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  1. Celestial_Scaler25

    Ben 10! Addisional abilities and upscales.

    Additional abilities and upscale for the characters. Charmcaster: All abilities mentioned here are shown in these videos. Video#1 (Classic series) Video#2 (Alien Force and Ultimate Alien) Video#3 (Omniverse) ● Illusion creation Created a gust of pink smoke and made herself appear like somebody...
  2. Bright5787

    Possible Universal One piece Scaling

    I acknowledge that this may be a stretch and am more so presenting this out of curiosity Ok so Logia devil fruit users have infinite space inside of them, the proof is Caribou’s numa numa no mi Whose swamp is said to have infinite space inside it It was established in Alabasta that Devil...
  3. Bright5787

    One Piece pages for the 5 elders

    Sorry if the formatting of this post is wrong I’m new to this site but I wanted to ask/suggest if there would be pages made for the 5 elders, Jaygarcia Saturn, Marcus mars, topman warcury, Ethanbaron V. Nusjuro and Shephed Ju Peter I believe that Jaygarcia Saturn is small planat level for being...
  4. Sans2345

    Dead Estate General Discussiion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the 2021 action-rougelike game Dead Estate, this thread is mainly for friendly discussion and powerscaling.
  5. Sans2345

    The Backrooms General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the Backrooms, that being youtube videos, wikidot, and fandom content, this thread is mainly for friendly discussion and powerscaling.
  6. Sans2345

    Winter of 83' General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the 2022 analog horror film Winter of 83, this thread is mainly for friendly discussion and possible powerscaling.
  7. Sans2345

    People Playground General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the gory simulation game People Playground, this thread is mainly for friendly discussion and possible powerscaling.
  8. Sans2345

    F.E.A.R General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything relating to the first-person shooter psychlogical horror series F.E.A.R. This thread is mainly for friendly discussion, and powerscaling.
  9. Sans2345

    Death Forest General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the Death Forest franchise, this thread is meant for friendly discussion and is also for powerscaling purposes.
  10. Sans2345

    Left 4 Dead General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything relating to the Left 4 Dead series, this thread is meant for friendly discussion and powerscaling purposes.
  11. Sans2345

    Creepypasta FC/OC Discussion Thread

    A thread for discussing Creepypasta powerscaling, mainly for fanfiction, video game, ARG creepypastas that fall into fanfiction, and for making profiles or making revisions on certain characters.
  12. Sans2345

    Suitmation Trails General Discussion Thread

    This is a general discussion thread for anything related to the 2022 analog horror series The Suitmation Trails, people can talk about what they think of the series and for powerscaling purposes.
  13. LordGriffin1000

    Human Statistics Scaling Standards in Fiction (Staff Only)

    It's a rarity for me to make a staff discussion thread but I thought this was worth the discussion. This is a staff only, if non staff members wish to comment, please ask permission from an administrator or thread moderator. Premise The premise of this thread is pretty simple, I want to...
  14. HonestlyBored24

    What is the most Powerscaling piece of fiction you’ve ever seen?

    What I’m asking is; What piece of fiction feels the most like it was made for powerscaling or for profiles on the Vs Battles Wiki to you? Pieces of fiction actually made for powerscaling or the Vs Battles Wiki don’t count. Just felt like making this after thinking about anime too hard
  15. Sparx_gaming

    Luffy is boundless!

    Ok so this thread entire purpose is to powerscale luffy. Tier 0 so first off all vs battle wiki was created by humans! Which means even tiering system was created by humans! After my empirical non-anecdotal tautological epistemological ontological pontification research I have come to the...
  16. Terraria verse being High 5-A

    Okay listen i understand that the celestial pillars have ap of Dwarf Star level, but.. Moonlord? "(Stronger than the Celestial Towers and any boss shown within the game, can fight equally with a fully equipped end-game version of the Terrarian)" Invalid since u cant scale with the use of HP...
  17. ShigarakiShimura

    MHA:Vigilantes scaling question

    Can we use feats from mha vigilantes to scale mha characters? Edit: I'm talking about the mha vigilantes manga btw
  18. Marvel_Champion_07

    MCU Lifting Strength scaling

    As of now, characters such as Cull Obsidian, Hulkbuster 2.0 and War Machine scale to "likely Class T" from the latter two's feats of restraining Thanos. The problem is that Thanos was severely wounded and admittedly nearly dead from atomising the Infinity Stones two days earlier, with the Russos...
  19. Marvel_Champion_07

    BoBoiBoy Tiers

    Low 6-B This was initially gonna be a calc downgrade to High 7-C if it got accepted, but @TheRustyOne pointed out other problems with both calcs and another one. I made a thread to discuss the methods more in detail. However, given that the air density gets smaller and smaller the higher it is...
  20. Robo432343

    answer my question bro

    if i view infinity as meaningless and there is a structure that is infinite, would i scale to that structure?
  21. Robo432343

    The Real World is Tier 0

    bro....we view tier 0's as fiction.... all i have to say 💀
  22. Here we go again

    Let's try this again. My previous thread was too unclear on who I am, making myself appear like a random troll. Only one person figured out who I was. My name is, or was, Meganova Stella. You know. The guy who made a One Piece CRT to upgrade the world to 5-A? The guy with the Demi-Fiend PFP? I...
  23. My return

    I came here from a hiatus to tell you four things: 1. I don't think it's possible to scale characters 2. I don't think it's possible to objectively determine who wins in a fight between two characters 3. Following from points 1 and 2, I think all of battleboarding is nonsense. 4. Most drama on...
  24. Marvel_Champion_07

    Bringing back Karathen scaling to the DCEU?

