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saber alter

  1. FallenMaou2234

    Let's Talk About Amp's: Mana Burst revisions

    Intro So Mana burst a skill that virtually all "Seiba's" got and it's stated to boost all physical abilities and magic but we never really have that boost noted on profiles which I'd assume is either because there's no concrete multiplier or people just weren't too concerned. With that said...
  2. DaReaperMan

    Zerkalot vs Salter: Corrupted knights fight

    Zerkalot is bloodlusted if necessary There is a f-12 jet and a mini gun in the area Start 5 meters away Salter: 0 Zerkalot: 2 incon: 1
  3. HalilAssassino

    Saber Alter vs Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama Mode)

    • Who Wins and Why ? (It has been canceled.) • Saber Alter • Naruto Uzumaki | Kurama Mode • Speed Equalized. • Standard Battle Assumptions
  4. RanaProGamer

    Fate/Zero vs Fate/Stay Night | Seiba vs Salter (GRACE)

    Round 1 of my F/0 vs FSN series, starting off the tournament is the Saber class, while the same people, there's a twist. Standard Battle Assumptions Kiritsugu Servant Saber is used and both Sabers' can use their Excalibur/Excalibur Morgan. Saber (Fate/Zero) vs Saber Alter (Fate/Stay Night)...
  5. ShinyMagicalGirl

    Minor question about Salter.

    Saber Alter's Excalibur Morgan is rated as High 6-C. Her dura is 6-C. But didn't Salter survive her own NP being fired back at her? I think she should have High 6-C dura as well. https://youtu.be/l5jOOEHzdLk
  6. Bob8999

    saber vs samus

    black saber, Artoria Pendragon https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Saber_Alter vs the entrusted one, Samus Aran https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Samus_Ara (speed equalzed, 6-C samus, saber with morgan.) saber: samus: 7 (XSOULOFCINDERX, ShadowWhoWalks, Tonygamema, Ionliosite...
  7. WeeklyBattles

    Role Reversal - Saber Lancelot vs Saber Alter

    Lancelot Summary Saber is a Saber-class Servant able to be summoned by the Protagonist in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order. Saber's True Name is Sir Lancelot, also known as the Knight of the Lake, the person serving as a negative symbol of the Arthurian legend. He was extremely loyal...
  8. KnightOfSunlight

    The Darkened Knight King and The Hero of Empire City (Saber vs Cole MacGrath)

    The hero of a city dropped his hand onto the shoulder of the kid in front of him. Blood melded into his red hair, barely distinguishable from the natural color. With the steel pointing out of his shoulders, and his face, he looked more like a pin-cushion than anything else. The little bits of...
  9. SuperKamiNappa

    UBW Saber vs. Saber Alter

    UBW Saber Saber Alter: 1 (Schnee) Who wins and why?
  10. The_real_cal_howard

    Saber Alter vs Lucario

    Because Archer wasn't enough lol. Speed equalized. Base Lucario. Obviously, things above 7-A aren't allowed.
  11. Dargoo_Faust

    7-A Brackets Round 12

    Twelfth round of the 7-A brackets begins! The winner of the last round was Cobra. Current Standings (A "-1" indicates a fighter was disqualified for whatever reasons) The contenders for this round are Ren Tao, submitted by FateAlbane, and Saber Alter, submitted by ShiroyashaGinSan. O.S...
  12. DMB_1

    Saber EX vs. Saber XY

    Since I watch Fate only when it has an Italian dub, I don't know if this happened in canon. Saber Alter: 0 Saber (Fate/Prototype): 7 (AnonymousBlank, Solacis, Gemmysaur, lapitus the Impaler, DragonEmperor23, Dargoo Faust, Rocker1189) Inconclusive: 0
  13. LordGinSama

    Sorry not sorry.

    This better not be a stomp Anyway Prime Ozpin and base Saber Alter. Excalibur Morgan is restricted ( Due to the obvious tier change.) Both are in character Winner via death of the opponent Speed is equalized Standard Battle Assumptions Ozpi: 0 Saber Alter: 8 ( Repp, Velox...
  14. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Saber Alter vs Sayaka Miki

    Well,bored here,also someone want to make me create this,so yeah here folks,another Salter vs PMMM match!!! -LoC Sayaka is used here -Both in character -Speed equalized -Place located in false Kamihama city -Range is 5 km -Win via Death!!! EXCAMORGAN SPAM Ah screw this, I'm out! (lol)...
  15. Kaltias

    Mami Tomoe vs Saber Alter

    Magical girl Mami is used. 7-A girl with High 7-A attack: 2 (Velox, Glass) 7-A girl with High 7-A shields: 8 (Gar, Homu, DMUA, Knight, Starry, SD, Scarlet, Shiro) Inconclusive: 1 (Poinciana)
  16. Kisaragi_Megumi

    Kakashi Hatake vs Saber Alter

    Well,this is ery long time i didn't use any Nasuverse character.Okay lets start! -Place located in Fuyuki city -Both in bloodlusted -Dual Sharinggan Kakashi is used and Saber alter with Dark Sakura as master is used -range 5 km -Speed is equalized VS -Kakashi : 0 -Salter : 0
  17. Celestial_Pegasus

    Saber Alter vs Shia Haulia

    Shia is as she was during the war with ehito. Assume shia has used body strengthening to match alter at mountain level. She has used body strengthening before to boost herself from High 7-C to 6-C, so this is reasonable. She isn't allowed to use body strengthening x however, as that would make...
  18. Schnee_One

    Dimaria Yesta vs Saber Alter

    Right.... So... Let's see how this one goes and hope it's not a stomp, Speed Equal as always, and fight on.... Let's just go with the Underground Cave. Base form Dimaria. Saber Alter: Dimaria Yesta: 7
  19. Newendigo

    Saber Alter Vs Ghost Rider.

    This seems like a good match-up, both characters need a little bit of attention. Both in their Mountain levels, bloodlusted and speed is equal. Victory by any means. Links: Demonic Spirit: 1 (Gar). Corrupted Spirit: Inconclusive: 6 (Knight, J-Man, Laciel, Silver, Leph, Ovens)
  20. Muhammedmco

    Saber Alter vs Issei Hyoudou

    Speed Equalized. Saber Alter: 8 (Ramesses the Sun King, Reppuzan, Gargoyle One, WilliamShadow, TheJ-ManRequiem, LukeSky001, Knightofannihalation666, Burning Full Fingers) Issei Hyoudou: 2 (Hizack123, GoodDaySir) This is Cardinal Crimson Full Drive Issei. Who will win?
  21. Muhammedmco

    Natsu Dragneel vs Saber Alter

    Both start from their 7-A versions to their High 7-A versions. Post Second Timeskip Natsu to E.N.D vs Saber Alter with Excalibur Morgan. Speed Equalized. The Black King Of Knights: 7 (Gargoyle One, knightofannihalation666, GlaxianAegis, WilliamShadow, JustSomeWeirdo, Ramesses the Sun King...