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  1. TiltedFN

    continuum hypothesis.

    If a space holds another infinite space while remaining larger, would this make the larger space a higher infinity using continuum hypothesis? Lets say its a countably infinite 3D space, held in a larger space, this larger space would be uncountably infinitely larger, would this mean its spatial...
  2. Tom4t0GG789

    Why is PSR J038+0432 the most durable body to destroy the entire Universe? And other things

    Excuse me but I have two questions that I would like answered. 1.- Why do we use PSR J0348+0432 as the most durable object in the universe? 2.- I understand the use of the Law of the inverse square to the explosion energy, but I do not understand the use of the constant "4". How do we reach that...
  3. LuffyRuffy46307

    Big Bang

    There's a dimension that doesn't have a specific size in the at work, (like, this character created a huge Big Bang in this dimension and this dimension shook all over), would this place have its Universal size or be durable enough to withstand a Big Bang that has the power to create a universe?
  4. TiltedFN

    Infinite universe DB Redux

    Yep, we're bringing infinite universe back, I don't think the old counterarguments really hold up, so I made a blog explaining why infinite universe is actually correct and should be added back to the cosmology. Please do not discuss other things, such as what characters scale, ratings, etc...
  5. Nexus_still_slams

    Question about separation of the universe

    In the page Universe, it is say that "While a common higher dimensional space is the most frequent way of separation, many other ways exist and are also valid.", so i'm wondering what are these other ways, since as the page says a space separating 2 universes and being of the same dimensionality...
  6. CNBA3

    FTL Accelerated Expansion of the Universe?

    I was wondering, this is the most difficult to contemplate with how the universe expands, I heard quite a lot that the universe expands faster than light, we know that nothing in this universe can move faster than light which is what the factor of Dark Energy creating new space could lead to...
  7. CNBA3

    How many MegaParsecs are in the Observable Unverse?

    I know that based on current information that the radius of the Observable Universe is roughly 14288 Megaparsecs. but I was wondering, uniformly, with the entire sphere volume, how any marks can you fit with a distance between them is a megaparsec?
  8. ProfectusInfinity

    Infinite Universe Contradictions

    Often, I'll see verses which have universes stated to be infinite multiple times, yet they have statements and depictions for a physical edge existing. My question is, what are the set standards regarding this? In some threads, it devolves into philosophy of infinity and how something infinite...
  9. TiltedFN

    2-A structures

    So if a spacetime continuums is infinite, and it holds another low 2-C structure inside of it, does that mean that infinite spacetime continuum can hold infinite low 2-C structures? Or do we need a statement for that to be the case? Or can there just be a bigger low 2-C structure?
  10. TiltedFN

    Spacetime requirement questions

    Why do spacetimes have to be universal in size to grant a characters AP to universal+ or low 2-C. Because won't any spacetime have uncountably infinite snapshots of 3d objects to make up its fabric? Why should being universal matter, unless it's specifically stated to not have uncountably...
  11. Deagonx

    Tier 2 Revision: Merging 3D Spaces and Destroying Empty Space

    Rehashing an earlier thread that got side-tracked by a misunderstanding. There are two proposals, both seem relatively uncontroversial to an extent. Proposal 1: The merging of two 3-D spaces that are universal in size is not Tier 2 unless those spaces are confirmed to be spacetime continuums...
  12. PrinceofPein

    Another Addition/Revision to/for Tier 2

    While there is a general idea on how we treat the merging of universes/timelines and empty spaces. There is no written rule on it. This thread aims to change that since it does not hurt to have a solid rule on how we treat this cases. (And as usual, I do not mind a clean up of the language to...
  13. TiltedFN

    Space between universes

    Shouldn't the space between universe or more specifically, universal spacetimes be 5th dimensional? Because obviously time by default is infinite, relating to its "snapshots", so shouldn't a space that dwarfs a uni+ structure be 5th dimensional? A larger hypervolume doesn't really make any sense...
  14. Enderlucario

    Does a Universe Hierarchy Tool exist?

    I've recently decided to make a physical representation of the layers of reality in a story/world I'm working on. Something akin to the DC Multiverse map. I'm not all that great at art so I was wondering if there were any tools out there for making nested and/or offset displays for universal...
  15. omegabronic

    Db note aplication based on already accepted crt

    Very simple, this crt about the db universe has been accepted, since the thread extended for 6 pages with people repeating themselves over and over again, i am making this one to make it easier to evaluate the note to be added, said note being: "note: for the structure of the macrocosm we...
  16. omegabronic

    universal digimon

    really simple, we currently consider high level perfect digimon and the mega digimon to be galaxy level for megakabuterimon destroying vademon's dimension, here is the thing, the said dimension is said to be a universe “ I see. The size of this universe is greatly reduced, which means time...
  17. CNBA3

    Does Space/Time/Dimension/Reality constitute as a thing?

    As the title says, when talking about words or terms like space, time, reality, dimension, timelines, universes, cosmos, do they constitute under the term as Thing?
  18. Aachintya31

    Low 2-C Big Bang isn't technically Low 2-C ?

    The Big Bang Page states that : What is this supposed to mean ? What does a non physical nature even mean ? Anything beyond tier 2 is Non physical in nature.
  19. ShionAH

    What is this?

    Character B talks with Time itself and makes it so the concept of time stops sharing itself with Character A Character A goes near time itself and starts to fight it literally, the time even stops at one point then it throws Character A down after that Character B talks with the Universe itself...
  20. PrinceofPein

    Fire Force 2-C removal (cont. thread)

    This is a continuation of this thread that was closed, but anyway I was told to remake another one, which is this. It is simple, the Standards just changed it was not in full effect the first time the last thread was made but it came into effect during the course of the thread, and with that...
  21. Maverick_Zero_X

    Is destroying the barriers between universes quantifiable?

    If a series depicts that there are borders / boundaries between universes that separate different space-time continua, would destroying those boundaries be quantifiable?
  22. Arc7Kuroi

    Dimension Size Standards

    Intro I'm basically just inquiring about how we go about determining the sizes of dimensions since we don't really have any standards for it. Inquiry So, in our Universe page it briefly talks about quantifying dimension sizes. And within it it says: Having a starry sky may qualify as being a...
  23. PrinceofPein

    Tier 2 requirements and examples - Part 2

    This is the continuation of this thread, the thread has been going on for more than a year, and we decided to separate it and tackle the tier 2 in another thread after the tier 3 is done. This thread is just to clarify what qualifies for tier 2 and what does not qualify, as many profiles which...
  24. Reiner04

    Standards for Universes within Quilted Multiverse

    Basically This page that Defines the standards for when dimensions/spaces should be considered universes and so touches the concept of multiverse already. Even if a verse fullfills one of mentioned criteria's in the given standards they assumed to be qualified for "universe" or "universes" and...
  25. RanaProGamer

    Planet Level - The Thread

    So I'm posting this due to this thread right here: https://vsbattles.com/threads/record-of-ragnarok-downgrade.143525/ While obviously, we can get Planet level from feats and calcs, statements still get debated to this day. This is why I think we should have a note on the Tiering System page or...
  26. Aachintya31

    Where does this feat scale?

    "The thing could rip apart the very fabric of the universe"However the "thing" was only shown to do a planet level feat. What tier does the statement and the feat grant? 3-A , Low 2-C or 5-B
  27. Shadowbokunohero

    The Universe Is Not Locally Real, and the Physics Nobel Prize Winners Proved It

    Link to Source Interesting read and a massive leap for the field of quantum mechanics
  28. Reiner04

    Ben 10 - At least 2-B, Possibly 2-A Universe Structure Proposal

    Here in this CRT, I'll be proposing at least 2-B to possibly 2-A structure for the universe itself. This CRT is based on the conclusion of my following accepted CRTs: Universe has more than one spacetime continuum. Rex Dimension, dimension 12, and Legerdomain are part of "the universe". "Hero...
  29. Reiner04

    Ben 10 - Other Space-Times in "The Universe" (Accepted)

    As in my previous CRT universe was accepted to be 2c structure because of addition of nullvoid as seprate spacetime continuum. I am here to it's further expansion in 2c. - Legerdomain (unknown size) Legerdomain has different time flow than earth dimension. 2 days in legerdomain is just few...
  30. Orochimaru & Sasuke’s Universe

    Why are their internal universes (yes i said their because Sasuke absorbed Orochimaru’s) not accepted? Aren’t they clearly stated to be universes in all translations?
  31. ActuallySpaceMan42

    Dimensions & Space-Times

    Ok here is a question that has been racking my brain for a while now. In LDG Universes are referred to as bubbles of Space-Time and everything about them is contained within sed bubble and tangled together with other universes via their timelines. So how would this coincide with universes that...
  32. ActuallySpaceMan42

    Quick 1-A Question

    If a Low 1-A Universe is embedded in an Infinitely larger Universe is that Universe 1-A? And if that Universe and Infinite others like it exist within an even larger Universe is that Universe a layer into 1-A?
  33. Zamasu_Chan

    Everything beyond tier 3 is a cluster ****

    This isn’t a CRT. I don’t plan to change anything or convince anyone of anything. I'm just here to point out the flaws that are present in tiers 2 to 1-A. Inconsistent requirements Obviously in order to be low 2-C you have to destroy the universe's time and space. This is because with time...
  34. Bobsican

    "New" potential Universe criteria (Staff only)

    It has risen to some attention quite recently that there's one more thing to add as a potential criteria for some spatial structure in a verse to qualify as a universe for our purposes: This most likely would go below the "These are notes that the worlds are indeed universes; while they don't...
  35. BluudyManikin777

    Universe Shaking

    I've already seen the calc that was done for Universe Shaking, but what order of magnitude would the feat be, if no further context was provided?
  36. TauanVictor

    DC Comics Universe Question

    How big is the DC Comics Universe? Is it the same size as our Universe? The extension and everything?
  37. QuasiYuri

    Universes and the jump to 2-C (STAFF ONLY?)

    Was planning this since nearly a month, so might as well make it now. So I thought about how we treated Low 2-C and all, and I have a little problem with a specific part of it. High 3-A's description is "Characters who demonstrate an infinite amount of energy on a 3-D scale, or those who can...
  38. Can this be considered a feat?

    And then So is this a feat, what tier would it be? (Btw they are fighting out of the universe where the creation(expanding of universe, big bang) hasn’t arrived yet)
  39. Zamasu_Chan

    Universe level CRT Part 2 (Alternate Dimension Edition)

    Continued from here This thread will focus on alternate universes/dimensions (as the title suggests). The purpose here, is to explain why spatially separated universes have their own spacetime. A more detailed explanation In my last OP I briefly went over this by saying the following: If the...
  40. Zamasu_Chan

    Universe level CRT

    So a while ago I made this CRT and was ultimately told to save something this eventful for the summer. As time passed I had a changed premise... a lot. Spacetime vs space and time The basic structure of a universe is matter, space, and time. It's not just matter + time like some think. That...