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Both have the exact ATK and HP stats in the game. Both are pretty good looking. More importantly, both are sabers. :p

Btw, look at where they fighting at.
Okay this can be interesting. Arthur can actually be argued to have the skill adavntage since even guys like Gawain and Lancelot (the ones Sigurd scales to via Mashu) were guaranteed to die if they tried to keep up with Arthur against some enemies even while he amped them, which is a seriously "nani dafuq?" situation. Sigurd casually beat Mashu and Holmes but ... yeah.

Arthur's MR makes Sigurd's Primordial Runes useless, which is one of his main things.

Excalibur beats out Gram in a beam fight but Gram does absurd levels of damage (potential one shot) to Arthur because of his dragon element. Dragon-Slaying amps Sigurd for an overall stat advantage though Instinct should keep that from happening seeing as it prevented Proto Gil's Bab-Ilu from skewering him instantly like GoB did to Saber, despite the many angles it came from simultaneously.

Invisible Air allows for a temporary advantage before Sigurd wises up to the size of Excalibur. Once the invisibility isn't worth keeping, it can also be used as Strike Air for ranged attacks, though this might get nerfed by Sigurd's own MR.

If it wasn't for Gram's sheer Dragon Slaying from even a scratch, I would have voted Arthur but as it stands, I have to vote incon.
Well then, Incon FRA.

We should throw Arthur to someone who not comes from Nasu/Saberfaces :v

And someone make Sigurd match aside me pls :"v
I mean Arthur is stated to be specialized at fighting giant beasts as opposed to Gawain and Lancelot. It makes sense that they can't keep up with Arthur even with Charisma Boost. Unless Lancelot is super different in Prototype he should still be the strongest and most skilled KOTR.

Sigurd is stated to be equal to Siegfried, so he is probably as skilled. He is also stronger than Arthur due to Dragon Slaying and he can double his STR, so I think he should have the edge in CQC even when accounting for Arthur's instinct.

Excalibur vs Bolverk Gram is pretty clear. If Excalibur gets some seals released he should be able to win the beam clash. Sigurd should be able to buff Gram but I don't think that would be enough to close the gap.

Invisible Air shouldn't be that good of an advantage. Even if Arthur will use Strike Air, he can't rapid fire it and Sigurd can use Runes to block it.

Overall I think Sigurd has the advantage in CQC due to stats and dragon slaying but he loses the beam clash. So I'll go with inconclusive as well.
I just want to point out that gram is supposed to be the equal opposite to exaclibur

So incon fra
That has made me want to point out that Merodach is the prototype of Gram and is stronger by Gilgamesh logic but Merodach is weaker than Excalibur.
Medorach is the prototype to both gram and Excalibur and I'm pretty sure it's stronger
Afaik things can be ranked higher (because higher age/mystery or whatever) but still be weaker than lower-ranked 'descendants'.
And there's a difference between being a copy and being a descendant. A copy is what Shirou does which is the same strength. Descendants are watered down versions of the prototype.
I don't think shirou ever had to tank the original gungnir so idk if that statement means anything

He was likely hyping Lancer up
I know what he said

What I'm saying is how would he know that, there is no implication that he ever tanked the original gungnir
EMIYA knows weapons like the backside of waifu. If there's anyone with a worthwhile opinion on how powerful a weapon is, it's him.

It's not like EMIYA could analyze Gungnir to know for sure. Divine Construct remember? Besides, I highly doubt Merodach is older than the Holy Sword of the Planet.

That said, the point is moot. Merodach is the prototype of "swords of selection", which makes it the prototype of Caliburn, not Excalibur.
Sorry for reviving this discussion but I was wondering if this fight would lead to 7 or more restraints being released for Excalibur Proto since, if that were the case, it would definitely be more powerful than Bolverk Gram.
Bedivere: The enemy must be more powerful than oneself-possibly

Palamedes: The battle must be one-on-one-check

Lancelot: The enemy must not be an elemental-check

Mordred: The battle must be one against evil

Galahad: The battle must not involve personal gain-check

Gaheris: The battle must not be inhumane-check

Gareth: Unknown

Agravain: The battle must be for truth

Kay: The battle must be to live-check

Arthur Pendragon: The battle must save the world.

Unknown: One's comrades-in-arms should be courageous

Unknown: The battle must be an honorable one-check
For Bedivere's restraint, I would believe that Sigurd is stronger in terms of physical as well as magical ability based on the above discussions.
I actually don't understand how Gram is equal to Excalibur. Yes the series make a statement about it but if you look at their profile, it's very clear that Excalibur surpass Gram

Both are anti-fortress but Excalibur is A++ (EX for Proto) while Gram is A+. Not to mention Excalibur can raise it power if Earth is on danger