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speed blitz

  1. Smashkabab

    How much faster to blitz?

    If one character is able to casually blitz another, how much faster must the former character be, at minimum? Is there any set standard on blitzing in general? For context, this character starts at MHS+. He then gets a massive power boost, which allows him to casually dodge an attack from...
  2. RaveeCPN

    Speed Question about Baki

    Let's think one MHS character(Baki) and one MFTL character(A) And Baki has a hax that allows him to react and attack 0.5 seconds earlier than his reaction and perception speed. So because of this, can Baki Speed Blitz character A?
  3. Rose_of_Ragnarok

    Which one is faster with speed equal? Immeasurable speed vs. Passive

  4. CNBA3

    Calcing running pace at incoming projectile?

    Just like with the thread I made about outrunning a projectile: https://vsbattles.com/threads/calc-for-outrunning-something.147800/ With how (Distance moved by character x Projectile Velocity) / Distance Moved by Projectile from Muzzle = speed of character I was wondering, is using the formula...
  5. Reiner04

    Ben 10 - Alien X infinite speed upgrade With telekinesis

    Alien X infinite speed upgrade With telekinesis As shown in here in alien x profile that alien x has infinite attack speed because he was able to move galaxies all across infinite universe. My reasoning for him to have infinite speed through this is based of reason that if a character "X" is...
  6. RanaProGamer

    Travel Speed Question

    So in this wiki, in certain cases, we scale characters’ reaction or combat speed to the travel speed of some character, like character A tagging a speedster (character B). So if character B can run at the speed of lightning and character A can tag him with his attacks, then character A has...
  7. NHTkenshin2

    Are speed upscales allowed here?

    Let's say character A is mach 6500 (6.5x MHS+) And another character B absolutely destroys character A in speed. Can this character upscale to baseline Sub-Rel?
  8. The_Impress

    Making Speed Equalized matches unaddable to files

    STAFF THREAD So this is probably going to be an unpopular thread, but **** it, it needs to be done. So speed equalization matches are honestly, completely dependent on a core misrepresentation of characters to allow for a match to exist, you CAN’T yadda-yadda speed, an essential characteristic...
  9. MonkeyOfLife

    Blitzing Calcs

    🎄🐵 Is there a way to Calc the speed to blitz someone via distance between each other? And if you can is it usable on the wiki or why isn't it usable? 🐵🎄
  10. FluffyCreatureZ

    Question about one shotting and speed blitzing with unknown stat gap

    - If one character A scales to say 100 megatons and another character B scales to 100 megatons as well, but character B can one shot characters who scale to 100 megatons in his verse. If character A and B fought in a vs match, would character B be able to one shot character A despite lacking the...
  11. Kamekaizen

    AP Stomp and Blitz

    I may be blind for not finding the info but how much AP advantage is considered a stomp and how much faster does a character have to be for them to blitz another character?
  12. Remus1998

    Question about Temporal Omnipresence

    If character A is Temporally Omnipresent, & Character B is only Massively FTL+, would character B get speedblitzed?
  13. Furudo_Erika

    Speed in order to blitz

    I dunno where to put this, so I'll just put it here. I see that the Speed Blitz page does not have a value in order to classify it as a "blitz", but it does state that it is "the act of one attacking their opponent before they are capable of perceiving or reacting to them" I wonder if I could...
  14. TyranoDoom30

    how fast is average interstellar travel?

    how much times FTL is it? we always assume it's MFTL+ without a calc. so how much times FTL is it?
  15. ShivaShakti

    Speed Equalization Standards

    So as well know and have seen time and time again, "Speed Equalization" has been a popular term within the wiki and our various matchups, and is used quite often to make matchups more fair. However, there are times when speed equalized can be confused or convoluted, such as in the case of...
  16. Kyleb79

    Tanking hits and Speed Blitz Question?

    Is there any official multiplier on this wiki that explains it or is it like the AP one-shot where there needs to be a 7.5x Gap. I know there is an official Speed Blitz multiplier on this wiki though, I cannot find it.
  17. RanaProGamer

    Quick Question On Speed Blitz

    So while going through the Speed page, I came across a pretty interesting statement that someone with MFTL+ speed can speed blitz an opponent who has MFTL+ speed. What I want to know is if the same principle applies to Infinite, Immeasurable and Irrelevant speed? Can someone with Infinite...
  18. Bobsican

    Spiting RWBY in a sentence 2: Weekly is not safe

    Complete this sentence with the funniest thing you can think of (must be true however): A/The/Some _____ solos RWBY Round 1: No God Brothers Round 2: God Brothers are around Examples: A mouse that plays with keys solos RWBY The Big Chungus solos RWBY Some pink fat blob solos RWBY
  19. 00potato

    Speed Equal question

    Who do we assume speed is equalized to if nobody is mentioned? Do we even assume at all?
  20. SupremeGilgamesh

    Speed Blitz

    I want to ask when was and why speed blitz conceived because i can't see the point of it If we equalize speed,doens't that make ranking speed irrelevant? Because think with me:why justify JoJo and SS characters can overwhelm the speed of light and make so it's irrelevant in a thread...
  21. JohnCenaNation

    Bleach Light Speed Revision:

    Soul Society Arc: https://bleach.fandom.com/wiki/Negació https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/11131/111316447/6813926-1277961430-latest https://comicvine1.cbsistatic.com/uploads/original/11124/111247188/4982510-009.jpg Shühei, Rangiku, Yoruichi & Shaolin evading a Light Ray...
  22. PFM18

    Speed tiers above Massively FTL+?

