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  1. RandomGuy2345

    Johnny Test vs K.O.

    Thought this would be pretty fun. Johnny Test vs K.O. 7-C keys will be used here. Johnny will receive the following equipment: Mind Controlling Collars and Belts Electro Chromatic Blanket Laser Guns Shrink Ray Turbo Time Rewinder Mega Action Game Controller K.O. will receive all of his...
  2. DimeUhDozen

    OK K.O.! Let's Be My Hero Academia...?

    THE HEROES OF THE FUTURE ! Speed Equalized Endeavor Agency Arc 20% Deku and Season 2 K.O will be used. Stage is a PlayStation AllStars-inspired morphing stage comprising of the Sports Festival Arena and Lakewood Plaza Turbo. Perfect K.O. is restricted. Battle Music. The One Who Goes Plus...
  3. IxaSaga2

    Record of Superheroes Round 12 - Deku vs K.O.

    Record of Superheroes - Tournament Hub Round 12 Deku vs K.O. 45% Deku and Early Series K.O. with Size Enhancing Candy is used. Speed equalized. Range between them is 15m. Victory via SBA.
  4. The_Impress

    Max Effort 4-C Brackets Round 1: T.K.O. vs. Cure Miracle(1-0-0)

    Glorb-Infused T.K.O. (O.K. K.O.! Let's Be Heroes) vs. Cure Miracle (Pretty Cure) Speed equalized, in-character, rest SBA. Bracket Hub
  5. LaserPrecision

    Does size correlate to Attack Potency?

    I ask this because I've seen stats given simply by a given size. An example being Super Shenron who's AP is Multi-Galaxy level through sheer size alone: If AP can be granted through size, how big of a size difference does one require to obtain a certain degree/level of AP. This piques my...
  6. King_Clab

    K.O. Vs Steven Universe

    Both High 6-A Speed Unequalized Fight's in Open Feild Starts 20 Meter's away from each other K.O can Go into other Form's (Such as T.K.O, P.KO) Who Wins and WHY? K.O: 0 (11 Petaton's, Higher in Other Forms) Steven: 1 (Ap and Sheilds Dura is 2 Exatons)
  7. Ahmed_berserker

    Kamado Tanjirou vs OK KO (Rematch)

    Post Pillar Training Tanjirou 8-B vs End of the series ko Speed Equalized
  8. KingEzran

    My Hero Academia: Let's Be Heroes!

    This is 5% Deku vs K.O. Let's get into the details of this versus thread. -Speed Equalized -Both in Character -Location: Open field -Range: 5 meters -Win via KO Votes: Deku: 3 K.O: 2
  9. EJthe24th

    KO's Feat Calculations

    So because OK KO had its final season, I think It would be good to some revisions of his page since he's gotten a lot stronger than before: With TKO/PKO The events in "Planet X", "Let's Get Shadowy", and "Let's Fight till The End" I think I would require some assistance in calculating these...
  10. Nullflowerblush

    OK K.O.!: New Tier Keys

    Seeing as how each season introduces some brand new busted ass feat that scales to the majority of the cast, I propose we add new keys for each of the seasons and then End of the Series for K.O. Attack Potency: At least Wall level, most likely Building level+ (Able to cause notable craters or...
  11. Kenzielash

    K.O. Multiversal?

    Lets Save The Multiverse could show some Multiversal signs? Idk lol
  12. Hunter_Wizard

    K.O. vs. El Tigre

    I didn't bother to look up El Tigre, so tell me if it is mismatch. And K.O. needs an upgrade. Who would win the fight?
  13. Nullflowerblush

    Light Speed K.O.

    Speed of Light to FTL movement speed coming from him being able to keep up with Modern Sonic and Tails. The episode brings up "the speed of light" and "lightspeed" a lot, but Modern Sonic and Tails are FTL. This is in Let's Meet Sonic Shouldn't it work since we count the Spin Dash as one of his...
  14. UltraChair

    Let's Be Heroes of Pure Heart!

