "I don't suppose he gave you any details about this plan?" Yagi halfheartedly laughed. "Well, no, but it's all we really have to work with right now." Cole approached the boat's handrails and gestured towards Empire City. "Look, I'd love to help. Honestly, I would. But this place, this city, needs me. Who's going to watch it while I'm gone?" All Might waved him off. "Some hero from Metropolis, Superman, says he'll take care of things while you're gone. He'll be here in about three weeks time." Cole looked skeptical, before hesitantly offering his hand. "Alright. Deal. We'll meet with Wolfe, work out this plan, and then we're heading right back here." Zeke laughed. "C'mon Cole. Lighten up. This Superman guy, from what I've read, punches harder than most nukes. Nothing bad'll happen while you're gone."

Zeke adjusted his sunglasses. "Besides, what's the worst that could happen? We're headed to New Marias."


"You had to ask, didn't you?" Cole said in exasperation. Cole, with his mouth covered in blood and his eyes glowing red from his newly vampiric condition. Cole, with most of his powers drained thanks to an impromptu fight with The Beast after it appeared during takeoff. Cole, who had spent most of the past few days getting shot at by Bertrand's Militia. Cole, who had watched Empire City get completely destroyed. Zeke scratched the back of his head. "Now, I'll admit I may have spoken too soon." All Might, now fully transformed into his more iconic, heroic state, cleared his throat. "I suppose that means we'll have to put Bertrand on the back burner while we deal with" he gestured to Cole "this." Cole sighed. "Any updates on that Barbed Cross?"


"When's the last time you've talked to a villain before you locked them up?' Cole asked. Yagi thought for a minute. "Aside from banter? Can't recall. I don't exactly have many chances to have a civil conversation." Cole hummed. "Nix took me out to the swamp tonight. Said she had something to show me." He looked over at Nix for permission. She eyed All Might wearily before nodding. "Follow me."


The crater in the swamp still felt as empty and as dead as when he first visted it. It gave an aura that put you in a quiet awe. All Might simply looked at the Ray Sphere in silent shock. "Is this..."


"And her family..."

Cole only nodded. Neither spoke for a while after that.

"If you weren't forced to work with her, you probably would've arrested her by now." Cole noted. "I suppose, yes..." All Might agreed. "You never would've known about thus place then. You'd never know why she is who she is." Silence again. "Where are you going with this?" All Might asked. "I'm just wondering. Is there something more we could do? For the Sashas and Kesslers and Nixs of the world. Are we doing enough?" All Might thought for a minute. "It's one of the sad truths of hero work that you can't save everyone. I don't know if anyone could've saved Sasha and I don't think Kessler wanted to be saved." Cole looked at him for a moment. "Do you think it's too late to save Nix?"


Cole and Yagi sat quietly on the rooftops, one with a beer in hand and the other with a specialized protein shake. Half eaten food sat on a table between them. The two looked out at the immense destruction caused by an earlier battle against the Corrupted. Cole had focused on minimizing casualties with his agility while Yagi had fought of the Devourer with his strength. "You ever get used to it? All the crazy shit you do?" Cole asked. "Well, that depends. Heroes and Quirks, or Conduits I suppose, are far more common in Japan. Or in the Eastern World in general really. This kind of work is normal there." Cole took a nice swig. "Give me a comparison." Yagi hummed as he tried to recall the number. "Oh, I'd say around 80%." Cole did a double take. "Damn. Sounds hectic." Toshinori waved him off. "Well, most Heroes in the East aren't as strong as the ones here, with a few exceptions, so I'd say it balances out." Yagi took a sip from his mug. Cole set his beer down. "It's gonna be a busy day tomorrow." Cole said as he got up. "Zeke's got some intel on how Bertrand is shipping the Vermaak out to his buyers. I'll focus my energy on that. He says he's got a different assignment lined up for you. I'm heading to bed." Yagi got up and bowed politely. Cole awkwardly returned the gesture, still not quiet used to it.

The two departed lightheartedly.


"Humanity is dying. Help me save what I can."


Cole set the RFI down in the table with a heavy sigh. "Things aren't… quiet as black and white as we thought." Zeke and Yagi leaned in. "It turns out The Beast is someone I knew. A conduit named John White." Yagi perked up. "You mean that NSA spy we sent in during Empire City?" Cole nodded. "Listen, what he's doing isn't mass murder. He's activating a Conduits powers. He's making them immune to the plague." Zeke didn't even hesitate. "But…. He's killing everyone not lucky enough to be a Conduit." He said bluntly. "His body count is in the billions." Yagi added. Cole sighed. "He asked me to help him."

