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marvel cinematic universe

  1. Robo432343

    Izuku Midoriya vs Iron Man

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya_(Deku)_(Final_Act) vs https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Iron_Man_(Marvel_Cinematic_Universe) SBA Speed Equal bro this match has already been done before ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ ☠️ i just realized
  2. Eseseso

    MCU: Upgrading the CM of the Infinity Stones, plus some magic stuff and upgrades for Dormammu.

    1. Currently we give the Infinity Stones/Gauntlet Type 2 Conceptual Manipulation since they are the remnants of six Singularities that existed long before the current universe, each capable of manipulating and controlling the fundamental, essential and primordial aspects of space, reality...
  3. Maverick_Zero_X

    Earth’s Mightiest Heroes fight some kindergartners

    The Avengers (Original/2012 Chitauri Invasion) vs. The Powerpuff Girls Speed is = Location: NYC (Marvel Cinematic Universe)

    Small MCU Whiplash Addition

    Ivan should have access to the Hammer Drones as optional equipment since he hacked them to battle Iron Man as shown here. Very simple addition.

    Mysterio (MCU) vs Iron Man (MCU) [1-0-0]

    This is Mysterio with all of his optional equipment and a Mark 4 Iron Man being used with Mysterio having about 30 seconds of prep time and the fight taking place in the same location as the final battle of Far From Home. Mysterio : 1 Iron Man : Incon :
  6. DimeUhDozen

    Dick Dastardly vs Green Goblin

    Speed Equalized Battle takes place on Final Destination Waluigi: The Green Hulk: Incon:
  7. FentyBeauty

    MCU General CRT ⁸

    Vision his data manipulation should be reworded or removed - his data manipulation is from westview vision transferring white vision’s memories, but that’s not the case bc it’s been clarified that white vision had his memories but they were being kept from him since he was reprogrammed by sword...
  8. darkphantom9805

    MCU super soldier/spidey tier upgrade

    I think the super soldier/spidey tier characters are heavily underrated reasons for this The mark 1 is tony absolute weakest suit and was stated to be more powerful than this Super soldier tiers can repeatedly stagger and even damage stronger suits Bucky was crushing his gauntlet at one...
  9. Maverick_Zero_X

    “Strongest” hero in the MCU vs the King of the Monsters

    Captain Marvel (Endgame - High 6-B) vs Godzilla (Evolved) Speed equalized as usual
  10. Jirenoffical

    Krillin fights the God of Thunder

    L&T Thor vs Frieza Saga Krillin -Both 5-A -Speed equalized -Sba rules Thor: Krillin: Incon:
  11. RanaProGamer

    Son Goku vs Captain Marvel (GRACE)

    The Super Saiyan vs the Binary form that kind of looks like a Super Saiyan, this should be fun Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Low 4-C Versions Goku scales to 40.75 Quettatons Carol scales to 71.3 Quettatons SSJ Goku (Android Saga) vs Captain Marvel (MCU) Who wins and why?
  12. V999

    Thor VS Tartaglia (0-7-0) GRACE

    Marvel Cinematic Universe VS Genshin Impact • Speed are equalized • Both are 7-A • Tartaglia Liyue Chapter and Thor Pre-Awakening (Weakened 2012) version are used • Thor : 348.86 Megatons • Tartaglia : 454 Megatons, higher with Foul Legacy Transformation • Location : Golden House Thor ...
  13. Minos_the_Judge

    (MCU) There is no explanation why Captain Carter is stronger than Captain America.

    Captain Carter's profile says that she should be comparable, if not stronger, than Captain America in AP and LS. But it is not explained why. The only argument for this is that they have the same serum, but that makes them comparable at best. It is possible that there are some reasons why we...
  14. Small_Ophion

    Thanos Vs Shigeo Kageyama (Marvel Cinematic Universe Vs Mob Psycho 100) [0-0-0]

    Versions: Endgame Thanos, 100% Mob (6-B) Location: Empty Tokyo Victory Conditions: Death or Incapacitation State of Mind: Motivated to defeat the opponent Equipment: Thanos has his sword and armor Preparation: Thanos is prepared to battle an unknown opponent Knowledge: No knowledge on each other...
  15. 3-B MCU Thor (Onscreen + WoG Proofs)

    Nobody actually debunked this in my previous post that had a bunch of other higher tier stuff, so I'm isolating on this CRT submission: "Stormbreaker gives Thor the ability to grow to physically multi-galactic in size by standing before Eternity, the living embodiment of the universe."...
  16. Lacku

    DEATH BATTLE rematch with a twist: Captain Marvel (MCU) vs. Android 18 & 17 (Dragon Ball)

    Captain Marvel's been Low 4-C for a hot minute but since MCU hype is basically dead (unless they have a generational comeback in the next couple years) there's not been many matchups made. Anyways let's do a DEATH BATTLE rematch. (Both Low 4-C, Speed Equalised) Captain Marvel: Android 18 &...