    I made this match to celebrate Mao Mao getting a profile, also because these two are very similar in the fact that they are trying to be heroes, so... Both are 8-B, Battle takes place in the Glorb Tree, giving K.O. a homefield advantage, both are blood-lusted, Speed equalized. Mao Mao: 2 K.O.: 0...
  15. Ahmed_berserker

    OK KO vs Kamado Tanjirou

    8-C Versions Used
  16. Ailamiona

    K.O. fights a teddy bear with poison powers

    Botch vs. K.O. both are 9-B speed equalized and battle takes place in a flat area botch has standard equipment, but can change it throughout the fight story: botch said that OK K.O. was bad and that steven universe is better. K.O didn't like that very much and decided to anger Botch by saying...
  17. Walker21232123

    Sonic from ok ko crossover profile

    Allow or not allowed?
  18. Tipper17

    Ok K.O upgrade

    https://youtu.be/AYwo6vqeR6M Cosma ate Planet X and KO and Enid were in a black hole don't know legit is that. So upgrade for cosma to be 5-B
  19. UltraChair

    K.O. vs. Rumble McSkirmish

    The fact nobody h as done this yet on here baffles me. Both are in their 9-B states, Speed equalized, both are in character, but willing to kill. K.O : 3 Rumble : Ryu sues them both for copyright infringement:
  20. Insecurity97

    Gumball vs. K.O.

    Gumball just told Darwin that OK K.O is a ripoff of My Hero Academia, so now K.O wants to kill him K.O. is 8-C, speed is you-know-what The OG: 0 K.O.: 0 McQueenie: 0
  21. CinnabarManx421

    Connie Maheswaran vs. K.O.

    -Both at 9-B -Connie has Rose's Sword -Speed Equalized Connie: K.O.: Incon:
  22. Insecurity97

    Peter Griffin vs. K.O.

    AKA "Holy crap Lois, this is even better than the time I fought that one Indian kid who thought he was Goku" Anyway, the fight started because Peter said Gumball is a better show than OK K.O., so now K.O. wants to kill him for that Both are bloodlusted, speed is equalized and K.O. is 9-B. The...
  23. Confussed-Oddish

    Possible K.O. Revision

    In "Your World is an Illusion" K.O. learns how to leave he postionin reality and thus exists on a upper plan of existing that is not effected by the normal world but can effect the world and effect things based on there curent actual physiology and not there canon their world existing. though...
  24. Insecurity97

    SpongeBob vs. K.O.

    Both are bloodlusted and speed is equalized. Both are also 9-B SpongeBoob: 8 K.O.: 0 Inconclusive: 0
  25. Stefano4444

    K.O. vs Izuku Midoriya.

    Remake of a old match. Speed Equalized. No Controlling T.K.O. and only 8% All Might. No Iron Soles. Battle of the young heroes. Izuku: 3 (Therefir, Maverick Zero X, Grimreaperofjustice) K.O: 0 ()
  26. Shadowwaker

    K.O. vs Naruto

    Both at 8-B Naruto K.O.
  27. LeopoldTheBrave

    OK K.O. Revisions

    Alrighty. So I don't have anything too specific, but there is something major. All the stats on the pages related to the series use the characters' POW card ratings for scaling. However, these ratings are based on heroic or villainous deeds, not power. It's even stated in the show that "Power...
  28. QrowBarr

    A Hero vs An Anti-Hero

    Jimmy Hopkins vs K.O Battle takes place in the football field. Both are 30 meters away from each other Jimmy has all his equipment Speed is equalized Victory via incap, KO or death
  29. Stefano4444

    Izuku Midoriya vs K.O.

    9-B and Speed Equalized. https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/K.O https://vsbattles.fandom.com/wiki/Izuku_Midoriya Battle of the young heroes.
  30. Cuphead vs KO

    Both 9-B, speed equalized.
  31. Chaz27

    Sans Vs K.O. and Steven Universe

    Sans Vs K.O. and Steven Universe Who would win 2 humans or 1 skeleton? K.O. can turned into T.K.O Steven doesn't have help from the Crystal Gems Sans: 1 K.O. And Steven: 0