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Dr. Fetus vs Rick Sanchez


VS Battles
Two hate-filled, narcisistic geniuses who despise (nearly) everyone around them. I'm sure they'll get along just fine.

Both of them are without prep. Their standard equipment is limited to a Rocket Launcher (Dr. Fetus) and a laser gun (Rick Sanchez), otherwise it's just their 9-B keys.

Speed is equal

Who wins and why?

Dr. Fetus:

Rick Sanchez: 2

Rick's cyborg impants should give him a huge advantage against Dr. Fetus, especially as the good Doctor won't be expecting it. Even without a weapon, he is a skilled enough to be more than a match for Dr. Fetus in his suit. The only wrench in the machinery is Fetus's RPG, but Rick is skilled enough with hand weapons (i.e superior to armed guards who have trained their whole lives) to even shoot the missile out of the air. He is also a calmer and more rational fighter, and could probably figure out how to deactivate the suit once he got into close combat.

Rick Sanchez low-diff