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  • About the translation check you asked about before and the current one.
    Let's just say I am deeply sorry for having delayed it for this long. A lot of things happened IRL (mostly because of my employment) lead me to forgot about checking the translations.
    But I have finished giving a check for every spec you asked for. And there are only 2 errors:
    Barizun Sword

    Master Controller:

    [Switching lever for changing the mode of the variant sword.

    The activation through lever can automatically opens and closes the variant cylinder and switches modes.]
    The translation below isn't wrong, it’s just missing a comma, resulting in the sentence looking confusing. Just add the comma and the sentence is fixed.
    Fourze Driver

    Pit Control Base:

    [The exterior portion of the Fourze driver that houses the control unit. It is a control interface that integrates a Switch Socket to which an Astroswitch is mounted together"," with a trans-switch and other input devices.]
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    That said, I can't check the translation for the whole specs page like this frequently anymore given that I don't have much free time like I used to.
    So if you found any singular specs that look odd then I will give it a check, but not the whole page like this.
    Hey, on the KR Stat revisions, Griffon has a few questions about Fourze’s High 4-C feat? Since you know a lot about Fourze, mind telling them the details of the feat?
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