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Is there any justification of why Depowered T'Challa is 9-B? There aren't any calcs seen in his page and his reasoning atm aren't very solid.

Disclaimer: I'm not saying I want to downgrade him, but I do want to see to what he scales and to what degree of 9-B (if he's 9-B at all) he is
Elizhaa said:
The justifcation is from Powerscaling to M'Baku from defeating him. Frankly, it seems enough.
I understand that. But I still don't understand to what degree of 9-B both of them are, or to what M'baku scales. I need a justification for 9-B Wakanda humans that doesn't comes from powerscaling so I can actually know their AP
Bump. I'm still waiting for calcs and reasons for Black Panther being 9-B that are not powerscaling to other characters. And if he does only comes from powerscaling, please show evidence for any Wakandan warrior being 9-B.
Yeah, they need better justifications. BP just scales to M'Baku.

Attack Potency: Wall level (Challenged T'Challa and nearly overpowered T'Challa with the Knobkerrie, although he was ultimately defeated by T'Challa. It is stated that M'Baku was the only Wakandan who could possibly defeat Killmonger in ritual combat once he took the Heart-Shaped Herb. M'Baku also defeated many Border Tribe Members during the Battle of Mount Bashenga and defeated many Outriders, who are the hordes of Thanos)
His justifications are:

1 - Almost beating Black Panther, which doesn't help since BP scales to him in the first place.

2 - That he was the only one who could beat Killmonger with the Herb, which doesn't matter since the Herb would amp him far past 9-B and wouldn't scale to depowered BP.

3 - Beating border tribe people, which doesn't explain anything.

4 - Beating up Outriders, with a link to their Marvel Wiki, which also doesn't help.
I'm only talking about 9-B T'Challa, so that would only count his base form, unless by BP you meant his 9-B version.

Other than that I completely agree. Nobody here can even shiw me to what degree of 9-B he is (and the difference between low end and high end for this tier is over 1300 times)
I don't think it was the multi-armed outriders they killed, it was the two-armed ones, which are 9-B on their own and could hold their own with Okoye, who scales to Black Widow.
KLOL506 said:
I don't think it was the multi-armed outriders they killed, it was the two-armed ones, which are 9-B on their own and could hold their own with Okoye, who scales to Black Widow.
How far into 9-B they are?
About on the level of Hawkeye, who can hold his own against Sentry bots, which can dig through concrete. Also Black Widow is prolly around a megajoule-ish or so for tanking grenades.

Though they also survived being rammed through doors and furniture but I remember a few calcs putting them at 100 kJ or so.
I searched how much energy a grenade releases and I found that some release about 250kJ or so. Also, did she tankee it from point blank range?
It's said that it have 180g fill of explosives,ehich translate to about 750kJ or so.

Also, that's not quite point blank, but it's close so it'll be somewhat lower than 750kJ
Yes, more in line with furniture breaking. Which starts at around 515 kJ with doors
Yeah but she still got smacked out of the metal doors and there's obviously the Ultron Sentry feat and BW getting smacked around by Hulk when the latter is holding back.

I think there's a scene of Natasha tanking Hawkeye's arrows exploding right near her body.
I could've sworn I saw a calc of digging up from underground through concrete somewhere before
Sentry might not be human shaped but they're at least close to human height, or prolly a bit taller. Maybe assume the same height as Iron Man?

Roads are usually made of concrete tho, still a nice feat to scale to however. I remember it being normal frag.

Do take a quick gif of it tho, else it falls victim to getting copystriked
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