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Dragonball Toei-verse upgrade to 3-B

In the anime continuity the Dragonball Mortal universe is split up into 4 galaxies. These Galaxies are not spiral sized ones like our Milky way, inatead they're implied to be massive. The daizenshuu states that the four Galaxies exist "infinitely" in all the universe.


The Daizenshuu also states that the mortal Universe is an endless, expansive space and also states the Galaxies are made up of innumerable nebulae, each nebulae made up of Innumerable stars.


Herms "on the 4 Galaxies" thread goes more in-depth. While one may bring up how Japanese doesn't have plurals and that "North Galaxy" can in actuality be "North Galaxies" Herms explains how all the guidebooks go for a literal interpretation that there is indeed only four Galaxies in the mortal Universe.


Herms was asked one final time in regards to the issue and he specifies the anime only had 4 Galaxies within its continuity.


Dragonball GT also uses the 4 galaxies set-up


If we take a literal reading on the Daizenshuus description, then the 4 Galaxies would be High 3-A or High universal. You can also claim that each of the Galaxies are equal in size to a standard 3-A Universe. However, for a low end we can assume the Daizenshuu is using a bit of hyperbole and state that the Mortal universe is the size of a Finite Universe or 3-A, with the 4 Galaxies representing 25% of the universe.

How does this make Toeiverse 3-B? We have Broly and Buu explicitly being shown to us entire Galaxies being wiped out. Since the anime continuity only has 4 massive Galaxies then those are the only Galaxies that can be claimed or seen to be destroyed

Broly destroying a galaxy:


Buu destroying a galaxy:


(While yes the calc that pegs Toei Kid Buu at 4-A is linked to that video please refrain from mentioning it unless this analysis can be refuted)

In GT Mr. Popo states the Shadow Dragon being born in the past destroyed entire Galaxies instantaneously and as a reminder only 4 Galaxies exist within Toei continuity even stated in GT itself. Two galaxies being destroyed would be a solid multi-galaxy+ feat using the low end interpretation of the 4 galaxy set-up, 50% of 3-A tier roughly.


All of this is surprisingly consistent. From Broly (who at most took 30 years to destroy the South Galaxy) to Buu (who took a few years to destroy a galaxy) to the Shadow Dragon of the past (who destroyed at least 2 Galaxies instantly) and finally Omega who is currently tiered solidly as 3-A, the power scaling actually fits.

So yes, with the 4 "super galaxies" set-up anything regarding galaxy destruction is on the immense scale regarding the Universe. Even destroying one of these Galaxies over-time in any decent time-frame would be 3-B.

One final thing that since this is Toei continuity the Super continuity has no bearing to it nor vice versa so the cosmology that Super portrays/=/The original Toei set up although I'm sure that doesn't have to be mentioned.
Boundless doesn't necessarily mean a numerical value, it can mean "unlimited or immense" which would still fit the 4 galaxies being gigantic, Unless that's what you meant.
There's more 3-B feats, like Kid Buu threatening to destroy the Grand Kai planet and His fight with Ssj3 Goku almost destroying the Kaioshin Realm