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Eiji Hino vs Shinobu Oshino

Yep, another OOO matches but this time its from mine, and for quick rambling: Why in the f*** Shinobu didn't had any of matches post-revision!?

Joke aside but seriously, she need more love again and hopefully i can do that with this match, who know if this ended stomp or not but at least i tried lel. Anyway let's go to the match!

After the Enigma Incident Eiji continue his wandering, but not before he solving the mystery that happening in Japan about vampire hunt and peoples lost. As he reach out the truth he meet the suspect, who also known as strongest vampire in her kind (Sorry Kiva)....

-Planet level (5-B) Shinobu/Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade (YAY FINALLY!!) and Heisei Generation FINAL Eiji/OOO are used

-Speed are equalized

-Both are In-Character

-Place: Tokyo Dome

-Starting range are 50 meters

-Win via anything!!!

Eiji Hino: 0

Shinobu Oshino: 0

Inconclusive: 0

Eijii Hino vs Kiss-Shot
I mean, do you believe that sentient mass of desire are a thing that could happened?

And that mindhax feel more like heavy form of Empathic hax that made people fall for the vampire. But I dont know anything about Monofatari so I maybe just talk a lot of shit out of my ass.

Also what is Kokorowatari?
Ok, so how does her Corruption work?

As a vampire, she can bite people and turn them into vampires. Either into fully-fledged vampires, or botched vampire-zombie things.

Will it be able to stop Putoryra absurd lamo yeet void hax?

Doubt it.

And that mindhax feel more like heavy form of Empathic hax that made people fall for the vampire.

As a note, she only has that passive mindhax in her human key; her vampire keys don't have it.

Also what is Kokorowatari?

A dura-negging sword that kills any supernatural being with a mere scratch. She can create and chuck/wield multiple of them.
From what i remember empathic manipulation =/= mindhax, could be wrong however

this sword, and the sword are only work against supranatural being hence why i asked about Eiji power and Greeeds being supranaturals or not

EDIT: Dammit ninja'd!!
Looking good so far.

Does it bypass Immortality? As long as Eiji have Core Medal(Basically crystalized form of human's 'desire' a conceptual item like most of Nasu's NP) that contain his conciousness and numbers of Cell Medals(still crystalized 'desire' just on a much lower grade.) He will continue to regenerate and revive.

Eiji's Void Hax come from Purple Core Medals, the crystallization of desire for 'nothingness' or 'void'. Core Medal are also very hard to break. For not even thing like OOO's Bash a sword that can cut reality doesnt make a dent to the Core Medal. The only time we seen it break is through unknown mean with King, and the rest are through Eiji's void hax. A single strike from Medagaburyu can easily shattered multiple Core Medals with ease. I doubt that Shinobu can even survive that.
We have a fight like this before against Zeref, most people agreed that his death hax will just force Eiji into a piles of Medal to regen.
Kokorowatari hasn't been shown to bypass immortality, no. In fact, it doesn't affect vampires (aside from causing a lot of pain) because they quickly regenerate from the induced death.

But, if it is an item it should be able to cut through to it, with correct enough aim. Those medals tanking swords which cut through reality is a weird feat to compare to, because Kokorowatari has completely destroyed huge, weird metaphysical barriers that certain characters have set up.

To do lasting damage to Shinobu you'd need to get around her regen, and EEing parts of her body won't stop her regen, she quickly regenerated from having three quarters of her body EE'd by The Darkness (Monogatari Series).
The Core Medals residing inside Greeed's body. And he have 10 of them, only one of them is actually housing his conciousness. So she need to get lucky or stab Eiji a whole bunch.

And that was only a precision EE on Eiji's part. And he doesnt just EE that specific part, he is attacking at Shinobu's 'desire'. And those who have their desire destroy get EE, simple stuff. The reason why Eiji can't just blast Greeed away in the Bazooka mode because he NEED to destroy their Cores. Otherwise they will just revive.

Here is Dinosauar's Yummy's debut episode. (Start off at 8:10) These Yummy(mook) only powered by a single, single Core Medal but their mist is strong enough to casually EE people with ease. Eiji have 10 and a Greeed get far, far stronger than any number of Yummy. His EE easily scale way above them.
Oh, well, there's no real desire-hax in Monogatari for Shinobu to resist, and she can't deal with getting EE'd. Eiji's immortality makes it really hard for Shinobu to take him down, so this may be a stomp?
She still have a wincon by stabbing Eiji and getting lucky.

But that mean she trade a hit with Eiji since this form he is really aggressive.
It's equally effective on all types of supernatural beings, half-breeds included.

