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  1. Maverick_Zero_X

    ⚡️Spider-Man vs Nora Valkyrie

    Miles Morales vs Nora Valkyrie Speed =
  2. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    RWBY characters should be 8-A by the time of Haven

    Basically it's due to the fact the feat happened at the start of their week long training time skip and not at the end of it where the Atlas arc key starts that's why it scales to the post haven key
  3. Spinoirr

    RWBY: Penny lifting Amity and bomb ends

    Alright, so I figured I would make this due to some concerns that have been brought up regarding this feat. To clarify, this thread is not discussing the application of the feat itself, it is just a discussion of the methods used in order to determine which result is the most useable. To...
  4. Wokistan

    Yang vs Xiao

    I could make something up like fire lesbian vs fire widow grieving her husband but to be honest I made this match because of their names Yang Xiao Long vs Xiao Presumablywhateverlowell'slastnameis Yang's AP: 326 tons Xiao's AP: 203 tons Speed equal, both 8-A, Xiao doesn't start in E.G.O. but...

    Qrow Branwen vs Winter Schnee: What If...? [0-0-0]

    Essentially this is their fight in Volume 3, except there's no one there to interrupt it and there's no one close enough for them to risk harming so they can go all out while remaining in-character. Maiden Shenanigans are obviously restricted for this. A dusty old crow : The ice queen : Incon :

    Pyrrha Nikos vs Penny Polendina: For real this time [0-0-0]

    This is basically the same exact fight that happened in canon except this time no one is interfering in the fight whatsoever. Let's see who wins for real. Pyrrha : Penny : Incon :

    Death Stalker (RWBY) vs Hydra (D&D) [0-0-0]

    This is the Base Death Stalker and a regular High 8-C Hydra being used, speed is equalized, optional abilities allowed and the fight takes place in the Emerald Forest from RWBY. Death Stalker : Hydra : Incon :
  8. Peppersalt43

    Penny Polendina vs Ralts

    ALTERNATE TITLE: A MAIDEN'S FEELINGS Suggested by @koopa3144 ● ------------------------------------- ● No story here for now, can't really think of one Atlas Penny and Ralts used Speed equalized Place Located in: Amity Arena Starting range: 30 meters Ralts' ability is Trace Win via...
  9. Bennet’s incredibly bad luck (My first of many Bennett match up thread)

    Bennett’s bad luck reached a peak, summoning a portal that took him to another world called “Remnant”. Being himself, Bennet went and got back onto his adventuring ways and hearing someone cry for help he immediately went to offer his aid, and came face to face with a big black wolf. IS...
  10. Spinoirr

    Ruby Rose (Dragon Ball RWBY) vs Maki

    speed is equal Complete Heavenly Restriction Maki is being used Post-Beacon/Haven Ruby is being used fight takes place in Shibuya they are 4 meters apart Maki: Ruby Rose: Icon:
  11. Arkenis

    Maki vs Qrow

    VS SBA 100 Meters Equal Speed Both have prior knowledge Location - Forest Maki: Qrow:
  12. Peppypony

    Cinder VS Cinner

    I keep misreading "Cinner" as "Cinder" every time I go on FC/OC, I'm sick of it (light-hearted), so I'm glad they share a tier and hopefully, this matchup will put an end to this madness. Starting distance: 4 metres Speed is equal Post-Beacon with Maiden powers for Cinder and Supreme Duelist...
  13. Hagane_no_Saiyajin

    White Peach vs Sunny Dragon

    Rules: Links to characters: Yang, Tao Pai Pai Beacon Yang (>3.41 Tons of TNT) and Human Tao (>4.014 Tons of TNT) are used Both are in character Location: Red Ribbon Army Headquarters Speed Equalized White Peach: 2 Sunny Dragon: Tie: FIGHT!!
  14. Anarchy219

    Ruby Rose vs Tracer

    SBA Ruby Rose (RWBY) | Votes 0 Key: Beacon AP: 3.41 Tons of tnt Speed: 3,221 m/s - Reaction/Combat LS: 1,233 Tons of Force vs Tracer (Overwatch) | Votes 0 Tier: High 8-C AP: 5.019 Tons of tnt Speed: • 61.25 m/s - Movement • 6,581 m/s - Reaction/Combat LS: 120 kg Inconclusive: 4
  15. CurrySenpai

