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Do Poison-type moves in Pokemon include viruses? (Possible new power and resistance)


VS Battles
Thread Moderator
I'm talking baout Disease Manipulation and resistance to it. That power is not the same as Poison Manipulation for obvious reasons.

One of many Weezing cards-PKMN
The purpose of this thread is to see if users more knowledgeable in PKMN than me can help me find evidence that would make viruses and diseases consistent for Poison-type moves. I just have this Weezing card.
So in-universe is being immune to poison moves=immunity to the corona?
Afaik, Poison Type pokemon involve stuff like poison (redundant), diseases and acids, so it could. Although, as immunities, it doesn't have much sense outside of game mechanics, as there's no much sense why Fighting Types are resistent to acid.
Weezing's moves probably include viruses.

"It lives and grows by absorbing dust, germs, and poison gases that are contained in toxic waste and garbage."