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Discussion about the Hong Kong 97 verse and similar verse which possibly have controversial political contents

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I have noticed Hong Kong 97 was added in the wiki. I'm not sure if it is suitable to be in the Wiki here. Hong Kong 97 is likely controversial mainly for its possible references related to Chinese politics. This wiki's rule may prohibit political contents and Chinese government is known for zero-tolerance of such contents (officially called "political harmful contents" and unofficially called "zuosi contents"). Also, I'd like to ask if such contents could be keep in the wiki and other detailed standards about such contents. (I think it includes contents such as Wolf Warriors which has been praised by Chinese high-profile media)

Note: Since the discussion may be important for the Wiki and controversial, the discussion may be staff only. And Wikipedia may be helpful to understand the issue.
On the one hand I do not like tyranny at all. On the other hand we try to avoid controversy, and the Chinese government is known to shut down all access to websites that criticise them.

I would greatly appreciate further staff input.
Antvasima said:
On the one hand I do not like tyranny at all. On the other hand we try to avoid controversy, and the Chinese government is known to shut down all access to websites that criticise them.

I would greatly appreciate further staff input.
Thank you for your comment and I agree with you that "I would greatly appreciate further staff input." (But I'd like to say that "shut down all access to websites" is happened in mainland China only, not all the world. I believed that you may misunderstand the concept. My description is a little correction and does not contrdict your opinion)
Why should the predominantly not-from-mainland-China userbase and staff delete pages and verses to go along with the Chinese government?

Besides, just because a game or story is critical of whatever government doesn't mean they don't belong on this wiki for political reasons.
I mean, Deus Ex is a very political verse itself. Clearly our prohibition isn't just against verses dealing with politics in general, that would nix waaay more than people think.

Also isn't a huge amount of media banned in china? I'd be surprised if there wasn't files for at least one thing.
China could potentially disapprove of way less anyways. Horrible precedent to set, even with a garbage game like this.
In Chinese government's view, the "I love Beijing Tiananmen" and the usage of Deng.

No I mean actual harm.
1) Wikipedia itself is banned in China.

2) If they're banning it I'm sure they think they it disrupts the social order.
If there was an issue with any political game or story we'd be missing a lot of pages. The issue is with inflammatory political discussions. Pages are fine so long as people don't **** with them or push their own viewpoints on them for whatever reason.
I'm neutral regarding this, but I agree that the whole "China doesn't like this topic" shouldn't be a reason to delete the verse. It's not like every single Chinese nationality character on the wiki needs to be deleted just because of things they might deem controversial. Unless it's like really extreme with the controversy that's in the face; if that's the level then perhaps. But so far, the most offensive thing would be "A Horde of ******* Ugly Reds" comment in the intro. I'm not sure if that's enough to ban the verse given it's just one line not in the cover.

However, this is a globally banned video game never sold in stores. It is a verse that's based on a movie, so I'd prefer if the movie was considered the primary canon and the video game version if staying should be treated as an adaptation. Much like Dragon Ball Canon Vs Toeiverse.
The files don't actually mention the Tiananmen song, and I don't think I linked to any videos.
It's not globally banned what

I'm pretty sure there's no movie where Jackie Chan is tasked to wipe out all of china either
The thing with Hong Kong 97 is that it's not an official game that is just bad. It's an unpublished bootleg game that could only originally be played with an illegally unlocked SNES. And not just that, half of the game's fame is attributed to the massive amount of copyrighted content used without permission, such as the Chin character being Jackie Chan, the main villain being a cropped sprite of real-life Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping, and the Coca Cola propagandas in the background.

The other half of its fame comes from the fact that a real picture of a dead body, a victim from the Bosnian Civil War, is used, rather tastelessly, as the Game Over screen whenever your character dies. Less famously, it uses a picture of Holocaust victims to illustrate Chin killing the entire Chinese communist population.
Yeah, it's not published and local stores don't sell it. And it's made on the Super Famicon, but it's not published by a single company. It's just a game that got the company that made it bankrupt due to how lack of quality it has. If someone wants to make the movie verse, go for it. But the game doesn't really have enough credibility to be anywhere other than Joke Battles Wiki.
No. There is no harm to this being here. Quality doesn't have anything to do with whether something should be here or not. If the profile is legible and the game is notable then their is no issue. Don't bow down to fears about a feoreign government.
So, Happy Soft was just an alias? And yes, Chinese government isn't a reason, it comes from several other stuff.
This isn't about the Chinese government, there are legitimate reasons to delete the page. It's just that worrying about China isn't one of them.
It's an unpublished bootleg that uses Jackie Chan's likeness and that was made to be a shitty game by a one-man development team who promptly forgot about it.
What is wrong with that? Quality was never important, the profiles are legible and despite being here for a while no issues have popped up. So again, give me a legitimate reason.
The "unpublished bootleg that uses Jackie Chan's likeness" is the issue.
I dunno why we would compare it to Wattpad fanfics when we can compare it to the metric fuckton of horrible bootlegs out there.
This game isn't even shit, it's the equivalent of Shit taking a shit. And it's just a Bootleg as Prom and Kep said. It's got about as much credibility as Snow White and the Sever Clever Boys on the PS2. Or those various other Bootleg Rom Hacks for various Nintendo, Atari, and Sega platform games. We don't really allow things like Sonic.EXE, so this doesn't seem to meet criteria.
Again, none of that means anything. No harm has come from this being here. How does Fanfic come into this? This isn't a fanfic at all. Why does tastefulness matter at all?
@Mario I'd be astonished if Fandom wasn't already banned in China, especially considering I can post things like the collapsible at the end of my post for no punishment. Risking Chinese censorship shouldn't be an issue.

