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knack (character)

  1. I'm_Blue_daba_dee_daba_die

    Blue's City Clashing Bracket: Round 7!

    (Hub) The current standings It's time for Round 7! On 1 hand we got Knack from Knack nominated by Sir Ovens. On the other hand, we got Arzo from Rock Hard Gladiators nominated by Psychomaster 35. Who will win? let us find out! Rules: 1. Both 7-B 2. Both 250 feet away 3. Speed is equalized...
  2. Sir_Ovens

    Knack vs Geralt

    The time has come once again for Knack to take out someone stupidly above his paygrade. The Money vs The Witcher First Game Knack at his largest and Witcher 3 Geralt. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  3. Jinsye

    Knack vs. Melissa

    because I can't be bothered to wait for 7-B brackets. Best Girl as seen in Tart Magica and Oven's Steamroller in his strongest Knack 2 version. Speed is = Who wins? Knack (Character): 0 Melissa: 0
  4. Sir_Ovens

    Chelshia vs Knack

    Pitting the two video game characters no one knows about outside memes and/or this wiki. KNACK 3 BAYBEEEEE vs Oh God, why was I spam? 8-C versions. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  5. Sir_Ovens

    Knack Revisions Baybeeee

    First of all, P&A additions. Inorganic Physiology (Type 2) - Speaks for itself. Relics are basically energy-filled rocks and Knack was artificially given consciousness by Doctor Vargas. Weapon Creation - Second game only. He can create relic swords and shields. Now for the AP revisions...
  6. Sir_Ovens

    Ms. Marvel vs Knack

    Otherwise known as Zark vs Ovens. Gal Pal vs Moneyyyyyyyy Base Marvel and Colossal Knack. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.
  7. Moritzva

    Naughty Bear vs Stronger-Than-Culexus

    Knack: Naughty Bear: Inconclusive: Speed Equalized. 8-C for both. All equipment given. Battle takes place inside a random underground complex, with both of them at opposite ends of a long hallway, in sight of each other.
  8. The_Impress

    I make Ovens' waifu probably lose to a skinny old creep (GRACE)

    I may or may not be doing this to solely go against Ovens Knack (Character) vs Ghost (Marvel Comics) Speed Equalized. High 8-C versions used.
  9. The_Impress

    Gumball vs Knack

    Gumball Watterso vs Knack (Character) 8-C versions used. In-character. Speed Equalized. Gumball has Prior Knowledge Cue Ovens' wrath
  10. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 9 (Rabbit (Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War) vs Knack)

    Rabbit (Juuni Taisen: Zodiac War) vs Knack (Character) 8-C Versions Rabbit doesn't get his Standard Equipment Zombies Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Bunny: Knack: Hub, Tree
  11. DontTalkDT

    8-C Tournament Match 2 (Knack vs Spider-Man)

    Knack (Character) vs Spider-Man (Marvel Cinematic Universe) 8-C Versions Speed Equal SBA Otherwise Votes Knack: Spider-Man: Hub, Tree
  12. SaitamaTier0

    Khârn vs The One who stomp Culexus Assassin

    HERE COMES THE MONEY Khârn the Betrayer vs Knack
  13. Seventy96

    What makes Knack so OP?

    I wasn't on vs battles on few months and I don't keep up on current trends on this site
  14. Moritzva

    A Large Number Of Rocks vs A Rock (1 Needed)

    Knack (Character): Crystal (Nuclear Throne): 6 (Ovens, Greyfang, Ion, Stalker, Listen, Redite) Rock Hard Gladiators: Speed Equal. Battle takes place in a massive, open wasteland in Nevada. 8-C for both.
  15. Genericstickman

    local snail man fights giant rock

    Weather Report vs Knack both at their strongest speed equalised snails:3 minerals: hell:
  16. Genericstickman

    Rohan fights the man that beat the strongest 8-C

    Rohan vs Knack 8-C Knack used speed equalised Rohan: Knack:5 Incon:1
  17. Sir_Ovens

    Knack vs Culexus Assassin

    I'm gonna hit everyone with a surprise straight outta left field. Here comes the money vs Hippity hoppity there goes your goddamn hax Knack at his biggest in the first game. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Battle takes place in an abandoned shipyard in the arctic.
  18. Sir_Ovens

    Knack Changes and Stuff

    After the disaster that was the 7-B Brackets, I have actual clacs for Knack now. So we found out that the city busting feat is actually Town Level+. However, there is a City Level feat from busting a mountai. Funny how that works. Regardless, Knack is still City Level. The Armegeddon Machine's...
  19. Schnee_One

    Knack vs Salem

    This should have been done already, but I might as well try. Speed is Equal. 1.43 megatons for Salem, 6.3 megatons for Knack (Baseline 7B), battle in the artic. Salem: 2 Knack: Incon: 1
  20. Sir_Ovens

    Dio Brando vs Knack

    Let's keep the Dio spam going. Wryyyyyyyyyy vs Knack 3 Baybeeeeeeee Phantom Blood Dio and Knack 1 Knack at his biggest. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Wew.
  21. Sir_Ovens

    Asuka vs Knack

    I challenge Shmuck to a verse off. Knack shall face every character from Senran Kagura until Arrogant Shmuck admits that it's trash Knack loses. OvO Asuka vs Knack Base Asuka and Colossal Knack. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Ya... yamete kudasai!! What? Who wins and why?
  22. Sir_Ovens

    Knack vs Yang Xiao Long

    Day 178, I'm still trying to find an active Knack thread. I think after the recent RWBY downgrades, I found my chance. Sun Little Drago vs A tendency to do something Post Timeskip Yang and Colossal Knack. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Location of the battle takes place in a Sunstone rich...
  23. Saikou_The_Lewd_King

    Knack vs Ori

    Big giant golem vs Tiny forest spirit Speed is equalized. Both are at 7-B. This is both Ori and Sein, but Soul Link isn't able to be used there.
  24. Sir_Ovens

    Knack vs Esdeath

    I'm trying to make it more obvious, so I hope there will be more replies now. Knack vs Esdeath 7-B forms for both. Ice Storm Commander-in-Chief restricted. Speed equalized and win via SBA. I'm cool, you're just cold. Another monster to slay? How delicious... Discuss.
  25. Sir_Ovens

    Tatsumi vs Knack

    Someday, someone will entertain my Knack threads... Someday... Tyrant vs Monster 3rd Form Tatsumi and Knack 2 Knack at his largest. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  26. Sir_Ovens

    Hazel Rainart vs Knack

    Ya'll laughed at Knack for being a joke. Well, he's City level now so who's laughing? Monster vs Golem Knack 2 Knack at his largest. Speed equalized. Win via SBA. Discuss.
  27. TeenAngel101

    Worst Game You've Ever Seen

    Example: Devil May Cry 2 in a nutshell-0
  28. Theglassman12

    Game of the Year: 2017 edition.

    So this year has been a fantastic year for games (if you ignore the stuff with our usual punching bag companies Activision and EA) so it's logical that there has been an abundance of well made games that came out throughout the year. So what are your GOTYs? It doesn't matter if it's AAA or not...
  29. Sir_Ovens

    Knack Revision Thread

    Oooh boy. Pretty sure only like 4 people here know about Knack, fewer played it. Anyway, Knack 2 was released recently, and there were tons of feats I'd like bring up and get evaluated. First things first, powers and abilities. From what I've gathered from both games, Knack has: Size...
  30. TeenAngel101

    Worst Game in Recent Memory

    Name the worst game in recent memory you can possibly think of. You must also describe why it is terrible and showcase said terribleness. Example: Sonic 06 Big Green Dub Editio