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Another MHA Upgrade (because this is apparently what I do now)

UA beginnings 5% Deku's durability is 1.16 tons, I'll explain why multiple characters should scale to this.

Stain is already scaled to this due to being able to injure 5% Deku and withstanding the force of his attacks.

Iida scales due to breaking Stain's ribs and withstanding the force of his attacks.

Todoroki's durability should be similar due to being able to take a Recipro Burst kick from Iida to the head.

Tetsutestu scales for being able to injure Todoroki and Kirishima scales directly to him.

5% Deku's AP should scale due to being able to harm Todoroki and being able to break Wolfram's pillars which can withstand 1.16 tons

Bakugou's durability should be greater than 1.05 tons since the recoil of those explosions don't actually harm him and he can take blows from 5% Deku. His AP should be 1.05 tons due to harming Deku who can withstand the recoil of a 1.05 ton explosion with some damage.
I agree to most of this.

The only problem is that I don't remember U.A. Beginning Bakugou harming Full Cowl Izuku. They never fought till the Rise of Villain Saga where Izuku noted that Bakugou was stronger, unless I'm forgetting something?

But everything else seems fine
Shinsho should be 8-c for hurting a .63 ton character, and all hero course kids should scale. Believing that none of them are capable of hurting base UA Beginnings Deku is ridiculous.

The knowledge tree has spoken.
Kingofwolves999 said:
Shinsho should be 8-c for hurting a .63 ton character, and all hero course kids should scale. Believing that none of them are capable of hurting base UA Beginnings Deku is ridiculous.
The knowledge tree has spoken.
You mean Shishida?
He drew blood from Base Deku, but is only listed as small building plus. UA Beginnings Base Deku has .63 ton dura. Shinso should scale to that. We scale Iron Man to Thanos from drawing a single drop of blood, meanwhile Deku has a full bloody nose.
Should Ochako have pressure points? She KO'd Yanagi instantly with a karate chop to the neck, so she definitely knows about and will attack them.
Speaking of which, she should have martial arts on her profile. And a better picture with her current hero outfit if there is one. And flight with her jet boots.

Thank god she's getting screen time in this arc, her entire profile is the most outdated in the verse, I swear.
Insert creative name here 12 said:
Deku actually withstood the recoil of a 1.05 ton explosion so Shinso is definitely 8C.
I disagree, Deku used a Gauntlet that was precisely made to reduce the recoil of said explosion, and even with that he still got injured, so no he doesn't scale from it.

At most Base Deku's durability scale from Shouji, who at that time was around baseline 8-C scaling from the robots.

Shinsou is perfectly fine where he is.
As for the thread itself, I guess everything is mostly okay. Iida's fight against Stain happens about a week after the Sports Festival, which doesn't leave much time to improve, not to mention that Iida was more focused on finding Stain than on training.
I guess Bakugou's Attack Potency would be 8-C+ scaling from Todoroki, his explosions at the Final Exams can be used as supporting feats. His striking strength stays the same.
Yeah, he also managed to overwhelm Kirishima's Hardening.
Before that, there are still some things we need to discuss, how strong should be Kirishima's Unbreakable form? Still 8-C+? Or baseline High 8-C for being able to break blades that could easily hurt his previous form? Shishida would also scale from him.
I'm fine with that, but I advise that no one should scale from Shishida, he easily overpowered every student he fought with no effort, and was defeated only by being taken by surprise. Also Shinsou didn't manage to hurt him, he was just staggered.
Kaminari was surprised to see that he couldn't paralyze Shishida with his attack, so he being just 8-C+ makes sense. Tsunotori's Horns helped Tetsutetsu to break through Todoroki's ice (something that he couldn't apparently do alone), so I guess she being 8-C+ with Horns is fine.

We need to make another key for Shouji to avoid things like Toga with 8-C+ durability.
Octo Blows doesn't increase his AP, his Quirk can't even do that. He has to train physically to become stronger.

A RoV key is much better solution.