    Third times the charm (Kirito vs. Yang)

    Doing another Rematch because the other one was controversial but also infinitely stacking Burn was a key part of the Yang arguments (and is bunk) alongside the fact I just wanna see how this plays out. Kirito (Aincrad) vs. Yang Xiao Long Speed Equalized Both are in character Floor’s 50-75...
  16. Sergeant_Hypocrite

    Gideon Graves VS Adam Taurus

    Gideon Graves (Scott Pilgrim) VS Adam Taurus (RWBY) Both are High 8-C Speed is equalised Gideon: Adam: Inconclusive:
  17. V999

    Mard Geer VS Salem (7-0-0) GRACE

    Fairy Tail VS RWBY • Speed are equalized • Salem had no Grimm • Mard Geer : 518.4 Gigatons, higher with Etherious Form • Salem : 13.4 Megatons, 407.54 Gigatons with Magic • Location : Remnant Underworld King : 7 (@Mickey1940, @J.J._Chambers, @Apollonir.Scale, @AnonymousBlank...
  18. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Ruby Rose vs Miles Morales [0-0-0]

    Rules Beacon Arc Ruby is used Speed is equalized Location is an empty Costco Starting distance is 50 meters Da Music Voting Mid-Ahh Show: Scales to this; 3.41 Tons of TNT hopefully I don't get bullied by RWBY fans Top Tier Movie: Scales to this; 2.81 Tons of TNT INCONLUSIVE:
  19. Theglassman12

    RWBY downgrade

    So looking through some of the pages for RWBY, I've noticed some questionable tiering placements for most of the cast, as well as one particular ability given to the Grimm that feels a bit misleading. 7-C So everyone from Volume 6 onward scales to the centipedes grimm digging through the rocks...
  20. Sauron (LOTR) VS Salem (RWBY)

    Aight, another LOTR VS RWBY fight on this website, this time using the big-bads of both verses Sauron, "The Dark Lord of Mordor" Key: Last Alliance VS Salem, "The Girl in the Tower" Key: With Magic Battle Info: Both bloodlusted No preparation Speed is equalized Both start at 35 yards...
  21. KobsterHope07

    Reno Ichikawa vs Weiss Schnee

    KAIJU NO. 8 vs RWBY Because the last KN8 vs RWBY wants so well, why not another Rules Speed Equalized Both in-character, but willing to kill 7-C Versions, nothing above the tier Numbers Weapon 6 Reno and Post-Haven Weiss Location: Destroyed City Starting Distance: 50 meters Win via KO...
  22. Witch-king of Angmar VS Raven Branwen

    The Witch-king of Angmar, Lord of the Nazgûl Key: Base "You fool! No man can kill me! DIE NOW!!" VS Raven Branwen, The Spring Maiden Key: With Maiden Powers "You won't find it. Because Vernal isn't the Spring Maiden... I AM!!" Speed is equalized Both have no knowledge of each other Both in...
  23. OriginFox

    Cinder VS Makima

  24. Grimm arm vs Daemon arm(Cinder Fall(RWBY) vs Velvet Crowe(Tales Series) 0-4-0

    Cinder Fall(Volume 4-6) Velvet Crowe(Mid-Late Game)-4 Distance: 10 meters Speed equal SBA for the rest
  25. Spinoirr

    Hu Tao vs Ruby Rose

    Both are 7-C Speed is equal Fight takes place in Fhirdiad Hu Tao: Ruby Rose: Icon:
  26. The Red Riding Hood fights a Zombie Singer(Ruby Rose{RWBY) vs Squigly(Skullgirls)

    Ruby Rose(Volume 4-6) Squigly Distance: 20 meters Speed equal SBA for the rest
  27. Oscar

    Eric Killmonger vs Adam Taurus (MCU vs RWBY)

    Surprisingly a relatively good comparison for both Rules: -Speed= -Erik Enhanced is used -Death combat -They fight in a Dust warehouse -Erik with all his weapons Killmonger: Taurus: Belladonna and T'Challa with plot armor (Incon):
  28. TegamiBachi25

    Sakura vs Yang (0-0-0)

    Part 2 Sakura vs Atlas Yang Yang has prior knowledge of Sakura’s AP and is also given a Wonder Potion Large, as well as a Revive Ring for optional equipment Speed equalized Fight takes place in Forest Ten meters apart Overhated girl: Overrated girl: Draw:
  29. SilentLyfe