With a caveat being, if there's an actual physical separation, like if they're possessed or if some part is purely non-supernatural and another part is purely supernatural, the sword will completely phase through the non-supernatural part not interacting with it at all, and only damage the supernatural part.

How do Eiji's desire attacks work? Is it thought-based hax or is it an attack he actually has to land?
It more like void attribute attqck than desire attack . Basiclly what are they saying are that Eiji attack has a void attribute that are so potent that they can destroy core medal a conceptual item that so durable that even attack like ooo bash an attack that cut trough reality can leave a scracht on it. Also it attack based not thought base haxx . Also note that not just this form are 5-B other to are 5-B it is just i think Velox use this form because it can do many things than other form can do .
So it doesn't attack some non-physical "desire" thing that every person has? It's just a physical attack with EE that can destroy very durable things?
Actually no , later in the movie (movie in hesei era(2000-2018) are considere canon especially hesei part 2(2010-2018)) we get to see that ankh pull out a imagin core medal from momotaros who is a imagin not a greeed and also in the same movie we get to that the evil orginazation SHOCKER create the SHOCKER core medal , basiclly core medal are just a concept that manifest as a coin. What we got from this is that concept like race can be counted as core medal and being with the concept of a race example an imagin that concept can be extracted and turn into a core medal by Greeed . Basiccly what i can see happenig is that while shinobu survive been attack by Eiji void attack it likely those attack will destroy her concept of vampire because as we seen that a core medal also can be the concept of race.
Depend on how people view on Eiji's void attribute.

Since as Kousei Kogami put it. Every living being in the world drive by their desire, even normal household object can be convert into 'desire' in a form of Cell Medals as can be seen with Gamel and his ability, even Yummy can do that just on a much lesser scale.with Purple Medal desire being only void.. The antithesis of desire itself.

Even then it is possible that Eiji just straight up break Shinobu's Medal. Seeing how that Ankh can pull a Medal out of Imagine, a being that should not have Core Medal inside by the fact that they exist in an entirely different timeline, maybe even universe.
Well, I will once again vote for Eiji because his void hax is frankly kinda BS and with his immortality Shinobu need to get lucky to permanently kill the man.
I believe shinobu would win because of her at least high tier Regenerationn along with her blade and time travel she could simply outlast him
Except that she get void hax conceptual EE as soon as any of his hit land on her. A punch would heavily damage her conceptually, the axe hit mean that she just die.

And doesn't her time travel is a one off thing at a certain location?
You may be correct about her time travel but assuming he counts as a supernatural being she only has to scratch him once to kill him
@Nicetoderp Her time travel isn't really a one-off thing, and it doesn't have to be at that one location, but it needs to be done at a place with a lot of spiritual energy. Most of the places that (canonically) would have that spiritual energy have had it absorbed so she can't use it.

Because of all these restrictions, its only real usefulness in fights is for returning from temporal BFR.

@Nobody6868 Speed is equalized, and apparently Eiji will continue living as long as his Core Medals is around, so neither of those wincons would really work.
I see this is a very interesting one what about her shadow manipulation and her ability to hide inside of shadows to avoid damage and the limits of her Regenerationn are mostly undefined I would wonder if it strays into low-godly seeing as how her subjects are capable of high tier Regenerationn I also wonder if she could turn him into a vampire if she got close enough
Low godly won't save her. She will be erased down to conceptual level due to Eiji's void hax being conceptual in nature.

And again, unless she start off hiding in the shadow the chance of her dying sky rocket because neither side have no knowledge of eachother. And Eiji's starting move in this form is CQC passive conceptual void has EE on hit. And it is heavily unlikely with Greeed's biology being made up of conceptual items.

Even then can her fang price through Eiji's Putotyra armor?
I mean I feel like it could she has planatery level strike force and correct me if I'm wrong but he's been damaged by attacks of that level has he not and aside from her shadow manipulation she also has the ability to become intangible making it so attack's simply pass through her
And guess what? Mezool also had an ability to turn into intangible and yet she still get hit by OOO, so intangibility doesn't do much anything here
Ok how about this one kiss shots duplicating ability two equally powerful shinobus along with her planetary level strike force I feel as though her fang could pierce his armor allowing her to turn him into a vampire
Just have the void hax take care of it before it happens.Can't be any dupes if the Original died.

Thank God someone is actually using Shinobu in a fight.

Emiji beats her due to abilities and void manipulation.Stomp.
Duplication doesn't mean anything as Broken said above and even if its different than Mezool intangibility its getting bypassed, and if you try to pushing it then i dunno but suspecting you giving an NLF argument
What y'all think does matter lmao.

Matches aren't decided by mods, they're decided by votes from all users.