    Whiplash (Comics) vs Whiplash (MCU) [0-0-0]

    This is Mark I MCU Whiplash being used, speed is equalized and the fight takes place on the race track where MCU Whiplash fought Tony. Comics : Movies : Incon :
  18. Lloydblitzed

    Stormbreaker Upgrade (I promise this one isn't bad🙏)

    So hum I think Stormbreaker should be updated to 3-A for the simplests reasons In Infinity War, Stormbreaker was able to overpower a full blast from the gaunlet. Now this obviously won't scale to the snap, as the gaunlet was damaged bc of that, indicating more energy was put in with the snap...
  19. Why don't Spider-Verse characters have dimensional travel range across the entire Marvel Multiverse?

    Phil Lord and Christopher Miller commentary makes it clear that the spider-verse and mcu share the same cosmology Separately, Given that Miguel visits Earth-67, a timeline unrelated to the MCU, and Spot visits Earth-13122, and that Spider-Society have a tarantula from the Ultimate Universe...
  20. ZeedKZ

    Thunder Bros - Inazuman vs. Thor (MCU)

    Let's celebrate Inazuman's debut here with a thunderous match! SBA Speed equalized. 5-A versions used. Inazuman will start as Sanagiman. Location: Beachrock during storm. Inazuman scales to 22.66 Yottatons. Thor scales way higher than 2.48 Yottatons. Inazuman: 1 (@Kaiser0079) Thor: 0...
  21. SatellaTheWoE

    Regulus vs Zach (7-0-0) (Battle for the 10th strongest non-smurf 10-B, 3rd rank)

    Regusus cornea: @Robo432343 @SatellaTheWoE @VortechsTG @MasterOwOgay @CodeCCLL @Epiccheev @V999 @Zabazab vs Zach Noway SBA Starting distance is 4km Fight takes place in priestella
  22. SatellaTheWoE

    Goose vs Typhon, (Top 10 strongest non-smurf 10-C) (0-7-0) (GRACE)

    Goose vs Typhon (Re:Zero): @Fezzih_007 @SatellaTheWoE @VortechsTG @AThe1412 @Robo432343 @MasterOwOgay @V999 SBA Starting distance is 20m
  23. TauanVictor


    Hulk (MCU) VS Hulk (Marvel's Avengers) Starting Distance: 3m Both in-character Equalized speed Gladiator Hulk LOCATION: Hulk: Hulk: Inconclusive:
  24. Infinity Ultron (MCU) Intel level and Feat

    I was reading through some profiles and ran across Ultron's, and something stuck out at me. "Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius (Should be comparable to the Main Universe Ultron. Was able to quickly comprehend the entirety of the multiverse. Hacked into the world's nuclear codes. Waged war...
  25. AThe1412

    MCU She-Hulk Minor Downgrade and Matchups Removal.

    Yeah. Regarding the MCU She-Hulk profile, I want to address two things with this thread. 1. She-Hulk IS NOT far stronger than Daredevil and does not scale above him or any street tiers. There are no feats that suggest Jennifer Walters is far stronger than Matt Murdock. Their only fight in the...
  26. EnnardTrap1987

    Knock-off Avengers duel

    8-C keys/weaponry used Speed equalised The Bulk’s 7-C+ durability is restricted in favour for his 8-C durability Fight takes place in some 7-Eleven parking lot Barney the Purple Dinosaur: 2 (AThe1412, JustANormalLemon) Metal Man from Mega Man: Inconclusive:
  27. Oscar

    Eric Killmonger vs Adam Taurus (MCU vs RWBY)