    Two Additions for Gods - RWBY

    First one, the Gods should have Statistics Amplification. It was already noted from the v8 crew commentary that magic boosts a person's abilities, as Winter's Nevermore summon was boosted by her Maiden powers. However, from the v9 commentary, it was stated that the reason Neo's Semblance...
  30. AnAverageUsername

    Beyond the Grave fights Team Rwby

    RULES Speed is Equalized Grave scales to [2.8 Tons] Team RWBY is in their Beacon Arc key [3.41 Tons] FIGHTERS Beyond the Grave They have awakened their worst nightmare. The members of the Syndicate will go to their graves, every last one.: 1 (LordGinSama) Team WRBY (The writer cant seem to...
  31. FantaRin_The_First

    Sloth vs Red, White, Black and Yellow (Petelgeuse Romanee Conti vs Team RWBY)

    Petelgeuse Romanée-Conti: V.S Team RWBY: Pride steps up with his loli: The Details Petelgeuse is 27.66 Tons, Team RWBY is 8.71 Tons; Yang is at least double that via Burn (17.42 Tons) - Petelgeuse is 2.83x than most of Team RWBY, he is 1.41x stronger than Yang with Burn (but the gap will...
  32. V999

    Cuphead VS Arthur Watts (0-0-0)

    Cuphead VS RWBY • Speed are equalized • Both are Low 7-B • Starting distance is 10 meters • Cuphead: 1.35 Megatons • Arthur Watts: 1 Megatons • Location: Amity Communications Tower Cuphead : Arthur Watts : Inconclusive : Hope this is not stomp
  33. Spinoirr

    Ruby Rose vs Shez (0-3-0)

    Atlas/Ever After Ruby and War Phase (Part II) Shez are being used fight takes place in Vacuo Ruby Rose: Shez: 3 Icon:
  34. Spinoirr

    Could Ruby survive Shibuya Incident

    What the title says, could Ruby Rose survive the Shibuya Incident Arc rules: This is Post Haven training Ruby (Ascended Ruby will be a bonus Round) Ruby will be fighting every single major opponent of the Shibuya Arc Ruby replaces whoever was going to fight these enemies She has no knowledge...
  35. Spinoirr

    Ruby Rose vs Superman (grace)

    Speed is equal Fight takes place in the ever after Post-COIE Superman and Ascended Ruby are being used Both are 5-C and superman can't grow stronger then 5-C Fight starts 200 away Ruby: Superman: 3 Icon:
  36. EnderLord8

    Garisk, The Super Willpower Warrior & Pink Witch, The Immortal Milf Ruler vs Gajou & Golden U (Fusion Tournament)

    Garisk, Super Willpower Warrior [Garou, Post-Sage Centipede / Neutral Frisk] and Pink Witch, Immortal Milf Ruler [Rose Quartz, True Form / Salem] vs Gajou [Parallel Timeline Garou / Shinjuku Showdown Satoru Gojo] and Golden of U [Giorno (Giorno himself comes with Gold Experience Requiem) /...
  37. Spinoirr

    RWBY - some updates (Lightning Round)

    lightning resistance for some characters here's all the times chararters have shown Resistance to lightning The Nuckelavee should be City Block level via upscaling this is simple, it Was able to fight and overwhelm Team RNJR until they worked together, was able to completely deplete both Ren...
  38. LeoEpicGamer8910

    Shotgun vs Sword and Shield (Sanic.exe vs Jaune Arc) [GRACE]

    In the meantime while the 7-B tourney gets more submissions, why not do one more match in the meantime featuring a character from a newly revised verse? Rules Post-Haven Jaune is used, and Aura Amp is restricted Sanic starts with a Shield Speed is equalized Location is Emerald Hill Zone...
  39. Spinoirr

    Goku Black vs Ruby Rose (grace)

    Future Trunks Saga (Final Future Trip) ruby is being used fight takes place on patch on remnant Using What-If #9 Goku Black Ruby Rose: 4 Goku Black: Icon:
  40. Arkenis

    UU vs RWBY

    VS SBA Equal Speed Location New York City Feng >6.88MT, Ruby 1MT, diff 6x Atlas/Ever After key Ragnarök key Unfade: Huntress: