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phoenix force

  1. Hirotoswnn1x

    Jean grey base form upgrade

    Hello everyone, I have some suggestions regarding the jean gray base form profile. I think it's very laggy with no upgrades. Today I've compiled all of her scans that show off her greatest strength. You should have a total of 3 new keys as changes for 2019 - 2023. She attacks Nightmare...
  2. LordTracer

    Marvel Comics: Jean Grey Justification Addition

    In Jean Grey Vol. 1 #11, the Phoenix Force itself states that Jean is the perfect host and that her power as the Phoenix is unmatched. This would put her above Giruad and Feron, both of whom have Low 1-A feats that are listed here. This statement is already accepted on her profile, but it is...
  3. Abu2411

    Strongest Marvel Superheroes

    I'm always wondering who the strongest superheroes in Marvel are. Given the recent upgrades, there's a few Marvel Comics characters who reach High 1-A, which might be the highest any superhero at least from comics has ever been rated on this wiki. I asked Ultima this question some time ago and...
  4. NaturalDestroyer

    1-A Allfather Thor With Phoenix Force? Avengers Assemble Omega (2023) SPOILERS

    Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcX032vT3cE What happened: Allfather Thor joined with two Phoenixes to push back the power of the First Firmament that had been unleashed by Mephisto. The leftovers of its corpse, essentially. Odin: Said that it would "Drown entire universes"...
  5. DanielIH15

    Nyx (Marvel Comics) Upgrade back to 1-A

    Okay, I'm back at the Wiki and saw some changes on Nyx profiles due to this thread: https://vsbattles.com/threads/nyx-marvel-downgrade.122480/ I must say that I disagree with it and created this thread to show my counterarguments to the downgrade thread. I would have told most of this if I had...
  6. DanielIH15

    What do you think about Defenders Beyond? (Marvel comics)

    I myself find interesting how Ewing and Marquez are finishing a story showing what lies in The Outside. In other words, we're finally seeing outerversal layers in Marvel, with the Far Shore being base and Oblivion/the land couldn't be shouldn't being three layers beyond that. And it seems the...
  7. Comicgyal

    Phoenix picture addition

    I was wondering if this image could be added to the Phoenix Force’s profile. It would be used as the Phoenix in its most primal state, it’s ascended form in the WHR.
  8. Confluctor

    Thor's family is fighting each other (Khonshu vs Phoenix Force) (0-0-0)

    Both are 2-A True Form Khonshu is used Both immeasurable speed Two things; Khonshu also has HDE, but forgot to add it earlier, so that's gonna be added in a bit - just made a CRT for it Phoenix does have Mid Godly and other immortalities, but they aren't quick enough to make her the victor...
  9. Comicgyal

    Marvel Comics - Jean and the Phoenix

    Hello, this will be a relatively short CRT (gods willing) Anyways, Jean has a form known as the White Phoenix of the Crown. In this form she has complete control over the Phoenix, which allows her to: Take Phoenix fragments from other avatars. (Uncanny X-Men issue 517. X-Men Kingbreaker issue...
  10. Comicgyal

    Jean Grey and the Phoenix

    I made a thread about the Phoenix some time ago, where after all was said and done, suggested that Jeans’ LS, SS, Stamina, and all other stats should be the same as the Phoenix. Since when Jean became the White Phoenix, she merged with the Phoenix in its entirety, and is not being given power...
  11. Rasputin

    A question about Scarlet Witch

    In her profile it says that her Chaos Magic was stated to equal the Phoenix Force, but why isn't she 1-A like Phoenix?
  12. Freedomstar

    Removal of some phoenix force notes.

    Looking at Phoenix Jean's notes it appears to me that someone is scaled off this? Necrom, who could merge infinite Earths together and absorb the Energy Matrix that created Otherworld, which could block the Chaos Wave This is completely false. Yes, Necrom used the Phoenix to connect to...
  13. Comicgyal

    Reconstructing The White Hot Room

    Hello everyone in this thread I’ll be discussing The Hot Room, and attempting to change the scaling of the Phoenix Force and co to 1-A. • What we know The White Hot Room is the heart (Mighty Thor vol 2 #19) of the Phoenix, and is infact its mindscape. It is the Phoenix in its most native...
  14. Confluctor

    Marvel Comics - Phoenix Force downgrade! And revision for the Hosts

    Okay this has been bugging me for far toooooooo long. Ever since I came to this wiki, this is one of the stats that I hate the most. Phoenix being 2A/L1C straight up don't make sense without another statistic there. We all know how many anti feats Phoenix has, so I say we change her statistics...
  15. MarvelFanatic119

    Phoenix Force CRT

    Hi just wanted to add new stuff for the Phoenix since its profile seems barebones at the moment. Here are some new stuff to add and some scans for stuff already there: Immortality Type 4: The Phoenix Force is a resurrection force that represents an assurance that life will will rise from...
  16. Confluctor

    Moon Knight new key?

