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VS Battles
The time has come once again for Knack to take out someone stupidly above his paygrade.

The Money vs The Witcher

First Game Knack at his largest and Witcher 3 Geralt. Speed equalized. Win via SBA.

New Knack Render
Knack's relics are 7-B, so reflecting his own attacks does nothing. Knack has no mind, so good luck mind haxing him. Knack can perform AoE attacks around him that can take out those comparable to him in a few hits. Relic physiology means that if Geralt doesn't hit Knack on the chest, he does nothing to Knack.
Actually, when a character doesn't have a mind you should put immunity to mind manipulation or at least resistance. Anyway, Axii already worked on monsters monsters without a mind like Golems and Elementals
Inorganic physiology already covers that.
So how is he supposed to damage him with those conditions? It seems like it's a spite, especially with the bit "to take out someone stupidly above his paygrade." and the fact that he has High-Mid regen...

And Axii works on mindless monsters, don't worry about that.
As I've said countless times, literally hit Knack in the chest. It's part of his weaknesses on his page, does nobody read that?
The durability of Relics scale to above 38.79 megatons. Knack in his largest in this key is like 32 feet tall.
So, Geralt is supposed to know that he has to stab him in the chest? Like, he has no knowledge of that, and if he's over 9 meters tall he probably will need to do climbing, I don't think Knack will allow him to do that.
That argument is usually the last thing people bring up, considering everyone usually says "It's a shiny blue orb on his chest, who wouldn't hit it?"

Knack still loses Relics when he is hit, he just has to wait a couple of seconds before they fly back to his body.
So what stops Geralt from using body Quen on himself/Axii'ng him and going for the orb?

Yeah I forgot Geralt has over 90 years of experience so he will know
Fighting back while immobilized by Axii? And body Quen makes Geralt pseudo-invulnerable for one hit, he can amplificate his physical stats/reflex with potions, and he has some good level of acrobatic abiltiies
From it's description it doesn't seem like Geralt uses Axii as an opening move. I doubt Geralt would use Axii before Knack just relic hurricanes.
He doesn't do that against humanoid opponents, mainly. Judging from his almost one century experience, he will go for it if it's necessary. And he sees a character he can't really harm normally I guess?