"Help him?" Nix asked incredulously. "Your friend killed all my babies! He slaughtered them like cattle!" Cole winced. "I know." Yagi stood up. "Regardless of his reasons, we can't let his crimes go unpunished." Cole nodded. "We won't." Cole took a deep breath, picked up the RFI and began to charge.

Then his whole world errupted into fire.

His nerves screamed in agony, had he been able to see, he'd have seen Toshinori and Nix collapse beside him. The pain only stopped when the RFI hit the floor with a crack.

Cole feel to his knees, breathing ragged, skin singed. Steam was pouring from his pores. "What…. Was that…" Yagi gasped out. "It was killing me, I could feel it." Cole rasped. Nix rose with a belly full of fire. "What the hell did you do Zeke?" Zeke looked over incredulously. "What was I supposed to do?" Cole stood up again and everyone stood in silence. "If we use this…" Cole started. "It will kill all Conduits, not just the Beast." All Might finished. "I don't care what happens to me! All I care is that The Beast dies!" Nix shouted with a snarl. Cole looked at her, slowly, then nodded. "It's the only way to save the world."

"No. It's the only way to save your world."

Yagi had pulled himself to his feet. He was currently leaning over the railing, all gangly limbs and tarnished hair. Staring into the sunset. When he turned around, he looked lost. "Is that right?"

"What are you talking about?" Zeke asked. "No, he has a point." Cole sighed. "Roughly 80% of Japan's population, hell, of the entire Eastern World's population, is a conduit." Zeke opened his mouth to say something, but nothing came out. "So, what you're saying is…" He trailed off. "Nearly everyone on their half of the globe will drop dead. Governments will collapse, civilizations will disappear, the Eastern World will just be gone." Cole surmised. "Yeah, but, if we let John through then the same thing will happen to us."

No one said anything after that. Not even Nix.

Cole walked over to All Might and leaned over on the rail next to him. "Let's talk." Yagi looked at him, somehow even more tired and old than before. "Not here."


The two heroes stood on top of St. Ignatius church, looking down at a dying world. "I can see the, you know." Cole said. "All the people infected with the plague. Dying without knowing it. I can't even walk down the street anymore without knowing the end is near." All Might nodded. "These people look up to us you know. As Heroes, Saints, sometimes even Gods." He murmured out a humorless laugh. "In those comics they sell, in the stories the tell about us, this is usually the part where someone pulls out a miracle cure. Saves the day at the last minute. Let's everyone go home." Cole nodded and Yagi began to walk away. "Zeke and I have a saying. Half as long, twice as bright. Almost feels poignant now." All Might sighed and transformed. "Everything is going to happen fast. There won't be time for goodbyes. I just want you to know now that I respect you. No matter what happens, you will always be my friend." Cole nodded. "Hey, man. This doesn't change anything."

It was a solid moment that passed before Yagi finally left, departed to meet up with John.


The Beast had fallen, stunned by Nix's explosion. By her sacrifice. Cole had the RFI strapped to his back as he stood just outside the church. An object crashed into him. Cole knew exactly who it was long before he crashed through those sacred walls.

Cole coughed and sputtered as he got to his feet, the RFI bouncing out of sight. The Symbol of Hope stood stoically on the opposite side of the church. He wasn't smiling. The two shared one more look with each other, one last moment before their world ends.

Cole sighed the sigh of a thousand lifetimes. "I have to try."

All Might nodded. "I know."

The stain glass murals above watched with baited breath.


Base inFAMOUS 2 Cole.

Wounded All Might.

Speed Equalized.

Both start with several weeks of prior knowledge and personal experience with the other.

Both start at opposite sides of St. Ignatius Church.

Sometimes I hear people talking about Conduits and Humans like they're totally different. That's bullshit. Cause there ain't nobody with more Humanity than Cole MacGrath.