    So, I saw this in the "speed" article: "Kindly note that MFTL+ is a very broad category which starts from 1000x Speed of Light up to infinity. As such, MFTL+ characters need not be even remotely on a similar level of speed. In fact, the difference may be as great as the magnitude of difference...
  23. MilesTheMorales1

    What was Levi's attack speed here?

    He was fighting the Beast Titan and easily speed blitzed him, but what was the speed of this attack? He's currently scaled at supersonic fighting speeds, I was curious if he could be buffed?
  24. DTG499

    Goku's speed in dragon ball super.

    I know that we have whis clocked in at 498 quadrillion so I know he has to be somewhere below that. So what would be a rough estiamte of his speed, post broly arc as a super saiyan blue.
  25. Kamekaizen

    What considers a speed blitz?

    How much faster does one character need to be for it to blitz another character?
  26. Sir_Ovens

    Let's Talk About Speed Equalized Again

    Ok, so there has been a rule for some time now that says speed amping for a character in a speed equalized match is not allowed if they are the normally slower character and they speed blitz via the speed amp. I find that there is a fault in this logic, as speed equalizing a match in the first...
  27. NeoSuperior

    VS Battle Rules Loophole: Eternal Moment Paradox

    So I noticed an issue about Medaka's ability to "erase her own time": It can cause a problematic situation that the current rules are not accounting for. I dubbed it the "Eternal Moment Paradox". Appearently Medaka can use her ability "All Fiction" to "erase her own time" which according to...
  28. Read_this_post

    Speed gap for a blitz?

    So lets say you have two people with limitless stamina and no hax are in a ring. Both have universal durability and wall level ap. The character 1 starts attacking character 2. How much faster than character 1 would character 2 have to be so that character 1 cannot hit him at all no matter how...
  29. Jasonsith

    Stompy and/or spiteful versus matchup discussion thread (2)

    Following here. Self-explanatory.
  30. Zamasu_Chan

    Speed question

    How many times faster than your opponent do you have to be for them not to perceive your movements?
  31. Dargoo_Faust

    Speed Blitzing and Time Manipulation

    Match-ups with equalized statistics (with the exception of speed) are not allowed, as they turn the entire tiering system unnecessary. During a match where speed is equalized, speed amplification techniques are allowed, unless they lead to a victory via Speed Blitz in favor of the slower...
  32. Bobsican

    Versus threads, but without SBA

    How much can a thread be approximately diverge fom the original outcome if the participants are "truly" in character ? For example: Dante would never ever try to destroy such thing, instead, take it as a souvenir Gunvolt finding a cute little mouse would make him just take it home, the...
  33. Jasonsith

    About Speed Blitz

    Yes, I know this is controversial but this is related to the reputation of VSBW and the benefit of all members engaging in discussions. While the current standard of one-shot by AP is a rebuttable value of 7.5 times AP over durability (as suggested here), there is no such standard (not even a...
  34. Bobsican

    20 Toads try to solo your verse

    Peach wants to buy Bowser´s Kingdom so she´s no longer kidnapped, and so he sends a troop of 20 Toads to obliterate a verse. Will they make it? Round 1: Base Toads with all the standart equipment (Aka, High 4-C) Round 2: They are 3-C via some Power Stars Round 3: They are Low 2-C via some...
  35. Insecurity97

    Composite Link tries to solo your verse

    Title is self-explanatory. Some hot blonde dude wants to solo your verse Link is bloodlusted but your verse isnt. He has access to every single thing he has. Speed is equalized
  36. Self_Love

    Problem with Speed Equalization

    I never liked the idea of matches being added with equalized speed. We can't ignore a major factor in fights nor pretend someone who is MHS doesn't get blitzed/have a chance to react to someone who is MFTL+. It's not accurate at all. People can still make matches with equalized speed, but they...
  37. Silentpixels

    A pink demon tries to solo your favorite verses

    No limitations, speed unequalized. It's pink demon time.
  38. Bobsican

    Barney tries to solo your verse: 8-B edition

    As Barney got an upgrade, this has to be redone. Will the purple dinosaur solo your verse? I love you, you love me, we are a happy family!
  39. Bobsican

    Stomp threads can be added so long an iconic character is involved

    As technically it would be a notable match, how badly filled some character´s profiles would be by this? Note that by Iconic Characters, I meathis (and alternate variations). Example: Notable Victories (Sonic the Hedgehog): - Xeno Goku (Dragon Ball) Xeno Goku's Profile (Both were at their...
  40. The_Smashor

    Fastest finite speed character for every tier

    Exactly what it says on the tin. No Infinites, Immeasurables, Irrelevants or (Nigh) Omnipresents. 2-A: 2-B: 2-C: Low 2-C: High 3-A: 3-A: 3-B: 3-C: 4-A: 4-B: High 4-C: 4-C: Low 4-C: High 5-A: 5-A: 5-B: 5-C: High 6-A: 6-A: High 6-B: 6-B: Low 6-B: High 6-C: 6-C: High 7-A...