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  1. XitSign

    A Zombie Tries to Shoot Down a Balloon (Zombina VS Happy Balloon)

    Because the new profile is just a lot of fun, I'mma spam Balloons at verses where I can find viable fights. Who better to fight a balloon from a horror game than a zombie? Zombina's raiding Stezzoni's Pizzaria upon reports of all the monster related crimes going on at the restaurant, only to...
  2. XitSign

    The Kid goes to the wrong Pizzeria (The Kid VS Freddy Fazbear)

    They're both haunted animatronics that have been forcefully possessed by murder victims at a super shady pizzeria who has high ranking employees who are very unsubtle murderers. ...Yeah this seems like a good thematic fight! What better way to introduce VCRPG to some matchups? The Kid...