All Might Poster
The Symbol of Peace

Epic Orchestral Music - Of Gods And Men
Epic Orchestral Music - Of Gods And Me
He's 4. Something Gigatons with the Air Pressure of his punch

Cole is superior to the Beast who is almost baseline High 7A (One Gigaton) by waking up.
Wright, if I could, I would make you the head guy of the Sucker Punch writing team for the next inFamous
I doubt that will ever come at least not in a good while, they will likely support Ghosts of Tushisima for a decent while before they go to another project
I would, but both are pretty even overall,as it's electricity zaps vs shockwaves, both are similar AP, experience, and pretty much that is useful in this match is super close

So I'll wait for schnee or someone else
Actually I'd say All might wins in terms of experience, but Cole is Much more versatile and Range Spammy,
Schnee One said:
Actually I'd say All might wins in terms of experience, but Cole is Much more versatile and Range Spammy,
I mean, Cole's hax is spamming electricity hax and that's really it, AM has shockwaves.

And I'm pretty sure AM has used his shockwaves to attack opponents a good deal of times
Damn, amigo. Your introductions are always neat.

I would go for All Might, but Cole is so versatile and powerful that I can't see him winning in most scenarios. I mean, the only character in Boku no Hero that I know of with a wide array of abilities, similarly to Cole, is All For One - and it took everything Toshinori had to beat him.

Voting Cole.
I think All Might takes this. He can keep up with Cole with his own pseudo flight, has the stats to tank most, if not all of his attacks and can punch anything he doesn't want to tank away with his air pressure. If AM ever gets close, it becomes very bad for Cole due to All Might's colossal lifting strength advantage and that his actual punches are much stronger than just the air pressure.

After getting use to Cole's range spam, All Might will eventually find a way to get closer and start putting the hurt down.

Symbol of Peace has my vote.

Also this story is fantastic.
He does not have the stats to tank his attacks, he has no resistance to electricity and he doesn't have the durability either and without proper flight dodging an abundance of homing attacks isn't really plausible

On top of this, All Might has to deal with his Low Mid Regenerationn without any prior knowledge of it and he doesn't really have a way to counter lightning storm from above
Schnee One said:
He does not have the stats to tank his attacks, he has no resistance to electricity and he doesn't have the durability either.

On top of this, All Might has to deal with his Low Mid Regenerationn without any prior knowledge of it and he doesn't really have a way to counter lightning storm from above
"Without prior knowledge"

Uh, Schnee, they've been working together for awhile here. I'm pretty sure Cole's regen would've come up at one point.
Yeah I'd say Cole overall here.

AM has the advantage in AP and close quarters skill but that's really the only advantage he has in this due to the fact that Cole is significantly more versatile, and most of his attacks paralyze if they hit enough which they will
"Without prior knowledge"

Uh, Schnee, they've been working together for awhile here. I'm pretty sure Cole's regen would've come up at one point.

How can I know reading your story? I don't know if he got injured or hurt when he was with AM. Since Cole does nothing g but avoid that.

Give me more context here. Especially since that changes how Cole will act
He has over 4 times Coles AP in durtability, how can he not tank a good portion of his attacks? Electrical attacks have been used on far weaker characters than All Might in his verse and they've been relatively fine. Deku ate a lightning bolt while severely injured and still tried to fight. Fodder in the sports festival were intensely electrocuted and were completely fine moments afterwards.

And even if you say he can't tank them, he can move out of the way or disrupt them with his shockwaves or by throwing something at the attacks before they hit him, like a car.

All Might basically does have proper flight though. He can near instantly change his direction several times while mid air, how does that make him easy to hit even with homing projectiles? And don't those projectiles have a limit to their tracking? If I remember the game right, homing projectiles weren't exactly the best at tracking if an enemy made a sudden movement that dramatically changed their position, let alone if they did so multiple times.

All Might has the AP to bully Cole even through his regen. If he gets close, Cole gets punch rushed like Nomu until his Regenerationn can't keep up, and it's not like regen prevents you from being Knocked Out. If Cole doesn't play keep away for the entirety of the fight, All Might is going to beat him like a pi├▒ata.

He can just punch the lightning storm out of existence with his tens of kilometers of range. He'll even be expecting it since he's been working with Cole and should know what his best moves are.
He's 4x stronger then a feat that someone weaker then Cole did by Waking up, not really that High of a difference

Electric attacks typically paralyze people In MHA and even then comparing them to Cole's lightning is not a fair comparison.

Cars are made of metal that conducts electricity. I'm unsure if that's the best idea.

That's still pseudo flight, and even then Cole deals with flying opponents all the time anyway, plus Air Pressure doesn't stop a lightning bolt just its flight pattern

Not in InFAMOUS 2 no they don't, even then Cole can home them manually by moving his hand a bit.