@Kep Wattpad fanfics are disanalagous. They're fan-fiction taking place in an established verse, causing issues with scaling and canonicity. Hong Kong 97 doesn't rely on an established verse.

@DDM Sonic is disanalagous. Depending on what exactly you're talking about, it's either creepypasta which is explicitly disallowed due to canonicity issues, or it's a fangame relying on an established verse. HK97 is neither of these.

I'm allowed to post this​
Õ迵Çüþ¢æÞç¬þö▒Úù¿ Õñ®Õ«ëÚûÇ Õñ®Õ«ëÚù¿ µ│òÞ╝¬Õèƒ µØĵ┤¬Õ┐ù Free Tibet Õà¡ÕøøÕñ®Õ«ëÚûÇõ║ïõ╗ The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 Õñ®Õ«ëÚûÇÕñºÕ▒ᵫ║ The Tiananmen Square Massacre ÕÅìÕÅ│µ┤¥Ú¼Ñþê¡ The Anti-Rightist Struggle ÕñºÞ║ìÚÇ▓µö┐þ¡û The Great Leap Forward µûçÕîûÕñºÚØ®Õæ¢ The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution õ║║µ¼è Human Rights µ░æÚüï Democratization Þç¬þö▒ Freedom þì¿þ½ï Independence ÕñÜÚ╗¿Õê Multi-party system ÕÅ░þüú Þç║þüú Taiwan Formosa õ©¡ÞÅ»µ░æÕ£ï Republic of China ÞÑ┐ÞùÅ Õ£ƒõ╝»þë╣ ÕöÉÕÅñþë╣ Tibet ÚüöÞ│┤ÕûçÕÿø Dalai Lama µ│òÞ╝¬Õèƒ Falun Dafa µû░þûåþ¡ÕÉ¥þê¥Þ笵▓╗ÕìÇ The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region Þ½¥Þ▓Øþê¥ÕÆîÕ╣│þìÄ Nobel Peace Prize ÕèëµÜüµ│ó Liu Xiaobo µ░æõ©╗ Þ¿ÇÞ½û µÇصâ│ ÕÅìÕà▒ ÕÅìÚØ®Õæ¢ µèùÞ¡░ ÚüïÕïò Ú¿Àõ║é µÜ┤õ║é Ú¿Àµô¥ µô¥õ║é µèùµÜ┤ Õ╣│ÕÅì þ¡µ¼è þñ║Õ¿üµ©©Þíî µØĵ┤¬Õ┐ù µ│òÞ╝¬Õñºµ│ò Õñºµ│òÕ╝ƒÕ¡É Õ╝ÀÕêµûÀþ¿« Õ╝ÀÕêÂÕáòÞâÄ µ░æµùŵÀ¿Õîû õ║║Ú½öÕ»ªÚ®ù Þé൩à ÞâíÞÇÇÚéª ÞÂÖþ┤½ÚÖ¢ Ú¡Åõ║¼þöƒ þÄïõ©╣ Úéäµö┐µû╝µ░æ ÕÆîÕ╣│µ╝öÞ«è µ┐ǵÁüõ©¡Õ£ï Õîùõ║¼õ╣ïµÿÑ Õñºþ┤ÇÕàâµÖéÕá▒ õ╣ØÞ®òÞ½ûÕà▒þöúÚ╗¿ þì¿Þúü Õ░êÕê ÕúôÕê þÁ▒õ©Ç þøúÞªû ÚÄ«Õúô Þ┐½Õ«│ õ¥ÁþòÑ µÄáÕѬ þá┤Õú× µïÀÕòÅ Õ▒ᵫ║ µ┤╗µæÿÕÖ¿Õ«ÿ Þ¬ÿµïÉ Þ▓ÀÞ│úõ║║ÕÅú ÚüèÚÇ▓ ÞÁ░þºü µ»ÆÕôü Þ│úµÀ½ µÿÑþò½ Þ│¡ÕìÜ Õà¡ÕÉêÕ¢® Õñ®Õ«ëÚûÇ Õñ®Õ«ëÚù¿ µ│òÞ╝¬Õèƒ µØĵ┤¬Õ┐ù Winnie the Pooh Õèëµøëµ│óÕ迵Çüþ¢æÞç¬þö▒Úù¿
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