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  1. Apex_Predator_GX

    Godzilla Boogaloo!

    SHOWA ERA UPGRADE Godzilla Original's Vapor Breath should be upgraded to City level+ due to this accepted calc https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Sebastian_Hayward/Original_Godzilla's_Vapor_Breath..._Remastered! And so the character that scale to him should be upgraded to City level+...
  2. SuperGodzilla_Kaiju_King

    Heisei Godzilla series upgrade

    With the upgrades for Showa monsters to Low and then High 4-C I felt need to post the canon match-ups showing that Heisei monsters are consistently stronger than their Showa versions. Megalon can fight Battra in his larva form and even pierce his armor but would be easily defeated by his Imago...
  3. Iisdude1

    Galvatron vs Spacegodzilla

    Speed equal Galvatron: 5 Spacegodzilla: Speed equal
  4. DMB_1

    About the "Game" SpaceGodzilla profile

    From one SpaceGodzilla CRT to another, it seems. So basically, I have a few issues with this profile: Its AP Justification: This profile is 4-C for "absorbing the energy of a fixed star". Well, you can clearly see the problem: what suggests that he absorbed the entire star, rather than just...
  5. The_King_of_Prudence

    SpaceGodzilla versus Goyan

    SpaceGodzilla: 4 (DMB 1, GojiBoyForever, Christian Higdon, Redacted Flinn) Goya: Inconclusive:
  6. DMB_1

    Toho Kaiju reduxed profiles: SpaceGodzilla

    I decided to start updating Toho Kaiju profiles for two reasons: A lot of them are quite poor, and consist in multiple reincarnations of a single kaiju cluttered in one single profile with few pieces of information: such is the case for profiles like Roda, King Ghidorah, Mothra, etcetera, you...
  7. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Godzilla: Heisei II kaijuu AP and dura

    I'll try to revise the best era of Godzilla films that followed Gojira and Shin (fite me) Currently, we put Heisei II kaijuu as Planet level for 2 reasons: Battra being stated by the shobijin as capable of destroying an Earth-threatening asteroid, and SpaceGodzilla also stated by the shobijin...
  8. ZephyrosOmega

    Spacegodzilla VS. Mewtwo

    Might as well do this. Speed is Equalized, mewtwo is being restricted to base form, and the fight takes place in space since SG is seemingly a lot more powerful up there. Combatants start within Spacegodzilla's range, as mewtwo outranges heavily. Spacegodzilla: Mewtwo: 2 (Gyronutz, Cal...
  9. DMB_1

    Heisei Godzilla and SpaceGodzilla Addition (Incredibly Minor)

    Pretty sure that SpaceGodzilla should have "Resistance to Cosmic Radiations". Why? I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory: 1) He stayed in Space for a lot of time and traveled a portion of the Galaxy to get to Earth, which would mean that he most likely came across another Star System during his...
  10. Godzilla Black Hole Resistance

    Godzilla should have black hole resistance. There has been numerous feats of this https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_super/11118/111182371/4247490-4115040-gz%2Bfeat%2Bdurability%2B%2821%29.jpg Godzilla survives a black hole that was directly said to be such and sucked everything in...
  11. Graf_Thorsdottir

    Rayquaza vs SpaceGodzilla

    With the majority of Toho Godzilla profiles updated, I thought we should celebrate with a little match starting with SpaceGodzilla. Story: SpaceGodzilla crashes into Sky Pillar, waking up the sleeping Jade Dragon. Having his slumber interrupted, Rayquaza is pissed and goes straight to Mega Form...
  12. Jared1111

    SpaceGodzilla vs. Mewtwo

    I realize that the old version of this was removed, so now i wanted to see if anything had been updated. Both parties are their 5-B forms. (Heisei and Super Mystery Dungeon) Speed is Equalized
  13. ConsumingFire

    SpaceGodzilla sourcing revision

    There was another thread like this made a few months ago but I didn't want to revive it. So, here goes... SpaceGodzilla is currently listed as Planet level. That's all well and good, but I think that the source we're pulling that from is wrong and shouldn't be used. This is because we are...
  14. Sppople

    SpaceGodzilla statistics revision

    Since he absorbed multiple supernovas and destroyed several planets, as it states on the Godzilla (Composite) page which was rated 4-B (Solar System Level), isn't SpaceGodzilla a Solar System Tier? Also, I know the SpaceGodzilla Page may have already gone through revision, but I was told that...
  15. Graf_Thorsdottir

    SpaceGodzilla & Destoroyah vs Boros & Garou

    Heisei Gojira's two toughest opponents vs Saitama's two toughest opponents who both survived more than one punch now duke it out. R1: Individual fights Space Invaders: SpaceGodzilla vs Boros Adaptive Shapeshifters: Destoroyah vs Garou R2: Team battle, but it's more of each team member...
  16. Infrared_Toa

    Mewtwo vs Spacegodzilla

    This fight will be fought on 4 rounds: Mega Mewtwo X vs Spacegodzilla Mega Mewtwo Y vs Spacegodzilla Shadow Mewtwo vs Spacegodzilla Mega Shadow Mewtwo X vs Spacegodzilla Who wins and why?
  17. ZillaJrKaijuKing

    Several Godzilla kaiju inconsistencies

    First off, I noticed that SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah's articles are very outdated. Heisei Mothra and Battra also have questionable descriptions. Battra is labeled as at least Multi-Continent Level via powerscaling from Godzilla Junior (whom Battra never encountered and has no definitive...
  18. Kiryu2012

    Spacegodzilla vs Destroyah

    Battle takes place in Tokyo at midnight. Spacegodzilla has his crystal fortress. Movie-canon only for both kaiju. Fight to the death.
  19. Dragonmasterxyz

    Removing Mewtwo's losses

    So I looked at Mewtwo's fight against Silver and found out that it was a speedstomp. I request that it would be removed. The same is with Space Godzilla.
  20. RadicalMrR

    Mewtwo rematches

    So both these fights could go under speed stomps or just be removed since they are really outdated but let's just do some rematches.Round 2 has priority over round 1 other then that standard battle assumptions. Vs Silver (Both 5-A versions are to be used) Speed unequalized Speed equlized Vs...
  21. SomebodyData

    Metroid Prime VS Space Godzilla

    Metroid Prime's Profile (First Key) Space Godzilla (Low End/ 5-B) Speed Equalized Battle takes place above a leviathan that crashed in Tokyo
  22. Jared1111

    SpaceGodzilla vs. Mewtwo

    Who would win between the Psychic clones? Composite for both charaacters. Mega Evolutions and Shadow Mewtwo allowed.
  23. Sigma_the_Terminator_of_Purple_Monsters

    Trunks vs Spacegodzilla

    Round 1-Regular SSJ trunks vs Spacegodzilla(1 shoulder Crystal) Round 2-USSN Trunks vs 100% Spacegodzilla Obs:Both are bloodlusted and this is post-training future trunks and original heisei spacegodzilla
  24. Skeleturtle

    Many Godzilla Upgrades

    I feel like it's due time for some Godzillas to be upgraded. 1). Attack potency and durability upgrade for Heisei Godzilla, SpaceGodzilla, MOGUERA and Destroyah (as well as probably other Heisei Kaiju) to solar system level. In Godzilla vs SpaceGodzilla it was stated that Godzilla's cells get...
  25. ConsumingFire

    Possible Heisei Godzilla Downgrade?

    Looking at the page for Godzilla (Heisei), his attack potency, durability, and overall tier appeared too high and so I am in favor of a possible downgrade (which by extension includes most other kaiju from the Heisei Godzilla films) since in the movies (which I honestly haven't seen in years, so...