    Surprisingly a relatively good comparison for both Rules: -Speed= -Erik Enhanced is used -Death combat -They fight in a Dust warehouse -Erik with all his weapons Killmonger: Taurus: Belladonna and T'Challa with plot armor (Incon):
  28. Arcker123

    Batman's Greatest Rival Vs Daredevil's Mentor

    Arkham Deathstroke vs MCU Stick Scenario: The Hand has grown tired of Stick, and have contracted Deathstroke to kill him, and he's tracked down Stick to central park, where he's staying to observe the Hand's activities. Speed = SBA Otherwise...
  29. Random-Helper323

    She-Hulk vs Leon S Kennedy

    Leon has all his equipment except for the Tier 8 equipment. Both looking to kill the other, but otherwise in character. Speed equalized. She-Hulk scales above 0.0163655 Tons of TNT Leon scales far above 0.00303 Tons of TNT, but is considered to be likely 9-A. Leon: She-Hulk...
  30. RanaProGamer

    MCU's Big Bad vs X-Men's Big Bad

    Pitting the big bad of 2 Marvel franchises against each other Standard Battle Assumptions Speed equalized Thanos has the complete Infinity Gauntlet MCU Thanos vs Film Apocalypse Who wins and why?
  31. ThePrimalHunter

    Green, Strong, & Angry (She-Hulk vs Consif) (GRACE)

    Consif isn't actually green in-lore, she's blueish purple, but the placeholder picture says otherwise She-Hulk (MCU) vs Consif (The Keyword Is Try) Ground Rules: Speed is Equal They start 10 meters away Fight takes place in a forest Neither have any prior knowledge She-Hulk is >0.079 Tons of...
  32. Lacku

    Batman (Arkham) vs. Daredevil (MCU) (7-0-0)

    Batman tries to bring Brainiac's invasion to New York City, but made the mistake of starting on the streets of Hell's Kitchen. Both 9-A, Both are in-character, Speed Equalised Batman: UchihaSlayer96, XSOULOFCINDERX, Arcker123, TauanVictor, Stillwinston, noninho, Sans2345 Daredevil...
  33. Lacku

    Lawyer Fight: Daredevil (MCU) vs. Phoenix Wright (MvC) (0-0-0)

    They're both lawyers and 9-A so fight. (Speed Equalised) Daredevil: Phoenix Wright: She-Hulk beats them both since she got upgraded:
  34. Lloydblitzed

    Possible big Thor and MCU upgrade

    This will be simple and short (trust me) So I have some scans that could upgrade Pre Awakening Thor to Planet Level As yall probably known, Thor was able to go through the Destroyer Beams and one shot him. It was stated that the Destroyer's beams burned with Odin Force. It was also stated that...
  35. Lacku

    [MCU] Netflix Marvel 9-A and MHS+ Upgrade

    With the release of Echo we now have fairly concrete scaling that upgrades the Netflix side of the MCU to 9-A and MHS+. Along with that we have full confirmation that those shows, starting with Daredevil season 1 and ending with Punisher season 2, are all canon and a part of the Sacred Timeline...
  36. chosen

    Ultron sentries question

    https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Marvel_Champion_07/Ultron_Sentries_Survive_An_Explosion so i am exactly confised what was the issue with this calc? I see klol comment but from what i seen distance was taken into account Well low emd that is
  37. TauanVictor

    All Might VS Thor

    "Symbol of Peace" Toshinori Yagi VS "King of Asgard" Thor Starting Distance: 2km Both in-character Equalized speed Prime All Might | Pre-Awakening Thor LOCATION: All Might: Thor: Inconclusive:
  38. Tots_Real

    A Court Case: Hiromi Higuruma vs She-Hulk

    Hiromi Higuruma vs She-Hulk (MCU) Another Legal Battle Case: Kichawi Ngisi is a alleged member of the infamous Calamari Gang who was recently put on trial for smuggling strange artifacts (cursed objects) across international borders. He was found innocent after a lengthy trail thanks to...
  39. Beretta001

    Tatsumaki vs Dr. Strange (MCU)

    • Speed Equal • Starting Distance: 100m Tatsumaki: Dr. Strange:

    Wang ling vs Supreme strange

    WANG LING v/s DR. STRANGE (MCU) Starting Distance: idk maybe 10-50 meters Both in-character Equalized speed Sealed wang ling | Sorcerer supreme strange vs wang ling: Dr strange: Incon ( goku's victim):