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Flowey being unable to defeat Asgore

It's stated on Asgore's profile that Flowey couldn't have defeated Asgore without LOVE, using his OF fight intro monologue as proof of it as he says "Without you, I never could have gotten past him". However, what he means is much more likely to be that he literally couldn't go past Asgore as the barrier is there and Asgore never revealed the human souls to him. Without a monster and a human soul, he would be forced to stop there regardless of what course of actions he took.

The thing about monsters is that their defence drops greatly when they no longer have the will to fight, letting you one-shot them (with damage easily going over quintuple digits later in the game). While you normally can't do that with Asgore, Flowey has the advantage of being Asriel. Nothing would have stopped him from simply acting out a heartfelt reunion and then stabbing him in the back.

Plus that bit of monologue doesn't say anything about LOVE.

While this is unlikely to change any tier placement, it is something that bothers me.
It doesn't matter because they are sealed underground where he can't reach them until Asgore reveals them in preparation for Frisk's death

He did say that he killed everyone and yet he never left the Underground
Fair enough, I guess. I've always wondered why ashore didn't just absorb 1 human soul then go through the barrier and grab 6 more human souls