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  1. Spinoirr

    Kyurem vs Fecto Elfilis

    Kyurem vs Fecto Elfilis speed is equal Fecto Elfilis and White/Black Kyurem are being used both are galaxy level fight takes place on Remnant Black/White Kyurem: Fecto Elfilis: icon:
  2. Ego

    Kyurem Vs Vegeta(Pokemon Vs Dragon ball) (Grace)

    Rules: Kyurem 3-C key is used SSj4 Vegeta and kyurem white/black is used Speed is equalized Kyurem: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Kyurem Vegeta: https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Vegeta_(Dragon_Ball_GT)
  3. Peter1129

    Legendary Pokémon vs The Original Pokémon Trainer

    For those that don't know Ultraseven and his Capsule Monsters was one of the main inspirations for the creation of Pokémon. So in a way Seven is the original Pokémon Trainer. Legendary Pokémon vs The Original Pokémon Trainer Ultraseven: 7 (XXKINGXX69, Setsuna_tenma, Veloxt1r0kore, Kflare63...
  4. StrymULTRA

    Pokémon: Tier 3 scalings fix

    In short, I've noticed that base Necrozma calc is around 1.2 YottaFOE. Since 3-C+ starts from 4.2965 YottaFOE, I thought that Some scaling might get fixed. Zygarde and Necrozma 50% Zygarde is >> Mega Mewtwo, who in itself is >= Base Necrozma, and Ultra Necrozma is stronger than it, to the...
  5. Waka1979

    Kyurem vs Dr. Eggman

    Kyurem is 5-B base Eggman is restricted to 5-B classic machines Speed is equalized and the fight takes place in launch base zone Kyurem: Dr Eggman: Inconclusive:
  6. Garchomp777

    Kyurem vs Red Tornado

    Need more matches for some underrated characters White and Black Kyurem vs Red Tornado. 4-B versions. Speed is equal. Red Tornado has his elemental form Ice Dragon: Wind Android: Inconclusive:
  7. The_Axiom_of_Virgo

    Another Pokémon Vs Monster Hunter match.

    I was inspired after listening to some Brandon Yates tracks so let's see a potential (future) death battle between two almighty dragons VSBW style! Speed is equalized, SBA and both are: 5-A. Kyurem has access to the original dragon form. Battle takes place in the Secluded Valley giving...
  8. Spinoirr

    Alatreon vs black Kyurem

    Speed is = and both are 5-A Black Kyurem: Alatreon: Icon:
  9. StrymULTRA

    (GRACE) Mega Rayquaza vs White Kyurem: The sequel

    In the Hoopa movie, Mega Rayquaza and White Kyurem started to fight, but never finished. Now that they're in the same tier, the match can continue here! SBA, Kyurem starts in its White Form ofc Flying: Ice: 7 (SamanPatou, Gilad_Hyperstar, Psychomaster35, King_Clab, GlaceonGamez471...
  10. Ionliosite

    About Kyurem's AP

    So, Kyurem's AP is rated as this: At least Planet level, likely Solar System level (As the being Team Plasma used in its world domination attempt, existing as their magnum opus, it should be superior to Genesect and the technology used to upgrade it). It can ignore durability to some extent with...
  11. NekoMorgana647

    Ghiaccio vs Kyurem

    Kyurem said Venice the wrong way and now Ghiaccio is pissed! Who will win? Location: Some random place in Italy Kyurem has a month of prep time and Ghiaccio has 99999 master balls
  12. Bowser-us

    maybe a new profile for shiny Mega Rayquaza or PIS

    in the movie "Hoopa and the Clash of Ages" I saw very strange scenes. 1. Mega Latias, Latios and M-Ray are able to survive the combined attack from creation tio and Kyurem 2. M Rayquaza physically overpowered Giratina 3. the tornado created by Mega Ray withstood the combined attack from...
  13. Spinoirr

    Hedgehog vs dragon

    Og dragon vs sonic (base) and both are at least planet level+ Speed is = Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Character): Kyurem:
  14. The_real_cal_howard

    Sonic vs Kyurem

    Sonic's 5-B. Kyurem is the Original Dragon. Speed is...actually unequalized unless necessary as Kyurem should be right next to FTL via severely upscaling from .53 c. Sonic the Hedgehog (Game Character); Kyurem
  15. The_King_of_Prudence

    Kyurem versus Elisio

    Both at their strongest, speed equalised. Kyurem: Elisio: Inconclusive: Crawling in my Crawl Battle theme.
  16. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Two violent monsters face each other

    Devil Doom vs White Kyurem Speed Equalized Dark-Type: Ice-Type: Inconclusive:
  17. Bobsican

    Kyurem Vs. Ice Dragon

    Worth a try. Both at 5-A, speed not equalized, Black Kyurem used. The Dragon Ice type The Ice Dragon type Rawwwr!
  18. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    How about more one Naruto vs Pokémon?

    Kaguya Ōtsutsuki vs White/Black Kyurem This Kyurem can switch to Black and White forms at will, as in the movies ETSB is not restricted Speed Unequalized The second strongest 5-B Pokémon: 3? (The real cal howard, Yobobojojo?, LordGriffin1000) Naruto's second strongest 5-B: 2? (I am myself...
  19. Enryu_The_Red_Tower

    Bejita-sama faces a Pokemon

    Vegeta (Namek Saga) vs Black Kyurem Speed Equalized Localization: Hoenn Vegeta: Kyurem: 7 (The real cal howard, GyroNutz, Warren Valio, The Wright Way, Ricsi-viragosi, JooCipher, Assaltwaffle) Inconclusive: Note: This is Vegeta before his second Zenkai or after his first Zenkai
  20. Yobo_Blue

    Tao Trio Resistance Negation

    This may be minor, but wouldn't turboblaze and teravolt be considered resistance negation? They negate things like flash fire after all. Applies to Reshiram, Zekrom, and Kyurem
  21. The_real_cal_howard

    Reshiram/Zekrom/Kyurem upgrade

    Brought up by Yobobojojo. I just didn't wanna derail the Weather Trio any longer. Getting straight to the point, the Tao Trio (that's what the three above are called) are the magnum opus of Team Plasma, what they were going to use to take over the world. Yet they already had Genesect, being the...
  22. The_real_cal_howard

    Raizen vs Kyruem

    Originally I was gonna make this Prime Raizen vs White Kyruem. But instead...nah. That's exactly what I'm gonna do. Who wins? Speed equal. Trust me, you don't want to see him in his prime.
  23. Landon_Avery

    Kyurem vs Kurama

    Kurama Round 1 kyurem base Round 2 Kyurem Black/White Location: Hidden Leaf Village
  24. ProfessorKukui4Life

    Pokemon: Possible Keldeo Upgrade

    This occured to me. IIRC, Keldeo in his resolute form was able to fight White/Black Kurem to a stalemate during their battle in the Swords of Justice movie. And not only to a stalemate, but Keldeo could have also possibly beaten full powered Kyurem if Keldeo hadnt chosen to protect Ash and the...