    As a Moon Knight fan, I absolute HATE everything that came out from the Avengers stuff. And even the Serpent War stuff. But was wondering, will he ever get a different key for this power up? I cannot remember the ending of the Konshu arc, but I feel like the power up he got in Serpent War might...
  17. Stefano4444

    Phoenix Battle (Phoenix Force vs The Phoenix)

    2-A and Speed Equalized. Phoenix Force: 0 () The Phoenix: 0 () Inconclusive: 0 ()
  18. EightAte8

    Jean Grey Upgrade...?

    Shouldn't she be High 1-B as the White Phoenix, since she as access to the full power of the Phoenix Force?
  19. LordWhis

    Possibly Far Higher for Phoenix Force ?

    The phoenix force undid the chaos wave which was going to reach The Ascencion, where the One Above all resides. The fact that it was a threat to a place where 1A or Tier 0 being resides does imply it was atleast 1A and Phoenix force undid it. Far higher because even 1a is far higher than high 1B.
  20. LordTracer

    Phoenix Avatars

    Alright, I'm going to be trying to upgrade some of the Phoenix avatars, as a few of them are pretty heavily downplayed. General Stuff - Giruad wounded Eternity. - With the Anti-Phoenix, Necrom was able to merge infinite Earths into a single reality. Necrom could absorb the energy matrix. The...
  21. LordWhis

    Is this Phoenix Force feat legit ?

    In Outskirts battle dome, they have Phoenix Force in their highest tier (Tier 0 equivalent). They give this reasoning- "undid the Chaos Wave that almost reached The Ascension where The One Above All is". I'm not well informed on this. Is this a legitimate feat ?
  22. LordTracer

    Dormammu v. The Phoenix (1-0-0)

    Well, since Dark Phoenix herself isn't 2-A (yet), this will have to do. Both 2-A, speed equalized, Dormammu cannot summon anyone (unless that'd prevent this from being added, in which case he does have summons) Flames of the Faltine: 1 (Oliver de Jesus) Flames of the Phoenix: Inconclusive...
  23. Peter_"Quicksilver"_Maximoff

    Cosmic Cubes and Phoenix Force revisions

    Arguments that were brought up in the Odi revision thread : "Reed Richards used the Cosmic Cube to defeat Doctor Doom with Galactus' power and the later defeated Odin with ease " "Small fragments of a single cube can each create their own reality, which implies the whole thing could have 2-C...
  24. Aetheric Pariah

    Power of Hope Cosmic Force?

    Power of Hope Kratos should be as powerful as the Phoenix Force right?
  25. ΚΟΜΙΞ

    More new Phoenix Avatar Feats

    From the new issue of Thor: Phoenix Wolvie can hurt Old King Thor who is 3B/3A The Phoenix Raptor stretches for light years. A firebird the size of Galaxy. His claws burn hot enough to melt stars (which means at least 3C) Phoenix Jean >>> Phoenix Rachel >> Phoenix Logan.
  26. LordWhis

    So, what happened to high 1-b phoenix ?

    It seemed to be a major topic of discussion but was postponed for later and people seem to have forgotten about it.
  27. The_2nd_Existential_Seed

    Key for God Quarry & Old King Thanos ?

    I know i am not suppose to make such things, but i was honestly wondering how powerful people thought these incarnation was, and if they deserved a profile. Here is their respect thread on reddit.
  28. Niarobi_(Formerly_Hadou)

    Phoenix Force Multiversal+

    Forgive me if this is a topic that has been discussed before, but a friend wanted me to bring this up. https://imgur.com/gallery/0S2rh If there is only one Phoenix Force and it exists all throughout the multiverse in every universe, why is it only labeled as Universe+?
  29. ΚΟΜΙΞ

    Why the Phoenix Force and its Avatar's are underestimated here?

    The Phoenix Force here doesn't even have a profile. The Phoenix Force is a Cosmic Entity, Guardian of Creation and is the embodiment of life and death itself. I will provide some scans reguarding Phoenix and its powers and some recent feats: According to this the Phoenix Force is the...