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The King of all Things Lewd
VS Battles
So, Randolph Carter has 2-A durability. Which is fine and dandy, but the idea of Great Old Ones being infinitely weaker than a Dreamer seems utterly ridiculous to me.

Indeed, considering the fact that Randolph's Dreamer key can be harmed by local creatures such as the Moon Beats, that Great Ones should be far superior to them and that Great Old Ones should be far superior to the Great Ones, I think that Cthulhu and other Great Old Ones could be scaled to 2-A.

Alternatively, Randolph's feat is to be considered an outlier.
Yeah Cthulhu being 2-A would be the dream, but I'm not absolutely certain about this, given that I haven't read the book myself yet.
Well there aren't many feats for...most of the Mythos actually. But still, the main problem comes from upgrading multiples races out of scaling from a fodder.
Dream Carter was, by that point, actively under the the supervision of Nodens, so it's likely his durability was only that high from that point onwards. It mentions Nodens doing things like guiding him while the Horrors were chasing him through those collapsing and reforming universes, and then destroying them when they got too close. I don't think he has that level of durability without protection, since earlier he was drugged and captured by the Men of Leng (who are like...mildly superhuman, iirc) and the Moon Beasts.
@Azzy How about "Unknown on his own. Multiverse level+ with Noden's Protection"?