You can't bully someone through their Regenerationn through AP, you have to bypass the level of regen he can cover, in this case, he has to crush his head. Cole does nothing but play keep away in character as he knows he's not a CQC fighter

The biggest issue with punching the storm is that his air pressure will force him into the Ground as the lightning storm spawns directly above him instantaneously, if he manages to immediately identify it that quickly which Im uncertain, Cole has him on the ground surrounded by electric attacks.

Lastly, if AM really is avoiding so perfectly, Cole has speed Amps in the form of precision that allow him to make enemies around his speed move as if they are in slow motion, and strike with whatever he wishes.
His air pressure is 4x stronger than The Beast waking up. Unless you have a solid distinction of just how much stronger "awake" Beast is than "waking up" Beast, that AP advantage is staying very high.

It's a fair comparison considering Deku was struck by a lightning bolt and was still trying to fight. All Might's body is ridiculously more durable than everyone else in his verse, so if even fodder like Deku, in comparison to All Might, can withstand electrocution on that level, he definitely shouldn't be bothered by it with only one or two blasts.

He's not going to hold the car/projectile, he's going to throw it at Cole's attacks.

Air Pressure knocking Cole's lightning off its path still makes it not hit him. If All Might spins around with an Oklahoma Smash, making his own tornado, Cole's lightning isn't going to get through. If he punches forward and blows entire buildings off their foundation, Cole's lightning isn't going to just ignore it and keep going after him.

That pseudo flight is good enough to dodge Cole's standard methods of attacks. What enemy type has Cole fought that can maneuver as well as All Might can midair, with just as good and strong ranged options as well? And even more with the level of AoE?

Since they both have knowledge, and AM knows Cole can control his lightning bolts, can't he just break his concentration by punching at him? Doesn't continually punching at Cole kinda shut down most of his options of attack? He can't defend and focus on his homing attacks at the same time, and he definitely can't summon a lightning bolt.

But you can knock someone out despite their regen, correct? Other conduits can be KO'd, the same shouldn't be too different for Cole. If he gets damaged enough that his regen can't keep up, like Nomu, then he should shut down, correct?

Cole can't have him instantly surrounded by lightning attacks if he's too busy defending himself from air pressure. And yes, All Might should be able to identify the lightning storm very quickly, as it's not only Cole's most powerful technique, but it takes a very small, but still present charge up time as well.

Isn't he limited to precision shot only in that mode?
Would removing the RFI do anything to this Cole? If I remember correctly, it's the RFI that's giving him infinite energy, so if that's gets removed, that's big trouble correct?
If Cole had the RFI, he'd stomp. One hit would completely null all of All Might's powers, hense why he doesn't have it here.
Fyi, flight is a terrible idea. Ignoring the fact that Cole has fought blimps, invisible drones, and helicopters with far better flight than AM, he's going to be wide open to Cole's homing atracks while in midair.
He doesn't need to stay in the air flying, he just needs it to get closer to Cole. I'm not suggesting he just hang in the air and fight there, it's just his method of getting to Cole despite the range spam.
Also, I feel like AM's own range spam is being overlooked here. Like I said, Cole can't focus on electrocuting All Might if he's constantly being bombarded with air pressure. All Might can safely approach as long as he keeps pressure up on Cole, and since they both have prior knowledge, AM will be working on ways to keep him from shooting off attacks as much as he wants.

On the flip side, Cole has no way of stopping All Might from just range spamming, even with knowledge of what he can do. Assuming they both let an attack off at the same time, All Mights will win every time due to the AoE and wind disrupting Cole's lightning and hitting him. As long as All Might doesn't let Cole have breathing room, he can get in close and start beating on him with his fists.

Also, Condiit regen takes time, it isn't instant, so even the air pressure blasts will be doing enough harm that Cole will need to absorb some electricity, which is another thing AM will try to prevent. Cole's weaknesses are that he needs to aim, focus and absorb. If All Might can disrupt all three of those aspects of Cole's powers, he can win this even if he isn't as versatile or hax.
For further clarification:

"Aim" refers to how Cole needs to take aim with his powers before letting loose a bolt of lightning.

"Focus" refers to how he can't do more than 2 powers at the same time. He can't hold up a shield while using lightning storm. He's limited in his use of how many powers he can activate at a time, and thus what he can deal with.

"Absorb" is obviously that he needs to absorb electricity, otherwise he can't do anything at all. If he can't focus enough to get electricity, he can't win.