    As per @AnonymousBlank's suggestion: Black Adam and Superman are stated to be the most powerful and unstoppable forces on Earth and in the entire universe respectively (at this point of the DCEU) This is supported in the movie by Black Adam claiming to be incapable of being stopped by anyone...
  25. Marvel_Champion_07

    Low 7-B Puri-Puri Prisoner

    In Chapter 138: Into the Abyss (page 21), Puri-Puri Prisoner damages Jet Psykos with Vibration Dark Angel Rush Also, his current justification needs the scan, and @Recon1511 provided it. Chapter 94: I see (pages 132, 133, 134 and 135)
  26. KingKenjo

    Why are the Naruto characters City Level?

    I have been hopping from page to page for ages trying to find a feat that makes sense, but I am always led in a circle that leads back to Kisame and I can feel my brain turning to mush. Please help me understand, I am going insane. They keep saying City Level characters scale to Mountain Level...
  27. KingKenjo

    Which Hax Abilities Have the Most Layers?

    So basically what I intend to find out here is which haxes on the wiki can overcome the most layered resistances. Before anyone says anything about higher and beyond dimensional haxes though, I am aware that those function on a higher level of complexity and automatically go beyond lower level...
  28. Respect Thread┃SCP 3999 - I Am At The Centre of Everything That Happens To Me

    SCP 3999 RT, from the SCP Foundation, Researcher Talloran stuff will be included - I'll explain the correlation between the two. All scans will be sourced. Existential Feats/Statements : 1. 3999 exists beyond the concept of description, and embodies Chaos itself. [...
  29. Marvel_Champion_07

    Mokk Scaling: 5-B or 3-C?

    Where does Mokk's scaling to 3-C Thor come from? The main scaling for him that I know of is completely overpowering and KOing Bleeding Edge Iron Man, who is only 5-B normally. If he has actual scaling to 3-C Thor, that should be put on his profile. If not, he should probably get downgraded to...
  30. sanzu

    Tokyo Revengers Discussion Thread!

    someone on discord passed me this pixel-based mikey scale, do you see it valid? or is it a wank? or do you know another way to scale it without having to resort to kisaki's shot type nose some feat that has gone unnoticed or a pixel scale
  31. Iiliminal

    Where would this scale at

    Context Feats Also could someone tell me what ability this is? thx :)))
  32. KingKenjo

    The Weakest and Strongest Bleach Characters in Every Tier

    Since Bleach is such a complicated mess of multipliers and scaling chains, I'm wondering who makes up the top and bottom of every scaling chain in the verse. I'll keep a tracker here just to make sure we're not missing anything. Possibly Universe Level to Universe Level+ Prime Soul King Solar...
  33. KingKenjo

    Question about Marvel and DC characters

    So, I've only got a passing interest in Marvel and DC as verses, but a question came to mind recently. I know that a lot of fights end up counting as outliers for these verses for one reason or another in order to keep the AP/Durability/Speed scaling chains from getting too crazy, but does that...
  34. Sir_Marvulous

    What if outliers were usable?

    How does this change things? What happens to your favorite verses? What happens to certain matchups?
  35. KingKenjo

    Scaling Kratos based on individual games

    Here's a fun idea: We can only use information from individual games to give Kratos abilities and scale his AP off of, though we can include important secondary canon like the God of War 1 and 2 novels. So basically no using Ascension's High 3-A Primordials feat to scale to Thanatos, we scale...
  36. Lightbuster30

    How do we treat backscaling to 2-C?

    How do we treat characters who are Low 2-C via backscaling to 2-C characters or feats? Characters who aren't 2-C individually but can contribute to 2-C feats with other characters? Characters who are "Unquantifiably" Low 2-C? I know I've seen it allowed for a few profiles, but is it actually the...
  37. KingKenjo

    A Discussion of Diablo Powerscaling

    So I'm a casual Diablo fan, I've played through Diablo 3 a few times. But something about it makes me wonder how everything would scale. Is there anyone on the forum who knows Diablo lore enough to make a guess at what the feats would be? Or how the cosmology works at least?
  38. JediMindTrickz

    Funniest/Strangest VS Battle Profile?

    For me it has to be the Giant Moose from the Gorillaz 19-2000 music video. Someone watched this video and decided to actually make a page for him. It's super legitimate and everything it's just the funniest shit to me. He has 3 super powers (one of which is highly questionable like his Breath...
  39. Zyther

    Naruto Uzumaki (New Era) Scaled to Universal

    Hi there! In this forum post, I will be explaining why Naruto is Universal in the New Era First of all, let's start with the Boruto Movie Novelization. In the Boruto movie novelization, Momoshiki was said to be able to draw power from his own pocket dimension. Pocket Dimensions are a synonym...
  40. Shmooply

    VSBattlesWiki knowledge that's uncommon

    Ayo. As the title suggests, this thread is about some stuff related to the wiki and its rules that people should know about, but are for whatever reason uncommon. I'm not good at starting threads, so I'll just... immediately start us off. - Speed Equalized matches where one or more characters...