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earthquake calculations

  1. CNBA3

    Earthquake Magnitude chart for opening chasm?

    I was wondering, what would be the use of the Earthquake magnitude chart be for if it is felt across the world with scattered occasions of chasms opening up in the earth where there is lava even?
  2. SunDaGamer

    Infinity Blade earthquakes - do they check out?

    Would this and this count as an artificial Earthquake? Using the Richter scale, I'd rate it at a magnitude of 4-5 but I'm not sure
  3. Deceived3596

    Earthquake Question

    I have a question in regards to how we treat earthquakes which are physically impossible to create on our planet, but happen within fiction, with stated numbers and damage caused to the affected area. We're given a statement within Deadman Wonderland that Shiro's earthquake, dubbed the "Great...
  4. Dr._whiteee

    Gojo Calc Resolution/Earthquake Calcs

    This thread is being made to discuss what end of this calculation (assuming a 4.5 Richter scale equivalent) should be applied to the character's profiles. You can read my comment there raising some concerns about utilizing the low end (which is essentially just the radiated energy) for that calc...
  5. MaybeWantsToEdit

    Question regarding earthquake calcs.

    In this page, Earthquake Calculations, it has you go to this site to get the first values for the Natural Earthquakes calc on the section of that page with the same name. The page says "Instead of looking at the 'Energy' section, one looks at the 'Seismic Effects' section again. There a value...
  6. KingTempest

    Magnitude 10.50000000...1 and Higher Earthquakes

    I'm about to head to work so I can't stay and argue all day @Eseseso found a ridiculously consistent method to calculate the Total Seismic Energy of earthquakes above the magnitude of 10.5. The blog speaks for itself...
  7. King

    Need help in deciding a method for a feat

    Feat description: A character strikes the ground which causes the surrounding buildings to crack and break as well as the nearby parked cars to jump a few feet in the air. Can we use the earthquake formula as there were clear depictions of tremors? If so, what magnitude is required to achieve...
  8. Apex_Predator_GX

    How to tier when a character generates a multiple but unspecified magnitude earthquakes?

    Same as above. These were the earthquakes Translation Intensifying the activity of demon in swarming earthquakes. There were countless signs, including large and small.
  9. Migue79

    Earthquake via Meteor Crash Question

    To quote from the Earthquake Calculations page: 'This method should be used if an earthquake is caused through the impact of a meteor or through an event very similar to that.' What would be some clear examples of something very similar to this?
  10. MrKerf

    Magnitude 12 Earthquake

    Heya. So, I'm working on a Monster Prom profiles. And here is one of the feats I'm unsure of. Magnitude 12 Earthquake. What the energy of such earthquake would be?
  11. Damage3245

    Earthquake / Tsunami Calcs Revision

    After a conversation with DontTalkDT in this message wall here, it has been discovered that a method to find the energy of an earthquake from the height of a tsunami is flawed. The formula currently being used to get the energy of an earthquake from the height of a tsunami is...
  12. Ricsi-viragosi

    Problem with Earthquake calcs

    Cutting it short, earthquakes take place far away from the surface, to the point that-/+ 1 km is a small margin of error compared to depth. Well, their hypocenter does. Our basis for the magnitudes, the description for them, is the description of what it's like on the surface, not the epicenter...
  13. Buttersamuri

    Tier for shaking a courthouse or building

    I see this in a lot of cartoons and other series. Where someone quakes the building they are in. From average size to even larger scale like a courthouse. This feat as well specifically. When Phoenix Shakes the courthouse with enough force it breaks a stand. And is a common thing to do in the...
  14. InfiniteSped

    Tier for shaking a mountain?

    What would the tier be for a character shaking a mountain? Just your average one.
  15. Mephistus

    Earthquake formula and an alternate method

    Soz I'm gonna model off one of my fav earthquake calcs, to compare this method to a feat I wanted to calc and see how legit this method would be in practiciality and get some feedback. "Biceptus almost single-handedly suppressed the Great Protein Rebellion of the Vegebrodies. His turgid biceps...
  16. Stefano4444

    Tsunami's height for calc earthquake

    It is possible to use the height of a tsunami for calc the power of the earthquake that created the tsunami itself?
  17. Soldier_Blue

    What magnitude would this quaking be?

    Context: Everything shakes and rumbles. Kashyyyk is caught in the throes of tectonic spasms - above their heads, the packed-dirt ceiling gives way one stream of soil at a time. Clumps of moss fall and the massive twisting roots around them writhe just so, like serpents stirred from a restive...
  18. DMUA

    New calculation for "shaking the world"

    Alright, so, since this is getting suprisingly little evaluation, I figured I would just make this thread and see what comments arise. In summary, as opposed to Island level as we rated it before, anyone who can shake the earth will be Large Country level, maybe higher depending on if the...
  19. Kepekley23

    Pokémon: The High 6-C Re-Redowngrading

    Okay, so I spent a little while to write all this up, but here we go. Introductio The fully-evolved Pokémon were reupgraded to High 6-C while I was gone due to this thread, which argues that Pokémon's Magnitude move triggers real earthquakes and not just the radiated energy. Allow me to...
  20. Creaturemaster971

    Would causing an earthquake across the grounds of a castle be Town Level?

    A character throws a punch that causes tremors and shakes apart buildings across the Nagoya castle grounds in Japan. Would this be a Town-level feat? I don't know how big the Nagoya castle grounds are irl.
  21. CNBA3

    Titan Smash!!!

    so from the game Age of Mythology Titans, in the expansion with the Chinese Civilization, it is confirmed that the earthquakes experienced are from the Titans rampage all the way in europe, so furthest Titan away from Eastern China is one in Norway, so that is roughly 7500 km in distance from...
  22. CNBA3

    Earthquake Question

    In this calc for Whitebeard's Earthquake, one of the answers say it is 13.26 or 1.17 petatons, what does that mean? is it 13.26 or 1.17 petatons? is there another step to this? is it related to the logarithm? Please help...
  23. The_real_cal_howard

    Tyranitar and Earthquakes

    I'm...still unsure how to handle this. By this point, we are all aware that Tyranitar walking can crumble mountains, and while we can figure out how powerful crumbling mountains is, I'm still unsure how to calculate the power of an earthquake that can do that. And I also remembered this tidbit...
  24. CNBA3

    Earthquake Equation

    I am trying to calculate an earthquake feat that was caused by character's battle that was strong enough to reach all the way from Norway to Eastern China, (roughly 7900 km in radius), the earthquake is strong enough to trigger floods (breaking dams) and trigger volcanic eruptions, so using the...
  25. CNBA3

    Earthquake magnitude to trigger Volcanic Eruptions

    I am trying to calculate an earthquake feat that was caused by character's battle that was strong enough to reach all the way from Norway to Eastern China, (roughly 7900 km in radius), the earthquake is strong enough to trigger floods (breaking dams) and trigger volcanic eruptions, I want to...
  26. Soldier_Blue

    How powerful would this quake be?

    What magnitude would a quake need to be in order to shake up a mountain and cause debris to dislodge and fall off of said mountain? Edit: User blog:Soldier Blue/Star Wars - Luke quakes an island
  27. CNBA3

    Simple Earthquake Equation.

    Just wondering, from everything in the Earthquake Calculations details, is there a simple formula for both methods?
  28. Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan

    Our Earthquake Calculator

    Our calculator for calculating earthquake energy is this. I clicked it and it doesn't work, I only get a passage about earthquakes.