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Senku and Tsukasa shouldn't have Petrification Negation since the Revival Formula is simply nital a mixture of nitric Acid and alcohol. That should instead be listed as a weakness on the page of the Petrification device. Said device should get Healing added since it has this effect when combined with nitric Acid. This Healing effect has been shown to cure brain conditions and we should therefore remove Senku's possible Resistance against Madness Manipulation. The Revival Formula can however be listed as Acid Manipulation since it is acidic. Senku has also already been shown to be capable of making various kinds of Acid.

Senku would get limited Light Manipulation from using hand mirrors to blind other people, Electricity Manipulation with Wall level Attack Potency from that time he defeated Hyoga while working together with Tsukasa, Sound Manipulation via that Sound weapon he made for the Stone Wars, limited Information Analysis since he was able to deduce Lillian's three sizes from a photo he has seen before the Petrification, Enhanced Sight through his telescope and Wall level Durability via carbon fiber because he was able to make a shield that can withstand a spear thrust from Kinro who can destroy trees with it.
The removal of petrification negation and addition of healing seem fine.

Light manipulation is highly exaggerated.

I do not know about electricity manipulation.

Sound manipulation is probably fine.

I am uncertain about information analysis.

Enhanced sight is an exaggeration.

Wall level durability via carbon fiber is probably fine.

You should ask some active and experienced members listed in the Dr. Stone verse page to comment here though.
I guess Light Manipulation is really exaggerated which is why I had written limited Light Manipulation. If that is still too much, I'd change it to minor Light Manipulation. The hand mirrors are still something he can do, has done and definitely would do again in the future if necessary or useful.

I guess being uncertain about Information Analysis is a given. I was a little bit unsure myself. Should it be a possibly then?

The telescope allows one to see things that are far away to be seen better. Based on the definition of Enhanced Vision it fits. If the telescope doesn't allow you to see far enough then it can still be changed to limited or minor. Should I have misunderstood something about Enhanced Vision tell me please about it.

I'll go ask the members on the verse page.
I most agree with everything that Ant has said. Senku shouldn't have enhanced eyesight because he is really just an average human. Light manipulation is also iffy because Hand Mirrors aren't really part of Senku's equipment.
Enhanced Vision is something he would get with the telescope everyone made for him so it doesn't matter if he himself is a normal human. He has equipment that helps him. Hand mirrors are in a way part of his equipment since he used them on Treasure Island and knows how to make them. If he comes to believe that he needs hand mirrors or that they would be useful for whatever reason then he wouldn't have much trouble with getting them.
We shouldn't give such extreme abilities simply due to ordinary tools possessed by regular everyday humans.
These aren't really extreme abilities. Compared to what many users of these powers can do it is pretty limited.
I meant that using binoculars and a mirror are not good qualifiers for actual powers.
I guess, I can understand that. They could still be mentioned as equipment.
Listing them as equipment is fine.

Electricity manipulation might be fine, but I would prefer an explanation about the circumstances.
Yes, but if this is not ordinarily accessible equpment for him, I am uncertain about it as well.
It is something he should be able to access with enough preparation.
I suppose that can be specified in the page, yes.
I think my point about removing Senku's possible Resistance against Madness Manipulation due to the healing properties of the Petrification that can heal brain conditions as demonstrated with Tsukasa's little sister has been left unaddressed.
I suppose that probably makes sense, but we preferably need more input first.
FANDOM ate my message two times.

I'm simplifying it:

I agree with Antvasima. As for Information Analysis - It's exagerrated and shouldn't be put on there because there are normal human mathematicians out there who can perform similar feats. The healing power of the Revival Fluid can probably be listed as Mid or High-Mid.

As for Resistance to Madness Manipulation, I take a neutral stance because I myself was unsure of it during the creation of the profile - but note he wasn't affected psychologically at all during the time he was petrified.
Okay, I can understand your point about Information Analysis.
I agree with Kuroiha.

Also, Fandom is glitchy, and tends to eat messages that take a long while to write. You should try to remember to always copy the text of long messages before posting.
Okay. Thank you for the information. I will make note of it, since it can be frustrating at times.
Kuroiha, after thinking about it a little bit I think that possible Resistance against Madness Manipulation can indeed stay.
So should what has been accepted be applied?
If there is no one who objects, we can apply it.
Okay. Somebody else will have to handle it then.
Removal of Petrification Negation for Senku and Tsukasa since the Revival Fluid is a common chemical that the Petrification Device should have as weakness.

Healing due to the healing properties of the Petrification.

Electricity Manipulation via Preparation for Senku from that time he defeated Hyoga while working together with Tsukasa.

Sound manipulation from that time he used a sound-based weapon in the Stone Wars.

Wall level durability via carbon fiber from that time he made a Shield that could withstand Kinro's tree-shattering spear thrusts.

A telescope and hand mirrors in Senku's equipment section since everyone at the village made him a telescope, he has used hand mirrors on Treasure Island and the fact that he should be able to make both via Preparation.
Ah, I've also suggested Acid Manipulation for the Revival Fluid since it contains nitric acid. There is also the fact that Senku can make various kinds of acids and has access to a natural source of sulfuric acid.

That might need some Input before being applied since nobody seems to have addressed it.
He doesn't have Flight listed on his profile. Should he have that added as well?
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